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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 May 17 - 06:14

Thanks, Dan

I really enjoyed Dan Smith's column on a dog's life in the May 10 edition. You gotta keep that guy.

Parking meters, really?

The Daytona Beach City Commission wants to return to the 1950s era, do they?

However, they forgot we now have shopping centers and malls; we don't have to go downtown for business. The parking meters will just make these businesses less competitive with the ones that have free parking. I am all for the parking meters, provided the businesses purchase the meters themselves, pay for the installation, maintenance, enforcement and prosecution of violators, instead of us poor taxpayers.

I suggest the city commission allow it to be voluntary for each business that wants them in front of their business and is willing to pay up front for the cost. The only reason it works for beachside is because it prevents beachgoers who don't want to pay to park on the beach from parking on the street. Furthermore, parking meters are so outdated, you can now install changing machines that accept credit cards that issue slips of paper showing the time paid and expiration that you can put in the windshield of your car.

In response to: 'Unnecessary red light'

To the person who ranted about the traffic light at Breakaway Trails, we have 1,000 homes here with an average of two cars per residence. Each school day we have school busses picking up and returning children. On behalf of this entire community, I want to apologize to you personally for taking five minutes out of your very important day at that traffic light. I understand how agonizing this must be for you.

Wait your turn

I had guests from out of state and I wanted to take them on the water taxi. We got to the Brannon Center in New Smyrna Beach at 10:20 a.m. to board at 11:20 a.m. No one was there yet. When the boat pulled up another group had formed. They barged past us four old ladies and almost knocked us down. The people who run the water taxi need to have a pull ticket, so you do not almost get trampled when trying to board the boat. I am upset over this.

Make sure to get hourly rate

Recently, I visited several local pawnshops and was amazed by the number of power tools for sale. One of the clerks told me most of the tools came from contractors unable to find enough work to feed their families.

As a result, I decided to hire a local contractor to do a few small jobs, rather than waiting for my son to arrive in June. He usually performs these tasks during his annual visit. For one job I called four local carpenters. Only two returned my call and one came out to give an estimate. That one carpenter gave me an estimate of $325 and said he would be able to complete the job in two days. He arrived at 9:30 a.m. on the scheduled day and completed the job in four hours. He then presented a bill for the whole $325.

When I told my son my experience, he told me some Florida contractors have a reputation for being dishonest and overpriced. Some contractors come from out of state to Florida during the winter months. Due to this, I will not hire any more contractors unless they are licensed, full-time Florida residents and provide estimates on an hourly rate rather than by the job.

Store employees need to know products

We all know what huge chain store I am talking about, but, for understandable reasons, I cannot say its name. About 52 years ago, I was told the bigger the company, the dumber their mistakes. That holds so true for this group of stores. It is almost like they won't hire someone whose IQ passes 25 or speaks good English.

Knowledge of their products is not allowed and courtesy is not to be shown. If their computer is down, (I call it broken) they are at a total loss as of what to do next. Answering a customer's question whether on the phone or in one of their stores is done in a non-skilled and non-professional manner. The employees per hour wage is more than most of these people should rightfully earn. While waiting on you, if their phone rings, the caller comes first and you are just left to wait, money in hand.

The above is all a result of today's hiring standards. Their thinking is why hire someone at $25,000 a year, when we can hire two people for a grand total of $20,000. Talk about pennywise and dollar foolish. This is the epitome.

Beach belongs to the public

When I was a kid, "The World's Most Famous Beach" had a boardwalk and a street behind it.

Now, a hotel sits on the boardwalk and the beach is essentially private. I have not seen an accounting of the money that this change has accrued for the taxpayers of Volusia County. This property with a private beach would be worth about $1 billion. The lease for "The World's Most Famous Beach" should run at least $50 million per year. What state or federal agency do we contact to look into this matter? Certainly, we have lost something very valuable in this county. We need it back.

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