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Letters to the editor
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Posted: 2013 May 17 - 06:36

Losing faith in our traditional news sources

Some alternative news sources are calling the Boston bombings a false flag terror event; and although they have little evidence for what they are saying, growing numbers of our citizens are paying attention because they have become skeptical of the war on terror.

Many have researched the events of 9/11/2001 beyond our mass media's factual omissions and have discovered the central tenet for the reasoning behind the war, the official 9/11 story, itself, to be fallacious.

Nearly 2,000 architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth.org) have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that only controlled demolitions could have brought down all three skyscrapers on 9/11. They also have proof the government excluded crucial evidence from their investigation.

This is BIG news, yet our mainstream media is not reporting it. Why not?

Why is the government refusing to acknowledge the conclusions of these licensed building professionals?

There exists no comparable organization, which supports the official 9/11 story.

Can you blame us for losing faith in our traditional news sources, who are seemingly in collusion with the government to keep us at war by using a rationale for it based on a fraudulent investigation?

9/11 changed everything alright ... so will the truth.

Bruce G. Morgan, Cocoa

Melbourne Beach Farmer's Market

Melbourne Beach is unique to our barrier island in that we are the only community, which has been able to maintain its residential character.

When one looks up and down the coast, one sees all other communities overcome by development, which we have (so far, at least) been able to avoid.

We have been able to control our fate only through very strict zoning.

In the recent past, we have united to stop the efforts of a couple of businesses that the community did not want, because we have been able to legally demonstrate that we will, without exception, not allow uses which are not consistent with our zoning/land use regulations.

It is highly likely that we will need to do this again (and again and again) in the future. And, in the future, we will again need to legally demonstrate that we do not allow uses that violate our zoning.

Today, we have a farmer's market, which violates our zoning.

Unfortunately, most of us like having this market. But, the issue is not whether we want a farmer's market; the issue is whether we want to be able to enforce our zoning regulations in the future.

We cannot pick and choose what businesses we want based on whether we like the business or business owner.

The United States Constitution guarantees "equal protection under the law." This means that all citizens and businesses must be treated the same.

If we allow something/someone we like/want to violate our zoning, we will be legally required to allow the same violation for someone/something we don't like/want.

Our zoning regulations will be gutted; we will get a future Walgreen's or 7-11 or (whatever).

It is vitally important that we consistently apply our zoning regulations in order to provide precedent, and show consistency, for future legal challenges.

I urge each and every Melbourne Beach resident to put aside his or her fondness for the farmers' market and to look at the larger picture, and to tell the town commissioners that we want consistent application of our zoning regulations.

Please demand that the Commission adhere to the findings of our zoning official and to heed the warnings of the adjacent property owner's threat for (legitimate) legal actions.

Please demand that it complies with our zoning regulations, which, unfortunately, will necessitate the closure of our farmers' market.

James D. Simmons, Melbourne Beach

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