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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.29 / 5 (7 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 10 - 06:15

Missing Mr. Hood

I just finished Dan Smith's column from May 3 on the shade tree mechanic. Just wanted to say that brought up some fond memories of when I was a kid of taking my car over to Roy Hood. Mr. Hood could always fix a car no matter what the problem. He could fix almost everything, everything but a broken heart. Sometimes he even mended them pretty well. Mr. Hood was a fond memory and so were those times. Thanks for the article.

CRAS -- wasted money

Though there are some real advantages to the Community Redevelopment Areas, I have seen a lot of wasted money in many projects over the past 20 years.

For example, look at the money spent on the Daytona Boardwalk projects, a few years ago they planted nice palm trees along the walkway only to be torn up a few years later and replaced by concrete, heaven knows how much those trees cost.

Then there is all the money spent on the Main Street CRA. Now what do we have but torn down buildings, parking lots, and a few shops and bars that are open some of the time. They destroyed what could have been a restored landmark hotel, establishing another parking lot. I have seen money wasted in paving stones. Now we must maintain them by cleaning, resorting and replacing damaged ones, more unnecessary costs.

Some of these buildings could have been preserved and added to our historic Main Street area. The city of Daytona Beach does not do a good job in preserving our historic sites. Members of these boards should think twice before wasting our taxpayer money and approve projects like they were spending their own money, then maybe they would not waste so much. Maybe it is time for us to do away with the CRAs and decide in each city how the tax money would be spent in what areas. Will freezing property values in these areas really help the area?

Owners of the properties should use their own money for improvements and maybe receive credits from the city where they are located.

In response to: 'Gun rights, but no patriotism?'

May I suggest the following answers to the two questions posed.

First, the writer asked "what about my right to be free from indiscriminate violence?" A "right" is a legal, social or ethical principle of freedom or entitlement. The Constitution of the United States guarantees all citizens the right of freedom; unfortunately, there can be no right to be free of human violence or evil, only laws against such, and current federal and state statues are abundant with these laws. Only if all humanity were rid of evil would such a utopia be possible. The good news is that one does have a right to protect one's self against human acts of violence and the right to own guns is a vital element in the exercise of this right.

The writer's second question was "why did only 1 percent of Americans answer the call to fight in our recent two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?" Although I do not understand the relationship between private gun ownership and fighting an international war nor do I have no knowledge as to the accuracy of this number, I will say that if this number is low from a historical basis it may very well be because the vast majority of Americans disagree with our political leaders' philosophy that American should be in the business of "Nation Building."

In response to: 'Gun rights, but no patriotism?

In response to the blurb in the April 26 edition about gun rights and the lack of call to duty, I am a veteran and come from a family of veterans. My grandfather was awarded the Silver Star in World War II. My dad served proudly in Vietnam and myself served six years. Yes, unfortunately many of our service men and women did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, but how much of that was from funding cuts? Many of our soldiers were not even outfitted with the proper equipment they needed to survive over there.

On your right to not have to worry about gun violence, do you honestly think taking away our guns are going to stop criminals from using them? Have you seen the statistics showing the increase in violent gun crimes in countries that have banned guns from citizens? (hint they are very high) If the laws that are currently on the books were enforced violent crime would be down, instead they are swept under the rug and people cry for more laws. Do I not have the right to protect myself? If you choose to not own a gun, it is your choice. My family along with countless others have served this great nation to protect our rights to bear arms and freedom of speech. Allow me the right to exercise my freedoms, not take them from me because you don't like guns.

In response to: 'Gun rights, but no patriotism?

Well you certainly got my blood pressure up. My family must be that 1 percent your claiming and let me tell you why, my father was on Normandy Beach, my father-in-law was in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I lost four cousins and eight friends in Vietnam. My husband also served in Vietnam, My son who has a wife and four kids has done four tours In Iraq and Afghanistan and may be heading out soon again.

Gun ownership is a right and a right that should be respected. What seems to be falling through the cracks are sadly, the Newtown shooting was done by a son who had mental issues, Mom kept wanting to hide and did not do enough to keep a gun away from him, but based on what I have read about him he would have gotten an illegal gun if he had to. Most of these violent shootings and crimes are not by legal gun owners. My cousin had guns in his house from day one and made his own bullets, he raised his two children in this house and never ever locked up the guns. He taught his children to respect the fact these are not toys.

I grew up with shotguns right in the front closet so easy to get to and we would never touch them without permission. The people who are doing all these shootings should never be near a gun. I am OK with deeper background checks. I am OK with someone with mental issues should not have a gun. I am not OK with being bundled into a group of sadistic people who want their 15 minutes of fame on the news.

In response to: 'Close the airport tower'

The person making the statement cannot wait for the tower to close because of the noise. A couple comments caught my attention. How uninformed this person is. The writer goes on to say the circling planes are flown by "foreign" students. Obviously, they have a problem with anybody other than Americans.

They moved to their residence in Ormond Beach eight years ago. I am pretty sure the airport was there long before they moved to the area. Again didn't do their homework. Looks like the tower is staying. Whether its there or not, the foreigners are going to fly over your home. This person may want to consider moving.

I welcome people from all around the world to Florida. People complain that we ship jobs overseas, but when we have a niche as flight training as this area does, people complain. They are never happy. A little thinking never hurts.

Kitten season

Florida is right on the verge of kitten season. This means that every single cat out there that is not spayed or neutered is having kittens. Animal shelters across the state are rapidly filling up with kittens. There also is a problem with big-hearted, well-meaning people who feel they are doing the right thing. If you find a litter of kittens in your flowerbed, under your shed, on a casual walk in the woods or in your attic, please leave them alone.

These kittens are better off with their mother than in a shelter. A mother cat can give these kittens the necessary nutrients they need at this very early stage. Newborn kittens need to be fed every two hours. Every time someone takes those kittens home and realizes how much work there is they contact a shelter. Please do your best to leave those kittens alone. If newborn kittens come into the shelter and they do not have a surrogate mother or a foster available the survival of those kittens becomes bleak. Even if you don't see the mother, she is there hiding until you leave so please if you really want to do something for them put out dry kitten food and fresh water and walk away. Once the mother cat feels it is safe to come back she will take care of her babies and enjoy the healthy food. So please leave the kittens alone.

In response to: 'Remember When...'

Yes, I do remember when all you mentioned in the article was quite the way of life. And, it was a good life. I also remember decorations in your yard were not removed because someone else wanted them. If we could afford what the neighbor had, we found out the cost and purchased them ourselves. If we couldn't, we enjoyed looking at theirs in their yard. This past weekend someone liked 12 of my gnomes enough to take them home with them. It would be nice if they would return them to my yard in South Daytona so all of us could enjoy them again.

Wishing for reunions

June 18, 2013, will be the 60th anniversary of my high school graduation. Shortly after that I, and many others, were drafted into the Army and on to Korea for two years, losing touch with most of my 195 classmates. There has never been any reunions or any information about my classmates or me. I am told by the high school administration, all records before the 1964 school desegregation law were destroyed at the time. What a shame. How un-American. I can only imagine all the joy I have missed.

Don't tell me

You can tell me I have to pay the full amount of my taxes on time, even though there are those who don't and don't get caught.

You can tell me they are guilty of murder even though they are let go because of a stupid legal blunder.

You can tell me smoking is dangerous, even though I have smoked for 62 years and my doctors tell me I am good health.

But please don't tell me the law will be cracking down on texting while driving. Even though you will first have to give a police officer another reason to pull you over before they can ticket you for texting.

Isn't that just plain stupid.

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