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Rants & Raves
Rating: 4.33 / 5 (6 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 03 - 06:35

The conversation

GANG MEMBER: Pardon me, but are you the fellow who operates a black-market gun shop out of his car trunk?

BLACK-MARKETEER: Indeed, I am. Given your attire and demeanor, I presume you wish to purchase a gun but are precluded from doing so either because you are legally prohibited from possessing firearms, are conducting an illegal straw purchase or simply do not wish to have your possession of a firearm noted by law enforcement. Of course, as a black-marketeer, I eschew any sort of legal restrictions in favor of facilitating criminal weapons purchases.

GANG MEMBER: As a criminal who routinely and deliberately breaks any laws I wish, I appreciate your services. Might you have any fully automatic weapons?

BLACK-MARKETEER: I can accommodate your request. And you are clearly aware such a purchase constitutes a further violation of the law, since possession of fully automatic firearms without proper federal approval has been illegal for many years. However, since we are both criminals, violating pre-existing weapons laws is entirely inconsequential to us.

GANG MEMBER: In fact, President Barack Obama and his accomplices' attempts to further restrict the Bill of Rights benefit us both. By passing so-called "gun control" laws, they have not only rendered my potential victims even more vulnerable, they have also increased your sales. The war on the Bill of Rights very closely mirrors the disastrous Prohibition efforts of the early 20th century.

BLACK-MARKETEER: It has been a pleasure doing illegal business with you, fellow criminal. I look forward to further interactions with you and the rest of the violent criminal element, as we all continue to flout the laws that burden our law-abiding brethren in the name of state control over the people.

GANG MEMBER: Look what their ideological idols did to Russia: a murderous, behemoth government working hand in glove with a homicidal, monstrous criminal underworld. And the law-abiding citizens - helpless against those twin terrors - died by the tens of millions to benefit them both.

BLACK-MARKETEER: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns." It might be clichéd, but it is indubitably a fact. By the way, I need you to sign this federal form for your background check before I sell you any firearms; it's the law.

GANG MEMBER: I beg your pardon?

BLACK-MARKETEER: Just kidding.

Email terrorists

I am tired of receiving false emails and proving to myself that they are false through the tools that are available on line.

It is interesting that most of the false emails I receive are anti-left or anti-liberal. I have to assume that they are created by radical right-wingers.

What happened to the right? Isn't it supposed to be made up of conservatives and Christians? Not liars and Internet terrorists!

I want to remind everyone that believes strongly in their political leanings, whether it be left or right, that both sides have radicals.

As much as we regret admitting it, both sides have radicals capable of schoolhouse shootings or marathon bombings. Both sides have radicals capable of committing the atrocities that radical Islam perpetrates.

Both sides have radicals that create fake emails with political/social messages that are quite convincing. Examples that I refer to include the continuing bombardment of emails about the birthplace and religion of President (Barack) Obama.

The gullibility and naivety of recipients is fueled by those who "shoot the messenger."

There are at least three web sites (respected by most readers) that are devoted to "myth-busting" and have satisfied my suspicions many times when I suspect something is fictitious.

Snopes is the best known. I have seen emails and web sites that attack them for being liberal or spreading lies. I don't believe it for a minute. "Truthorfiction" is a second web site, and "Urbanlegends" a third.

Truth or Fiction has nothing to gain by promoting Snopes. They get their advertising money based on readership. Read what they say about Snopes at www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/s/snopes.htm#.UW_WxoJPHmw.

Here is a very good article to support my stance: http://voices.yahoo.com/urban-legends-email-hoaxes-forward-3625429.html.

There are many sites out there that will let you know in a matter of minutes if the email you got is true or if it's an urban legend. Please check out the stories before you spread around bogus information.

Let your friends know you want them to check out things that have a message that has never been in the news. (I am a conservative, but know FOX News has broadcast lies.)

I don't just urge you, I beg you. Forwarding fiction fuels the problem.

My dog and I at the beach

My trip with my little dog to the dog beach on Saturday around noon was a total disaster for me.

My dog loves the beach and loves to run in circles to the full extent of his leash, but there were a lot of young children so I had to short-leash him.

I chose an area that was clear of kids, and he was running in small circles around me in the water having a good time when a boy about four years old came over and started chasing him, which caused me to fall down in the water.

Not only did I hurt my hip, but destroyed my cell phone and micro sd card. So had to buy another phone.

I consider myself lucky that I didn't break my hip, because I am a bone cancer patient, and that would have finished me for good.

I fail to understand why someone would choose to bring their kids or grandkids to a dog park.

Not only did that kid put a dent in my wallet, but ruined my day and my dog's day.

Freedom of speech in the paper

What I love about my country is we have the freedom of speech.

This is what this paper, that delivers every week for free, has. It's a rant and rave page, so that people can express their rights to this freedom of speech.

We all know that there will be some who agree, and there will be those who don't; but this is what this paper is all about.

They do print what people put. I do not believe that they choose from one wing or another. They print what people send to their paper. This is what is great about this country and about this paper.

I was born here in America, and what is funny is that this country does not force people to speak the English language! In some countries, in order to be a citizen, you have to know how to speak the language and write it as well.

So, for those who don't agree with the Spanish stations; well, this is what this country is all about - the freedom of speech - even if it is Spanish, or any other language people feel free to speak - even if it is our own television stations!

