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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.4 / 5 (5 votes)  
Posted: 2013 May 03 - 06:16

Who is responsible?

If at a pet friendly restaurant, a yorkie barks at a pit bull, and then the pit bull proceeds to attack the yorkie; a rotweiller gets excited and bites a child; an elderly woman who is trying to get away slips on a "cute little package" left by one of the dogs and breaks her hip. Who pays: the city, the county or the restaurant?

Good ceremony needed more young warriors

The other day, I attended a celebration for veterans at Embry Riddle University. I was one of many from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, some from Afghanistan, but predominately, it was the older group.

Tears flowed from my eyes and I am not ashamed to admit it.

More importantly is my concern for the heroes of today.

There weren't many empty chairs, but they were empty of the many younger warriors. It doesn't matter if they were combat or non-combat, filled with medals or whatever.

They enrolled and they fought and they served our country one nation under God, and they are wanted by us older senior veterans. We need the support of the young families to bond together.

I want to congratulate ERAU, the students, and the ROTC people for recognizing the heroes of today. Congratulations Riddle you did a great job.

Unnecessary red light

I travel State Road 40 at least twice a day. Can anyone tell me what makes the residents of Breakaway Trails so special that the light there will hold up four lanes of traffic to let one vehicle exit?

I live off of State Road 40 and have to sit and wait until both lanes are clear before I can proceed. I pay the same rate of taxes they do. Also, they can exit when the westbound lanes are clear and wait in the median. We must wait until traffic is clear both west and eastbound. In this age of rising gas prices, it makes no sense to halt 10-12 vehicles for one person.

Don't complain about tourists and snowbirds, and construction at night

I read the Rants and Raves every week and enjoy reading most of it. I am saddened by the many bitter complaints that are posted -- mostly towards the tourists and snowbirds. Having lived in several areas where there is a large tourist crowd, I am happy to see them.

Here is why: No. 1. When there are many tourists coming to the area, they are spending their hard earned money here and not where they are from. No. 2. Tourists and snowbirds give more people an opportunity to work since businesses will need extra help.

As far as the construction going on at night, I hate to break it to you but many states are doing that. This is something that has been picked up from the highly populated cities on the West Coast. Since there is less traffic late at night the construction gets done a lot faster. It is also cooler, so it is a little easier for the construction workers. It is also a matter of safety for those same workers, fewer cars on the road, fewer opportunities for them to be hit.

So before you post a letter complaining about something you might want to find out the entire story and stop blaming the tourists and snowbirds. They do spend their money here.

Don't take handicapped parking for bikes

I think it's most disgraceful that the officials of Port Orange think that the motorcyclists who arrive twice a year are more important than the residents who reside here year-round and have taken away all the close disabled parking by Bealls, etc., and given it to these visitors. As I'm disabled, it means I must either shop online or go elsewhere.

Leave Bowser where it's comfortable

Your car is an oven and your metal truck bed is a hotplate.

Hot weather is officially here. According to Paw-Rescue.org, on a 78-degree day, temperatures in a car parked in the shade can exceed 90 degrees -- and hit a scorching 160 degrees if parked in the sun. In truck beds, not only can hot metal burn your dog's paws, but flying debris while driving can hurt the dog, the dog can accidentally be thrown out of the truck if the brakes are suddenly applied, and the dog can jump out if scared or upon seeing something interesting to chase.

Florida statute 828.12 states "A person who unnecessarily overloads, overdrives, torments, deprives of necessary sustenance or shelter, or unnecessarily mutilates, or kills any animal, or causes the same to be done, or carries in or upon any vehicle, or otherwise, any animal in a cruel or inhumane manner, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in S. 775.082 or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or both. A concerned passerby can call the police to report the incident.

Please leave your pets at home when running errands -- they are more comfortable and safer at home. Don't let your pet's sad face as you get ready to leave the house supersede your good common sense and desire to keep them healthy.

Deny killers their 15 seconds

I understand about the freedom of speech and that the press has the right to print or televise. That being said my personal opinion is that the press report these tragic events, such as the recent bombs in Boston and the school shooting, but not use the name of the accused or photos of the accused.

There are a lot of these people who want their 15 minutes of fame and they feel that by killing people it will give them the fame that they want. I wish that all the press present the story but not give these criminals the fame that they want. Report on the bombing or shooting, show the people who have been harmed.

Show the heroes but not the person or persons who caused the problem. Report the manhunt even, but when they are caught just say they have been caught. I am tired of their faces making front page news while the victims suffer.

In response to: 'Need more flights from Daytona Beach'

This is a battle that has been going on since we lost NASA and the Shuttle program. I, for one, am a witness that Stephen Cooke, director of marketing at Daytona Beach International Airport, maybe even before that took place, has tried "ad nauseam " to attract several airline companies to come to Daytona Beach International Airport, offering the incentives that he is allowed to offer.

At first, everything looks pretty good. He gets excited, then we get excited when we read in the papers that Airlines X and Y are going to start flying from an airport that is just 30 to 45 minutes away from anywhere in Volusia County. Then, all of sudden, the dream is over. Airline X and Airline Y came but they cannot continue providing services because there is not enough or sufficient business to cover the expenses with personnel, equipment, maintenance, fuel, etc. What happens then? They leave, go away, back to Orlando.

I am not being critical of NASCAR (and all their promotions), I am not being critical of Bike Week and Biketoberfest, I am not being critical of the college kids coming here to have their celebration, because I know when they come here, they spend money and that is very good for the community and for the local business. But to maintain an "international airport' at Daytona Beach as beautiful as it is, also takes a lot of money.

So, what can we do to have our airport operating like Sanford or Melbourne airports, or even doing one third of the business that Orlando International Airport does? We need everyone involved in our community, starting with our politicians and representatives. We need to bring new business to the area, such as corporations, manufacturers, small businesses, developers. We need to promote Volusia County (east and west) on a constant basis. We need people flying in and out Daytona Beach everyday, even if Daytona has to become an extra leg or connection to other areas of the country. We need job growth.

After our kids graduate from high school or college, they have to fight unemployed adults to possibly get a job at Publix, Winn-Dixie, banks, car dealerships or local restaurants. Again, I am not being critical of those places, I am just pointing out the choices that are available to them. Thank God for having those businesses. Come on Volusia County, wake up. If we all do our part, especially our legislators and council people promoting and developing our county, we will have jobs, we will be able to fly at affordable prices, we will keep Daytona Beach International Airport busy. and just because bringing new corporations and manufactures to the county, our taxes will be lowered and we will all reap the benefits.

In response to: 'Need more flights from Daytona Beach'

It would be a good situation if they could have more carriers and flights. It would affect Daytona Beach and surrounding towns.

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