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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2013 May 10 - 06:33

Agrees with 'buy American'

This is about the article someone wrote about "Why can't you buy American cars to help this country."

Yeah, I agree. Just like the cheap stuff they make in China that they are sending over here, don't buy it. If you don't need it, don't buy it.

They are going to continue sending the cheap stuff over here for us to buy until you stop buying it. It's not made very well. Don't buy it.

Where is our money going?

I saw in the paper the other day a list of monies that the federal government is allocating to various organizations in Florida.

One of them was $70 million. Yes, that's right, $70 million for NASCAR.

I couldn't believe that I was seeing and reading right. I still have not figured out why one of the biggest organizations in sports could deserve such a grant.

Was it to assure there are enough glassed-in, air-conditioned boxes reserved for the politicians and their fat cat contributors?

Maybe the NASCAR people were not keeping their favorite beverage in stock.

Whatever it is, that is public taxpayers' money.

Why hasn't an investigative reporter jumped on that one?

Oh, I forgot - investigative reporting. Since most of our publications have been bought up by big corporations, investigative reporting is a thing of the past.

As anybody noticed how many of our news correspondents have foreign accents now?

I remember when pronunciation and good diction were demanded of newscasters.

Now, with the accents and the Twitter contraction, it's like living in a foreign country. Ooops!

I forgot. We are a third-world country now.

How do we get exempted?

If Congress gets a pass on "Obamacare," we should, too! The secret is out!

Congressional Democrats who rammed "ObamaCare" down our throats want to exempt both themselves and their staffs from "ObamaCare!"

Demand Speaker John Boehner and Harry Reid and our own senators that if it's not "good" for them, it's not "good" for us!

In typical Washington fashion: one set of rules for politicians; another set for taxpayers.

While they get free government benefits, taxpayer-funded salaries and fantastic benefits; we have to fork over more of our money and obey their mandates!

Time to say, "Enough is enough."

Americans won't sit idly by, while progressives destroy our country. What a bunch of frauds. No leadership anywhere in Congress.

"ObamaCare" has been a train wreck since (it was) signed. It is the largest tax increase in history and will hurt every age and economic level.

While this administration hollows out our military, refuses to live by a budget, doesn't reform entitlements or cut spending; our country becomes weaker. They just keep printing money, which eventually will be worthless.

Many countries are moving away from using American currency. What happens when OPEC, China and others refuse to take our "fake" money?

We are on verge of an economic catastrophe.

The Rand Paul budget eliminates federal departments, overhauls the tax code, reforms entitlements, cuts spending and brings the nation's checkbook into balance within five years and starts to pay back our debt.


Sen. Bill Nelson: office phone (202) 224-5274, district phone (407) 872-7161, and

Sen. Marco Rubio: office phone (202) 224-3041, district phone (904) 398-8586.

No fun in Melbourne Beach

I wish I were writing a rave about the town of Melbourne Beach.

Unfortunately, it is not to be, because there are some residents who do not want to see other residents enjoying themselves.

These people have stopped the community dinners, movies in the park and now the Farmers Market.

It is sad that some people just cannot mind their own business and allow others to enjoy activities in the town.

Those of you who are reading this and do not live in Melbourne Beach are probably scratching your heads. Your community does these types of activities, and there are no problems.

Be thankful you live where you do.

A lawless society

Thirty years ago, most businesses were honest. People worked hard and took pride in their work. Yes, it is hard to imagine.

Today even so-called "doctors," the most respected members of our society, are criminals who lie to their patents, defraud the insurance companies, and expect kickbacks from the drug companies.

And, of course, we all know about our politicians, lawyers and bankers.

We have become a lawless society. Everyone is out to get ahead by stealing and cheating.

Corruption is entirely acceptable, as long as you don't get caught.

People laugh hysterically at the mention of "ethics" or "morals" or even "an honest day's work."

Ethical people are labeled idealist do-gooders - to be shunned like they have a horrid disease. People who take advantage of others are idolized.

There is no one you can trust, no one.

Libeling the president

The masthead at the top of the rants page asks ranters to avoid slander. Yet, Hometown News prints many anonymous rants directed at the president, which many readers regard as libelous.

Is the president the exception to your rule, the one person in the country it is acceptable to slander?

If a reader were to opine that the "bad-mouthers" of the president could pass neither a breathalyzer nor an eighth-grade English grammar test, would you consider that too libelous for ink on paper?

If so, are you not singing the "If I do it, it's right; if you do it, it's wrong" song?

Trashy neighborhood

I'd like to put a Rant & Rave in.

Where we live in Palm Bay is supposed to be a beautiful place to live, and Code Enforcement is supposed to be doing its job.

Well, there are a couple of streets here, where every house, or every other house, has a basketball hoop hanging over the road, where fire trucks or tall work trucks need to get by, but can't. That should be a code violation. They should be back so far from the road.

Some people have even gone to writing in the road, making basketball courts with spray paint in the road.

Also, there are some houses that don't keep their grass cut. They keep the trashcans out 24/7. I don't think that should be right. It makes the block look like trash when everybody else keeps up their houses and their lawns.

These people never mow their grass, and they leave their trashcans out 24/7.

I believe something should be done.

This city is supposed to be a beautiful place to live, work and play.

If that's a fact, I think Code Enforcement had better get on the ball and do something about some of these houses.

Corrupting our country

This is a response about the rant "Get over it" about our president.

Well, I am not going to get over it, because he is hell-bent on ruining this country; and you need to take those rose-colored glasses off your face and start looking around and see what he is really doing.

He is corrupting our country.

People, like you, who are ignorant and don't want to pay attention, that's why our country is going down a rat hole, because of you people.

You need to start paying attention to what he is really doing.

Forget how wonderful they are

I have a little rant here, after reading your paper last week. It is in response to "Get over it. He is our President."

I look forward to Hometown News each Friday, where everyone can express their opinions.

Your rant shows me that you don't keep up with what is happening to our country, and what our next generation will have to face.

Forget how wonderful the president and his wife are, as most all of the past presidents and their wives were wonderful, too.

So, you get a life, and start concentrating on important things, like getting our country back on track.

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