I want to thank the Rants and Raves for what they do and what they print, for this is the right that "we the people" have - the freedom of speech.

Response to 'Wearing black socks at the gym'

When first introduced, we enjoyed the weekly Hometown News delivery. It was a welcome addition to news that wasn't provided by Florida Today.

However, since you added what we refer to as the "poison pen" letters in the Rants and Raves section, we've become increasingly appalled at the incessant garbage being spewed in this section by unidentified writers.

The last straw appears in one of the April papers, wherein a writer disparages, insults and yes, slanders people, only because they wear black socks.

Don't you even read this incognito trash before you publish?

It may be possible to end the drug war

We could convert it to an "occupation" with occupations.

Right now, a bundle of drugs hits our towns' economies like a big meteor hitting the earth. It makes an economic crater with black market money managers, crime, desperation, arrests, fines, jail, broken families, bad friendships, unemployment, inappropriate sex, etc.

It results in disaster and a declining standard of living.

Now, before you say kill them all and let God sort it out, let us talk about a pragmatic way to tackle the overall problem.

Are democracies smart enough to implement these inefficiencies?

Yes, they already have, in the 1800s, even before modern treatments for mental health. However, it became underfunded and finally semi-corrupt, passing into history after 100 years.

This idea is something like that, except we have been over the learning curve.

Instead of home-prison-home-prison, we could have home-2/3 house-1/3 house- prison-1/3 house-2/3 house-home, with differing therapies, wages and learning opportunities. All would be financed by drug money doing good, instead of bad.

The details (dare we?) would be left to insurance actuaries, lawyers and politicians, since government applies our collective energy.

If your mind is closed to try a different way, it is costing us considerable synergy, or "sin energy," if you will.

So our prayer might be:

"In the spirit of good government, we separate church from state, so that we, the agnostics (of knowledge), beseech thee, (the powerful, greedy, herders of ignoramuses) and the excess religious to just consider opening their minds to logic and pragmatism."

Start with reviewing the seven ancient Greek fallacies and some basic logic puzzles. This will give you "special glasses," through which you can see reason, filter excess emotion out and achieve critical, tactical thinking skills, and/or believe in someone who can.

Fishing upsets the balance of nature and the environment

I happened to catch the blurb titled "Downward shift in kids going fishing" in a recent edition of the Hometown News Community Notes and was at first relieved at the content of what I was reading, then dismayed once I got to the last two paragraphs.

It was reassuring to learn that, at least in one demographic, fishing for sport and/or relaxation is down; but it was alarming to read further and discover the touting of "the joys of fishing."

Not to open a can of worms (pun intended), but fishing for sport and/or relaxation, by anyone, is simply another form of hunting for sport and/or relaxation ... same pastime, different venue.

To be clear, if an individual or a family is forced to fish and/or hunt for food, that's one thing, but to hunt or fish for the "joy" of it is tantamount to murder (faunacide) and rape (of the planet).

There are many of us (It's also a rallying cry for many of us.) who do not wish to be included in the rallying cry to introduce any group to any activity which compromises the delicate balance of nature and the environment.

Who was really here in America first?

I was reading your Rants and Raves article today, and I noticed it was about the first person to set foot in America, Christopher Columbus.

Actually, the first person to set foot on American soil was Leif Erikson, well, foreigner anyway; and he was a Viking.

For whoever the ranter or raver was, this country actually belonged to the Native Americans before it belonged to anybody.

I just wanted to make a comment about that.

We have a Christopher Columbus Day, but we don't have a (federal) Leif Erikson Day, so I guess some facts needed to be straightened out.

Thank you for letting me make my comments.

You are not going to change us

I have been watching this, along with the nation. I don't understand the end result or what these people are trying to do.

And I will say one thing. You are welcome here in the United States, but you are not going to change us; and if you don't like us, go back to where you came from.

Let's face it. We are a free country. We love our U.S.A. We welcome people with open arms; but if you are going to try to hurt us, we are going to hurt you big time.

So, go back home if you don't like it here. Leave us.

Thank you.

Agrees with 'buy American'

This is about the article someone wrote about "Why can't you buy American cars to help this country."

Yeah, I agree. Just like the cheap stuff they make in China that they are sending over here, don't buy it. If you don't need it, don't buy it.

They are going to continue sending the cheap stuff over here for us to buy until you stop buying it. It's not made very well. Don't buy it.

Where is our money going?

I saw in the paper the other day a list of monies that the federal government is allocating to various organizations in Florida.

One of them was $70 million. Yes, that's right, $70 million for NASCAR.

I couldn't believe that I was seeing and reading right. I still have not figured out why one of the biggest organizations in sports could deserve such a grant.

Was it to assure there are enough glassed-in, air-conditioned boxes reserved for the politicians and their fat cat contributors?

Maybe the NASCAR people were not keeping their favorite beverage in stock.

Whatever it is, that is public taxpayers' money.

Why hasn't an investigative reporter jumped on that one?

Oh, I forgot - investigative reporting. Since most of our publications have been bought up by big corporations, investigative reporting is a thing of the past.

As anybody noticed how many of our news correspondents have foreign accents now?

I remember when pronunciation and good diction were demanded of newscasters.

Now, with the accents and the Twitter contraction, it's like living in a foreign country. Ooops!

I forgot. We are a third-world country now.

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