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Letters to the editor
Rating: 3.82 / 5 (11 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 26 - 06:18

Dogs not dollars

Learning Dollar General is planning to move down the street from us, right next to Deland Animal Hospital, caused us to not only feel angry, discouraged and disappointed, but also down right sad. Don't we have enough Dollar Generals around our area, and enough traffic, especially down the street from a small residential area such as ours.

What we want to see and need in that spot is a dog park for dogs to get out, exercise, as well as their owners having a chance to meet and share with one another. This is so needed, and would encourage even our seniors to get out and become a part of our community. DeLand Animal Hospital is truly a "Diamond in the Ruff" ... excuse the pun.

To put a dog park in that area, right adjacent to their building, would also prove to be educational. So many opportunities to get to know our local vets who are so dedicated, they are open 24/7 all year round -- a beacon in our dark world. We cannot say enough for Dr. Debbie and Dr. Tom, who go above and beyond their means to save an animal, and take in many abandoned ones, finding homes with open hearts and open arms. What we in DeLand need on that corner are green and a dog park. It is time for DeLand to speak up and be heard.

Jeannine and Steve Colletti, DeLand

Don't dis the ducks

I have several concerns about the ducks at Earl Brown Park (Amelia and Beresford Streets). This park is one of the most enjoyable parks in the city. However, it was heartbreaking last year to see a mother duck lose all but 2 of her 17 ducklings in less than a week. Once again, today, a mother duck that had 20 babies two days ago, now has only four. Why are they disappearing?

Secondly, there is a lot of trash in and around the pond. It is disturbing to see baby ducks floating on plastic bags.

Another issue is there has been a full-grown dead duck on the sidewalk for nine days. Children walk past daily. Isn't this a health hazard?

Lastly, some ducks seem to be getting caught in the excess and exposed ground netting. Sadly, one hops on an injured leg. Another became tangled while nesting on her eggs.

Margie Thomas, DeLand

Too much ado about nothing

Our wonderful country is really getting out of hand as the newscast or people in general have to make an issue out of everything.

I'm referring to the story in the news about President Barrack Obama's remark to Kamala Harris, the California attorney general.

President Obama's comment of "best looking attorney general" has gone too far. It was a harmless comment made with a smile, as Ms Harris laughed, also. Those who have called it a "sexist" remark need to get a new life.

Ms. Harris is the attorney general, she knows the laws, if she felt it was a sexist remark, then it was up to her to decide and not the news. If she thought it was an offensive comment, then it was up to her to take President Obama aside and tell him she was not pleased with the comment. It was her decision to say if the remark was "sexist" and/or if she didn't like it, not the national news.

Really now, with all the real problems that our country is facing, a harmless comment is meaningless. We have high unemployment, high government cut backs, tremendous amount of welfare abuse, children being killed everyday, poor education and a very high crime rate. There are shootings daily, homeless, people going hungry and weather disasters, etc. All this is affecting our daily lives and our country in huge ways.

Yet, it appears that people are more concerned about making big issues over every remark made these days. Every word or statement seems to be sexist, racist, a slur or offensive to some group. This has gone to far and just seems to get worse every week. Yes, there are times and places that a person shouldn't say things, and the national news needs to stop making big issues out of harmless comments.

Even our school children are being taught at home to be abusive about remarks and our teachers suffer for it, as well as the schools. Our schools are going downhill as a result of the parents' actions over simple words, which are being made into useless issues.

Our freedom of speech is gradually being taken away by every little word spoken within ear distant of another. People make such big issues over petty things, which they need to just ignore and brush off as uneducated ignorance of that person, while they turn and walk away. People have way too much time that is wasted on petty quarrels and not doing enough constructive work. Today's easy life of welfare, food stamps and no jobs has hurt this country with petty words. Free speech, free press and our constitution are slowly disappearing over the "so called sexist and racist" remarks. We are losing our freedom to speak, the reason we are here in this country.

Sheila Dillon, Port Orange

Don't close yard sale

My grandmother, who lives on Hand Avenue, applied for and received a permit for a garage sale this weekend.

She asked a police officer on her road this past week if she should have a garage sale and he said as long as the people had a destination, it was fine. Then when Saturday came another police officer sat in front of her house for at least 10 minutes deterring people from coming to her sale and told her she shouldn't have a garage sale during construction.

Well, they have been doing construction there over a year. My grandmother is a 74-year-old widow trying to stay independent and has garage sales once or twice a year to subsidize her income. She is the kindest, sweetest, and most generous woman I know.

To hear her disappointment Saturday from very few sales was heartbreaking.

Then, today I call her to see how the last day of her sale was going to find out the officer is back sitting for 20 minutes this time. He sat at the road closure sign pulling over people who went around. At this point my husband and I were very upset he would take the time to make sure no one came through.

There is no law that says you can't pass by a road closure sign if you have a place to go behind the sign. Can I get a ticket for going to visit my grandmother? Was she doing something against the law to invite people to her home? If you advertise to sell something in the paper or Internet are they not allowed to come to your house for more than a year? Why are our taxpayer dollars going to harassing law abiding and self supporting citizens?

I just want our Ormond Beach residents aware and hopefully things will change to protect our community, not hurt it.

Amber Azzarello, Ormond Beach

Response from Ormond Beach Police Chief Henry Osterkamp:

The section of Hand Avenue 500 feet west of Coolidge to Center Street is closed for construction of utility improvements and roadway upgrades. The section is barricaded to prevent through traffic and a detour around this area has been established. The road closure and detour are well marked/posted and vehicular traffic is restricted to residents living within this area until construction is completed. The city has posted road closure information regarding the project on its website and this information also was provided to residents of the area prior to the start of construction. The road closure and detour was implemented on Jan. 28 and is scheduled to be completed on May 28.

Ormond Beach Police Officers have been working this construction and detour area due to complaints from area residents and construction crews regarding the number of drivers that ignore and drive around and/or move the barricades. This occurs during the day, when construction workers are present, at night and on weekends. Driving around and/or moving road closure barricades is a violation of state statute and creates a public safety issue for motorists, construction crews (when present) and local residents. It can also cause damage to personal vehicles as well as the utility upgrades and roadwork being completed.

The resident in question did apply for and was issued a permit to conduct a garage sale on Saturday, April 13, and Sunday, April 14. A patrol officer was assigned to the area for about 20 minutes each day. The officer, who was parked near the residence having the garage sale, was approached by a female on Saturday who asked if she could have a garage sale that she had obtained a permit for and if motorists would be allowed to drive to her house for same. The officer advised her only local residents were permitted to use the roadway in order to access their homes. The officer did not advise the female subject that she could not have her garage sale or that motorists attempting to get to her residence would not be allowed to do so.

The officer did not stop any vehicle in this area on Saturday and stopped only one vehicle on Sunday that drove around the barricades. The driver of that vehicle was not going to the garage sale but using the roadway as a means to avoid the detour, and was issued a written warning.

A male subject identifying himself as the grandson of the woman having the garage sale called and spoke with the patrol supervisor on duty on Sunday to complain the police officer's presence in the area and the road itself being closed was responsible for no business at his grandmother's garage sale. The shift supervisor advised the caller he was not aware of any provision that provided for access to a residence for a garage sale on a closed and barricaded roadway. The shift supervisor offered to look into the caller's complaints/concerns and get back to him, but the caller declined the offer as the garage sale was over.

Any person wanting to travel to a residence within the designated closed section of roadway will be allowed to do so during construction. Officers will continue to stop and issue warnings or uniform traffic citations (as circumstances dictate) to motorists that drive around or move barricades in order to use this closed section of roadway to avoid the designated detour.

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