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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.4 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 03 - 06:54

Border security

Liberals promise border security but they do so with tongue in cheek.

Amnesty does just the opposite. It encourages non-citizens to more here. A Heritage Foundation study indicates future costs for illegal immigrants will reach half a trillion dollars. When so-called "compassionate" politicians promise a "path to citizenship" you can be sure they are attracting even more illegals to slip into our country.

Regarding the closing of the arcades

I don't understand what all the anger is about in closing the arcades. Surely, they are fun. But surely, Florida has voted down gambling for many years except on the Indian reservations. Want to gamble and have fun? Then visit the legal casinos down south and play. The arcades may be giving you gifts instead of money, but in the eyes of the law, it is still considered gambling. You still have to buy the chips or put in the money in order to win, just like the Indian casinos. Gambling is gambling, and no matter how innocent it seemed in the little arcades, it was still against the law. If you saw no cars at a red light at 3 a.m. and no one around, would you stop? Sorry, law is law. We are getting away from so many state and moral laws it frightens me to see what this country is coming to. Just obey the law.... or get an amendment started to change the law! Don't skirt around it and then when caught, or discovered, shout, "This is not right!"

Don't apologize for illegal immigrants

Apologists for illegal immigration often picture newcomers as hard-working, law-abiding people who seek a better life for their families. In fact, so many commit crimes, the caseload in southwestern states is overloaded. The border patrol reports 36 percent of all criminal cases are immigration related. Drug smuggling is a primary cause. Not since Prohibition has a single crime category been such a costly burden on our legal system.

Use rap for good

Hey here's an interesting concept the rap artists of today can get the country moving in the right direction. How about they write their stuff about the U.S. Constitution, or tell people to quit having babies just to be on welfare now. There's a madness that would be productive. Oh it wouldn't hurt to pronounce the words correctly when they rhyme through their "songs," as they call them. Boy that would be great, huh? Rap stars prompting independence from government welfare programs and people being dependent upon themselves. Just an idea. Boy, that'd be interesting. Here's a kid plugged into his music piece and reciting something from the Constitution. The Democratic Party wouldn't like that, would they?

The real issue with gangs

I would like to see the people who complain about the city's gang-related issues actually get down to the real issue at what created the problem in the first place. It's kind of simple, it's called lack of family values. There's no family foundation and now there's people who became reliant upon the government welfare system, which was not intended to be a lifestyle, but to help people get back onto their feet, not create a living on it.

Funny thing though, is if you point the finger in that direction, they get offended. Now this is about those who don't want to take responsibility for their young kids raised in a welfare state of mind, and the parents who don't want to be held accountable for this. They just take whatever they can get and not contribute to the community. As a result, gangs and street thugs are born, which is the sad truth. Now here's a solution: get people together and police your part of the community. These people get together and shoot at one another, so you to should get a group as well and go out with cell phones in hand. If you see things that aren't right, call it

People who've made a living off of welfare and the federal government brought this on, now perhaps you can fix the problem yourselves instead of relying on others to fix these problems. It's time to clean up your part of the neighborhood using your volunteer time, and that doesn't cost one red cent. Oh, and while I'm at this, don't breed if you can't feed them your selves. Boy, the Democratic Party is really taking good care of you, huh?

Say no to Chechens

Chechnya is an epicenter of Islamic insurgency. It is known for one thing and one thing only.

When the authorities apprehend someone who has failed to follow their version of the Muslim faith explicitly, they put this person on public TV and using the most extreme measures (think amputation of feet, fingers, hands, lips, tongue, ears) to torture him to death as an example to others. Why the U.S. immigration service welcomes Chechens into this country is a mystery.

They are no benefit to us. They are an obvious and severe threat.

Freedom of speech in the paper

What I love about my country is we have the freedom of speech.

This is what this paper, that delivers every week for free, has. It's a rant and rave page, so that people can express their rights to this freedom of speech.

We all know that there will be some who agree, and there will be those who don't; but this is what this paper is all about.

They do print what people put. I do not believe that they choose from one wing or another. They print what people send to their paper. This is what is great about this country and about this paper.

I was born here in America, and what is funny is that this country does not force people to speak the English language! In some countries, in order to be a citizen, you have to know how to speak the language and write it as well.

So, for those who don't agree with the Spanish stations; well, this is what this country is all about - the freedom of speech - even if it is Spanish, or any other language people feel free to speak - even if it is our own television stations!

I want to thank the Rants and Raves for what they do and what they print, for this is the right that "we the people" have - the freedom of speech.

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