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Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2013 Apr 26 - 06:34

Crossing sign needed

The new playground on the corner of Rivera and Port Malabar is awesome.

There is a ton of children using that playground, but there is no park sign and no "Children Crossing - Slow Down" sign.

Please put a "slow down" sign, as children cross in front of cars.

Thank you.

Two new heroes

This is a rave. I would like to express my appreciation and admiration to two new heroes.

One would be the Palm Bay firefighter, who put his life and car in jeopardy to protect the life of an elderly woman, who had a medical disability on Babcock Street a few months ago.

The other would be for the student, who would not stomp on the name of Jesus on a piece of paper, even facing discipline by his state university officials.

That boy is a hero in my estimation and admiration.

So, these are my two heroes.

Thank you.

Much to do here

I have no problem with legal Internet cafes, but it distresses me to read that "There is very little to do here." Have you given up on life? Look around you. Broaden your horizons.

I am in my 80s. If I stay home for a day, it's by choice. More often I find that I must choose between two things going on at the same time!

Thanks for nothing. It makes no sense

I would like to thank Gov. (Rick) Scott and the legislators for making one of the dumbest moves by closing down the video arcades that I and many seniors have enjoyed over the years.

At a time when the governor claims to be creating jobs, it makes no sense to close down these businesses and cause people to lose their jobs, as well as a loss of tax revenue that the state will now lose.

I understand why the Internet cafes were shut down (especially Allied so-called Veterans cafe) since they provided cash payouts, but why shut down places like Wild777s, which not only provides free food and beverages to their customers but the opportunity to earn Walmart or Simon Mall gift cards and have fun playing the video machines?

The majority of customers are seniors, like myself, who make new friends while having fun playing and, contrary to what some may say, we don't need to invest a lot to play.

This action to link places like Wild777s with the Internet-style video locations makes no sense, and I hope my fellow seniors will remember this time the next time we go to the polls!

Just 'say no' to guns

After watching them vote down the gun laws today, I realize that this is politics at its worst.

What I would like somebody to do is to print up a list of all these politicians in the House and the Senate and wherever, the ones who voted against these laws.

If we knew who they were, they wouldn't be in office the next time around.

This is ridiculous. The people have to have some kind of protection, and to have all these automatic weapons and no checks on them, gun shows buy anything you want, Internet buy anything you want.

Maybe I am living the wrong kind of life. Maybe I should go out and buy a gun and hold somebody up.

But the politicians need to be able to stand up and say "We voted 'no'" and we can say "We're sorry, but we won't have you in again."

Going on and on for good reason

This is concerning the person who wrote about a man being fined $15 for laughing because he liked to laugh, and his neighbors didn't like it.

The man had to pay a $15 fine or do a prison term.

People who fly our American flag are told to take it down.

Pictures of God or any religion we display, we are told to take them down.

I can go on and on. People better pay attention to what is really going on in the United States. It is not good.

An illegal alien drunk driver killed someone and got off "scot-free" because he couldn't speak a word of English.

And I can go on and on. Wake up, America.

Money for monsters

This is concerning the Boston bomb that went off - another terrorist attack.

When these monsters are caught, what is going to happen to them? Three hots and a cot? Give them their Miranda rights? They have no rights. How long are we going to support the Ft. Hood monster and the rest of these monsters?

And why are we giving billions of our tax money to other countries? I don't understand this. They hate us, yet we are giving them the money and kissing their "you know what." They are jealous of us.

We need to be a little bit more rougher on these people, these terrorists who are trying to get rid of us, the American people, and trying to tell us what we can, or cannot, do.

Taxpayers are giving out their money to monsters.

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