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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Martin County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 26 - 07:10

Some Postal Service love

I can write to my dearest sister who lives in Pennsylvania, walk out to my mailbox located in front of my house here in Florida, and for 46 cents count on my mail person to pick up my letter sometime today and with almost 100 percent assurance it will be put in my sister's mailbox located in front of her house in Pennsylvania within 3 to 5 days. One quarter, two dimes and a penny. Pretty convenient, something I can depend on and not a bad price at all considering what I'm getting for my change. Thank you, USPS.

Fishing is for the birds

I read this article and it lit my fire. The fishing here has gone from great to awful in three years. The proof is now in that in Indian River County, 37,000 septic tanks are dumping 10 million gallons of effluent a day and it winds up in the Lagoon. Florida requires 60 percent of the residents to approve moving to sewers and the local residents don't want to pay up. This is everyone's problem, since fishing and watersports bring the local economy millions each year. Think. Hotels, restaurants, retirement housing, real estate businesses, tackle shops, fishing guides and boat dealers will begin to suffer. A few years from now the tax base will shrink dramatically.

Is the Florida DEP asleep?

Why do the residents get a choice to cause an environmental and economic disaster?

What are the impacted organizations, local newspapers, associations and civic leaders doing? If you wait much longer to address this issue, you will suffer an economic and environmental disaster that will take over a decade to fix.

No more teacher rants

According to the National Mining Association the average coal miners wage in 2011 in the United States was $81,200 per year. TeacherSalaryInfo.com states the average teacher's salary in St. Lucie County in 2012 is $33,200. I'm sure the majority of teachers here would trade a chance to work in the mines even though we may contract a little "black lung" and the possibility of been "as blind as moles" to make almost three times the money.

As a teacher, I'd take twice that just to avoid reading the rants of a few delusional ignorant people who obviously place no value on our children's education or the people who go above and beyond (I average $600 plus a year out of my own salary to buy supplies) to provide it.

Bring back the arcades

These were places to meet people and socialize and play the machines, maybe have some lunch. Many of these people do not drive, movies are very expensive and the snacks even more so, or spending money for a trip to a casino by bus. Give us a break and bring back the arcades for all of us

Until it's your child

The only ban President Obama wanted on guns was on the AR-15's and the AK-47's. There has been nothing said about taking your shotguns your rifles you hunt with or your pistols. There should be background checks on everybody that wants to buy a gun. These gun shows do not do background checks. Anyone can buy a gun from them and go on a shooting spree. What in Sam Hill has happened to this country? People have gone crazy over guns. They don't give a crap about human life. Look at all the kids that have been murdered. I just bet if all you gun-ho people sent your little one to school and some nut went there with an assault rifle and killed your child plus hundreds of others, you would maybe feel different? What is the NRA doing running Washington anyway?

All I hear is the NRA this and the NRA that. Why is congress accepting money from them to not pass a bill like getting rid of these assault guns? No, peaceful American gun owners do not threaten others. But there are these crazy nuts out there that kill the children. Don't you peaceful Americans want to stop the killings or do you just close your eyes because it isn't your child yet!

Act like trash, pick up trash

Recently, several articles were written ranting about litter problems. We have many people committing criminal acts within our community. These people rob us, harm us, commit property damage, take advantage of us and give our community a bad name. I think it's time to pay it back. The misdemeanor offenders get litter projects along with jail time. They wear a fluorescent T-shirt that states "I Love My Community and I'm Paying Back." Everyone will see them and this if not a lesson learned for them; at least it will benefit us. The message it speaks is "Act like trash then pick up trash." I would much rather see our tax dollars pay for supervision of a program like this that truly benefits us as a whole.

More regarding the food stamp program

We applied for food stamps on March 31, after my husband lost his job. His employer's bounced payroll checks in January 2013, and he ended up not getting paid for a month because the employer could not meet payroll.

My husband was supposed to receive a two-week unemployment check from the State of Florida Unemployment Office. He got his first one-week check in February, not a two-week claim as stated.

We got a letter from the Food Stamp office on February 23, stating that we make too much money for being both on unemployment compensation. My husband gets $167 per week and I get $186 per week, which averages less than $5 per hour.

We have a reasonable mortgage that increased from $550 per month to $750 per month due to a homeowner's insurance increase. We have no cell phones, a small vehicle payment and auto and basic household bills. We can barely meet these basic needs.

We do not need cable to survive. We do not eat out, take vacations or spend money on new luxury items. We've still got an old television and freeze leftovers for tight financial weeks, yet we were denied food stamps.

Thank you for not giving us temporary food assistance.

Thank goodness we pre-paid our unemployment wages while working legally in Florida while illegal immigrants get food stamps somehow and insurance for their kids.

Leave the parks alone

Stop taking away all of the public parks. We should have a say in what happens with our tax money.

We should revolt against the oil companies

For years we have been driving around and filling up our tanks and didn't think about gas prices rising. The oil companies are sticking it to us with the high prices. We should have a gas-out day, when we just don't buy gas for the day. We should stick it to them like they've been sticking it to us. Why can't we do something about it? The middle class can't even survive anymore; never mind the people that have been struggling for a long time now. We should all get together and do something.

Code enforcement should do their job

In answer to the rant about code enforcement and residents not seeing them doing their job; look up and down U.S. 1, they are there making life difficult for small business owners.

Slow down, save gas

One way to save gasoline is to slow down. Leave for work a little earlier and enjoy the ride.

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