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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 1.4 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 24 - 06:36

To the author of 'Wanting'

Do you, yourself, actually know anybody, who relies solely on government public assistance to exist; not live, just exist?

For what we get is simply not enough to be considered a living at all.

You talk as if I haven't actually earned my meager disability check; as if, during my entire working life, I didn't pay for it either.

Do everyone a favor and open your eyes and close your mouth.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

It is a great newspaper

Thank you again for your beautiful paper that I can read and have pleasant news to make you feel better and think that everything is right with the world.

Also, I would like to thank you for putting the article in about my cat that was free to a good home. Thank you very much for that. That has been taken care of. I really appreciate it, and I appreciate everything in your paper.

And, if people don't care what is written about (in Rants & Raves/Letters) and find themselves insulted by something that is said, it is their problem, not the other person's.

Thank you, and have a good day.

Jesus has the answers

We live in the greatest country, the United States of America.

Are we perfect? Not by any means, but what do we have to do to get our country back?

The one and only answer is our Lord, Jesus Christ.

All you have to do is study his words, the holy Bible.

In his words are the answers to every problem that we have.

Suspensions at school

Let's put the blame for all those suspensions where it belongs - the students themselves, and parents.

Why do you need to blame someone else for your ineptness?

I am tired of hearing that he or she is a great, loving child; and this should not happen to them.

Well, I have seen these great children in action, and the blame really belongs on the parents. The parents need to talk to their children with love, but firmness, and tell them to start behaving in school and they will not get suspended.

The sign is there and should not be ignored.

Come on everyone, and do not blame the parents of the children, who are always there and teach them to have respect for everyone.

The same Rants & Raves?

I would have ranked this section as a zero before. I have been reading one year - best improvement ever.

Keep selecting more thought-provoking, educated, thorough and accurate rants and raves to publish.

We've had our fair share of the others. We're OK with a different opinion and saying something about it. Just stop the dumb crap.

If the incoming mail hasn't been of this caliber then, we sympathize.

Question on Benghazi

What would be your position on this if George Bush or Ronald Reagan were sitting in the White House?

For you, who are old enough to remember, what became known as Watergate resulted in a president resigning ahead of being impeached for obstruction of justice for an attempted cover-up of a misdemeanor crime.

Benghazi resulted in the deaths of an American ambassador and other American citizens, and what is now known (with more to come) is that the cover-up is even worse than that which took down a prior president.

Politicians, including the Secretary of State and the president lied and Americans died, unlike the crimes involved in Watergate.

Americans died, and politicians decided, just before an election, as with Watergate, that politics were more important than the truth and that illegal actions were needed to keep them on track to win an election.

Is this what you really support? Have we really sunk this low?

Where are the cures?

We must lead the world in our research to find cures for diseases that continue to plague us.

Where is the cure for cancer? Where is the cure for HIV? We have invented cell phones, text messages and computers, as well as YouTube, Google and Skype. We are failing in our development of cures for diseases.

Diabetes and neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and ALS are alive and rampant. We must find a cure for eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Hundreds of thousands of people in our nation suffer with Alzheimer's.

I know research is ongoing. I applaud everyone, who is doing research in the laboratories of this nation and the world, trying to develop cures and solutions.

Every cure brings miracles to a hurting world. When a cure is discovered, we save millions of lives and, in time, billions of dollars in health care costs.

Health care insurance is vital. However, we need more research. The discovery of cures for the many diseases that rob people of life and drive the cost of health care into the stratosphere is crucial.

While the federal government is financially strapped for money, we continue to pump billions (of dollars) into countries and governments around the world. These ongoing expenditures must be greatly curtailed.

This would allow some of these saved billions of dollars to be used to help discover cures that would impact the entire world. We might save the continent of Africa if we could discover a cure for HIV.

We send billions to nations that hate us. What if we gave a couple of billion dollars to the school, university, laboratory or even a person who released a cure for cancer, HIV, ALS or a number of other diseases that cause havoc in our nation? This cure would not only serve America, but it would also serve the planet.

What if we could go to a foreign nation and say, "We have a cure for cancer, and we will give it to every citizen of your nation if you will stop fighting, disarm your nuclear weapons and live at peace with one another."

This sounds like a better plan than sacrificing 2,000 American lives in a war that has gone nowhere and billions of dollars that have financially drained our nation.

We still have the best minds in the world. We have the best universities and medical facilities. It's time that we set our sights on attacking the diseases that rob us of life, bankrupt families and create the dilemma we have with the entire healthcare industry.

We must reward our universities and medical researchers, who are excelling in research and science.

Winning the war over disease is our greatest battle.

Nonprofit thrift stores

Good morning, my favorite newspaper that is free. This is a rant.

I would title it "The Trick: Shoppers Be Aware."

Are you a poor, low-income, looking for a good deal, person?

Before you shop nonprofit thrift stores, please be aware of a few facts.

These store owners and charity directors may be living the good life from your back.

If your cash donations or items donated are valued at more than $100, get a receipt. Don't drop and run. You can take taxpayer deductions, as long as the receipt makes note of the dollar amount or value.

Nonprofits are not required to report donations valued less than $5,000.

Nonprofits do not have to abide by labor laws, wages, etc.

If you donate your time, you are entitled to a W-2, showing a dollar amount that you are allowed to deduct on your income tax.

Some donations are put on the Internet companies if management thinks it's a high-dollar item.

Read more about this subject at nonprofit.com on the web.

Thanks at the accident

I had an accident in a local Aldi's parking lot recently.

I want to thank all the people who helped me: the police, the emergency crew and especially, the people around me.

May God bless every one of you.

Various rants answered

To the person who said, "Get over it. He is our president," I agree with you that he is doing a good job. It is not his fault that people are so ignorant. And if people knew the truth about Socialism, we would all be socialists.

To the person who asked, "Why are these people getting away with food stamps, free medical and a brand new car?" I think it is wrong that people abuse the welfare system like that. It makes it harder on single moms, like me, who couldn't get by without Medicaid and food stamps.

To the person who said they were upset about people on government assistance having the right to buy fast food, you assume that people on government assistance don't work. This is a very ignorant idea on your part.

A vast majority are the working poor, people who have jobs, who barely make enough to live.

I was a member of this group until the fast food restaurant I worked for terminated me for being a lesbian.

It is now blackballing me and making it impossible for me to get a job in my field.

You should get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

Just get off your high, moral horse and leave the rest of us alone and don't take things so literally.

I pray and I believe in God, but I am also a person who knows that people use the Bible to justify everything from racism to homophobia; and you are right; sometimes, good things and bad things just happen.

Crybabies for tax exemptions

I am so tired of all those crybabies (complaining) about the Internal Revenue Service checking up on them.

As far as I am concerned, they want a tax exemption. If they do, they are going to have to undergo the scrutiny. They can't turn it around and make it a political thing. All it is, is "Oh, poor me. Somebody is picking on me." It's the same thing they have been doing the whole time.

Nobody is responsible, except you, for going and applying for a tax exemption.

I don't know that anybody deserves a tax exemption. I don't think that half the places that get it, deserve it.

They are making money. Churches make money. All these places are making money or they wouldn't be in existence.

As far as the crying and the boo-hooing that they are picking on you, get a life. Get over yourself. Get a job. Pay your taxes, like everybody else and forget about it.

Sorry, people.

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