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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Martin County

Rants & raves
Rating: 4.2 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 10 - 07:11

Questioning rants

Reading some rants in the Hometown News very often leaves me wondering if the writers really believe the stuff they're spewing.

Some blame everything that is wrong with the world on Obama. Seriously? How can people be so uneducated? Uninformed? I'm not sure what their problem may be, but wow, take those blinders off. Please.

Informative website

I do believe that the website vitals.com (I don't use WWW) could help many in choosing a doctor. You just have to enter his or her name and the zip code, and you can find reviews and ratings of that doctor.

I would hope that more people would use this site and enter praises or complaints so the general public could have a view on how their doctor or potential doctor is.

If I would have read the comment on my doctor I would have found another one.

Buy American

I recently had the privilege of touring our beautiful country, first in a train, traveling up and down the east coast, then in a bus, back and forth to Arizona.

Along the east coast, I was warmed by the homey appeal of small towns and in the southwest, awed by mountains rising from the desert.

However, in city after city, I was struck by the numerous abandoned factories and businesses. These crumbling buildings with their broken windows look like the aftermath of a war. The same applies to empty stores in downtown areas, dotting the land like ghost towns.

I would wager that there has been a war, but it did not take place in the battlefield. It took place in boardrooms and in the halls of Congress, where decisions were made to outsource our jobs, for cold hard profit and trade deals that favor other nations. This has left hard-working Americans to lose jobs, resulting in homes lost to foreclosure and children left to do without.

But, in this high stakes chess game of the rich and powerful, we are not helpless pawns. We can fight back with the "power of the purchase." I do this whenever I go to the store by reading labels and buying products that proudly proclaim, "Made in the U.S.A."

In the process, I have noticed surprising things. For example, why do some stores sell chopped meat containing meat from other countries? Why go through all the trouble and expense of importing beef when we have so many cattle right here in the good old USA? The resulting "meat melange" has a stringy texture and an inferior taste.

Also, considering the abundance of Florida's orange groves, why do some brands of orange juice contain juice from faraway places, where sanitation standards might not meet ours? Orange juice made only from Florida oranges gets my vote and earns my purchase.

Looking down at us from their ivory towers, some politicians and business people spit the word "protectionist" like it is a curse. To me, it is a badge of honor. We protect our loved ones and homes. Protecting our jobs and children is a part of this.

Buying one American product at a time, we can rebuild the nation's economy and ensure our children's future.

In response

In response to the blurb in the April 26, 2013 edition about gun rights and the lack of call to duty. I am a veteran and come from a family of veterans. My grandfather was awarded the Silver Star in WWII, my dad served proudly in Vietnam and myself served six years.

Yes, unfortunately many of our service men and women did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, but how much of that is from funding cuts?

Many of our soldiers were not even outfitted with the proper equipment they needed to survive over there. On your right to not have to worry about gun violence, do you honestly think taking away our guns are going to stop criminals from using them? Have you seen the statistics showing the increase in violent gun crimes in countries that have banned guns from citizens? (Hint: they are very high) If the laws that are currently on the books were enforced, violent crime would be down. Instead, they are swept under the rug and people cry for more laws. Do I not have the right to protect myself? If you choose to not own a gun, it is your choice. My family, along with countless others, has served this great nation to protect our rights to bear arms and freedom of speech.

Allow me the right to exercise my freedoms and not take them from me because you don't like guns.

Don't count on the city council

Well, I've seen all too many times people going to the city council for help with the gangs that dwell there. Form neighborhood street walks and go at various times, this will serve as a deterrent to these "gangs."

Quit running to the law or public officials. If you need funds to do this, write to the fed government.

They're the ones who supply people whom are on welfare. Remember those lovely liberal democrats who supposedly are going to take care of you with what impoverished people think is free? They're the ones who should be helping you to resolve your unfortunate community issues.

Gangs and dealers are born out of lack of family foundation. That's what this all boils down to, so take ownership of the neighborhood and patrol it with your caring neighbors. That shouldn't be too hard, or are you going to be reliant on government assistance all your lives?

And while you're at it, if you know of young friends or the such who are having kids just to get extra food stamps and other government assistance, tell them the problems that it causes.

It's just wonderful how the ever-so-lovely democrats take such great care and open up opportunity to the impoverished. The only thing they haven't done is take these people to school to get an education. You have to have an education, basic skills and even perhaps a family foundation of love and genuine caring to thrive in this world.

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