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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.18 / 5 (11 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 24 - 07:14

What are the rules?

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Does Florida law state that if you have a handicap placard proudly displayed from your rearview mirror, you no longer have to abide by state traffic laws?

In bold letters, printed on the top of the blue placard it states 'Remove Before Driving,' it obstructs your view.

In parking lots with huge, one-way arrows, with a handicapped placard, do you now have the right to enter the wrong way because you see an empty handicapped parking spot only 45 feet from the road?

Does having the handicapped placard also mean that you no longer have to use directional signals or drive at the posted speed limit?

I have to know, because I, too, have a handicapped placard, and I keep mine above the visor in my car. Am I using my placard wrong? If I just leave it on my mirror, flapping in the breeze, obstructing my view, can I now not use directional signals, drive the wrong way on one-way streets and go whatever speed I feel comfortable with?

Please does anyone know the answer?

As storm season approaches

Once again it is hurricane season and little, if any, work has been completed on the storm ditches. Why can't some work be completed to help with drainage? A normal rain storm leaves the ditches standing in water, some never dry. If the commissioners are doing their best, maybe it is time for a change in leadership.

Pass the tax exemption

The proposed additional tax exemption for residents over 65 years of age, who have resided within the county for 25 years, should be passed, after the 25-year requirement being dropped. I believe this change is justified, because not only do those 65 years of age no longer have children in the school system, they also do not utilize the ball fields, skate parks etc., regardless of how long they have been residents.

Stop living off welfare

Well, if living off the welfare system, or should I say, other people's hard work, is so wonderful, then why do these people have to have 2-3 kids? Is it because they go after that "earned" income credit, and for each kid they have, they get more money from the government through food stamp program? Yeah, I see these people all the time. Oh, thanks Fort Pierce, for making us the poverty capitol of St. Lucie County. You do us proud! Oh, did I mention that when I see people walking with all these kids in tow the miserable face their wearing as well? Boy, living off a government welfare system must be just to get by and that's all you're wishing for yourselves. Oh, did I also mention that if you're on welfare you're basically allowing the government to dictate how you live? Hmm, where's the freedom in that? This is supposed to be a free government. Here are ideas... go to a country where they rely on a social government and be a parasite there. The U.S. of A. is supposed to be the land of opportunity, but no one said it would be easy.

DCF needs to get it together

I have reported abuse to the Department of Children and Families and they are doing nothing about it. They need to do their job and take care of the children. They don't understand the psychological abuse that a child goes through when they are in an abusive home. Nobody seems to care about these innocent children who have to fend for themselves. I hope somebody from the department sees this rant and does something about it.

Modern-day depression

I've heard my parents talk about the Great Depression. As a child, I never understood why it was called "great." It never seemed that great.

I've heard the stories about food rations. I heard about how it brought communities together. And now I hear that as a country, we are going to pot.

During my childhood, those stories seemed so distant and nothing more than the way things used to be. But now, as I struggle to make ends meet for my own family, I'm reminded of the times in which many of our grandparents were raised.

As we sink into this modern-day depression, I sure wish I would've taken more notice on how my grandparents made ends meet.

There seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel. We are faced with decisions such as a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas; cell phone or cable; electricity or rent.

Employers are struggling to make payroll. And those still fortunate enough to call themselves employees are struggling to live from one paycheck to another.

Because we are all aware that the job market is bleak, we dare not complain about wages that are gone as soon as earned. We know that there is somebody more than willing to take the job we are fortunate enough to have.

So, how does one get ahead? How can we start to feel at ease? When does the comfort in knowing that having a job means having a roof over your family's head return?

I don't suppose, we, nor anyone else, knows the answer to that question. But we can't as a community, start turning on each other. We can't start robbing and stealing from someone who is struggling, as well. We have to start doing for each other.

A pinch of kindness and a smile can go a long way.

Fixing gun laws

Yes, we need to change our gun laws to fit our times. Too many innocent people are getting killed, especially the young ones.

Right, it's so easy to get a gun in the United States. Then when someone gets hurt or killed, that's when the covenants want to step up to the plate. I know it's our right to bear arms, but there has to be a tighter control. The laws need to be updated to fit our times. Even the Amendments and Constitution of the United States are outdated. Some government officials don't want to change the laws or make stronger laws, because that means they don't get any kickbacks. So many politicians don't follow the laws themselves. But some people who have done serious crimes should have their second amendments rights taken away. The age should be 25 and up to own a weapon. It seems as a nation we don't learn from our past or events at all. Too many lives are lost behind gun control issues. Let go. Government, do your job. Tell if your life or their life is worth that little to not to pass a stronger Gun Control? What price can you put on a life today?

Response to stabbing

The stabbing of 14 people on the Lone Star campus demands a commonsense and meaningful response.

The pointed end of all knives should be removed and a flat piece of metal permanently attached perpendicularly to the blade. The pointed end of any knife is not needed and serves no culinary purpose, even for trained chefs. Knife-blade lengths should be limited to 10 inches because that is all a household kitchen requires. Prospective knife purchasers need to be screened for cooking abilities and a required need to possess these potential weapons.

What is the human-elephant conflict?

When our president says there is no reasonable way to cut the programs or the bureaucracy of government, he brings into question his judgment, if not his sanity. Something called the African Elephant Conservation grant cost the taxpayers $3.8 million last year. It is designed "to decrease human-elephant conflict." Is this an essential government function? It makes one wonder.

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