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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.57 / 5 (14 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 17 - 06:47

Repeat offenders

It is the same old story. We've heard it too often. It is pathetic that those who could strengthen our legal system are failing to take action. A repeat criminal was placed on probation in February after serving less that half of his six-year term for grand larceny and assault on a police officer. Now he is identified as the cold-blooded murderer of one of his neighbors. Innocent people suffer when the do-gooders are soft on the bad guys. Another sad example of recidivism.

RE: Questioning Rants

The ranter is correct. Not all of the world's problems are the fault of Obama. I'm sure, given enough time, many Democrats could come up with some which are not his fault.

Tax day

I hope everyone did their duty on April 15 and paid their taxes. We have lots of illegal aliens depending on our tax money.

Preaching no to TV?

Is there a church in the area that discourages TV use? I don't mean forbid. In our culture that wouldn't work and anyway, that's not what I'm looking for.

I mean a church that discusses, explains and teaches why it's unhealthy to sit there and watch the boob tube. I'd like to learn about propaganda in the media, how to spot it and how it affects us.

What I've found is that our churches actually encourage TV use and haven't the foggiest clue as to what's going wrong.

If there isn't such a church, is there any church that would like to explore this?

Issue new food stamp cards

I would like to know why can't we put pictures on food stamp cards that are issued, so some people don't get issued benefits twice or more?

It will also help to control illegal immigrants from getting benefits that are due to Americans. I see so many illegal immigrants getting benefits through the food stamp office.

Do they check these people before they approve them, or what? There are so many Americans who need help, but can't get it because of the problems we have. There's got to be a better way to issue a special card for these immigrants who don't belong in this place.

Who is running the food stamp office, the immigrants?

Beaches should have signs

Beach access points could all have signs stating, "Lifeguards not on duty-Swim at your own risk," and schedules when there are lifeguards.

Also include information such as a phone number, the Web address or a nearby business to inquire where there are lifeguards on duty.

Some businesses might want to be listed and could offset the cost of the signs. Lifeguards are nice to have, but the cost is a big factor and, there is not a way to pay for them short of charging admission again, which is not effective.

Making beachside residents and business pay for the lifeguards is not fair to them, especially residents. Businesses would only pass the cost on to the residents.

Just because they live there doesn't mean they swim in the ocean.

Beach access signs could also warn of danger of swimming at times of day when sharks feed.

Be nice, moms

I had run in with a mom with her two kids in the car giving me the one-finger salute.

What kind of message is this to give our kids? I think some moms need anger management classes. Moms, keep it clean for the kid's sake.

A complaint about code enforcement

Why doesn't the county code enforcement department enforce their own codes?

I have lived next to a house that has an old pick-up truck with no engine or tires. It is on my property line. I've talked to the people at the code enforcement office, and they told me that the truck is started every morning. That's right, the truck with no engine. I have a hard time explaining to my friends why I live next to a garbage dump.

Illegal aliens at school

As I sit here outside the school, waiting to pick up my daughter, I'm amazed at how many aliens there are running around. Somebody needs to close the borders. We need somebody in charge that will take care of things. This guy couldn't if he wanted to. We don't need any more anchor babies. That's why we are so far in the deficit. We are taking care of the other worlds. Shut the borders and stop letting alien kids in the schools. Wake up, people.

Another personal view

Of course, water boarding is torture. But is it a means of great use in intelligence seeking?

In fact, the Navy employs this technique when training the Navy Seals. If they can stand this torture, why can't we use it in our quest for answers to save our country from another attack?

Biker costumes

The noise Harley Davison riders make is just part of the "Look at me, look at me" syndrome. They are grown adults in full costume. I have ridden bikes all my life and have not had loud, muffler-less bikes ever. Try taking off the muffler on your car and see how long before you get a ticket. Why can't cars use the same "safety" excuse?

Back in the 1970s in Georgia, my roommate had a Harley without mufflers and he regularly got stopped and ticketed. So why do they get a free ride to pollute out hearing? Law enforcement needs to enforce the law. Period.

Veterans need more

I am a disabled veteran retiree and I live on Social Security alone. I have house payments, utilities, car insurance, credit card payments, house insurance and co-payments to the VA which I cannot afford, so I have to cancel my appointments for my lupus and leukemia.

While our great congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., give themselves a 2.8 percent raise effective January 2010, they saw no need at all to give the people who have paid into Social Security all their lives a cost-of-living increase.

We had a promise of a one -time $250 stimulus check, which has now been voted down by the Senate.

Yet, every day, I see my groceries and gas bills go up. I just had my homeowner's insurance increase by 70 percent. In my 67 years of life, I have never qualified for any help and now I am not even going to receive a one-time $250 check.

Signed by a veteran who volunteered to serve my country.

About illegal immigrants

If the immigrants don't like it here, go home. Here we have laws that have to be obeyed. We have to show our identification, whether it is a police officer, bank teller, store cashier, doctors office, etc.

Why do these people think they are "picked on or the exception to the law?"

When in America, you must abide by the laws of this land. This is America, not some lawless country.

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