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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.86 / 5 (7 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 19 - 07:23

Says who?

Public school teachers repeatedly state that pupils learn more when teachers receive higher salaries. There is no evidence to verify that claim.

Teachers also argue that smaller class size leads to better achievement. There is precious little data to prove that argument has any merit, either.

Try Miami first

As a pre-condition for public school teachers being hired, they should first take a job in Miami. Maybe then they would appreciate more the wonderful wages, benefits and working conditions here.

A community plagued

Why is it that this community is plagued by such crime and violence? I see people coming to the city and publicly asking for help, which is fine; however, one question that hasn't been asked what is the root cause of this? The gangs (replacement family), drug dealings, young kids staying out late, the language that they use -- they all learned this from some source.

Some of this is a byproduct of welfare, for those that have had no real family foundation or education. There are generations of people having kids just to be on the ever-so-loving government poverty control of subsidized living, and through this action the rest of the community at large has to pay the price for those who didn't take responsibility for their lives or the children they produced.

What a shame. But hey, as long as they're getting their free government handouts that's what matters to them. Yes, it all points to the politicians who promise them a better life. Yeah, right. Then perhaps the politicians need to fund special education for these people so they can produce an income and be free of the handouts.

I write this not bashing all those individuals but the ones who knowingly are working the system. Yeah, another reason our country is going into the toilet. Yeah, the democrats are really taking care of you. They are earning great benefits while feeding you a line. Talk about being hustled.

Outraged at sequester

Sequester is a term heard across the country, and it has become part of the daily conversation for federal workers across our great nation. Agencies and federal employees have had their salaries and budgets cut for an undisclosed amount of time. Even our airport tower in Martin County is in jeopardy of closure. This maneuver by the federal government has caused outrage among officials and citizens across our country.

Stop complaining

The way public school teachers cry about their wages, benefits and working conditions, they might prefer jobs in the coal mines. There they would work miles below the surface, skip breaks and meals, get paid pennies a ton, and then when they finally see the sun, they are blind as moles and riddled with black lung.

Laws to protect?

The most practical way to protect us is not to enact laws which make it difficult and costly for law-abiding citizens to buy, own and shoot guns.

This will not prevent crimes. It's hard to believe that emotional people believe this nonsense. Criminals will always find ways to get guns.

The proposed gun bans will make us much more vulnerable.

Obama and guns

Our government does not hate guns. President Obama loves guns, but he doesn't want to allow us to own them. That way, his government monopoly is in control, total control. Peaceful American gun owners do not threaten others. Challenge the IRS if you want to see who is in control.

Stop overspending

Government spending is out of control. The GOP had its chance and was guilty of overspending. Now the democrats are in charge, and it has gotten worse. The big spenders are in total control. No wonder people are fed up and turning to the tea parties.

Legalize the illegal immigrants?

Has anyone thought that by legalizing the illegal immigrants we could fix the Social Security and Medicare problems?

As I understand it, there are not enough workers to support the social benefit systems, so why not let anyone who wants to immigrate, become a citizen and pay taxes?

To support this idea, I propose shutting the borders down and reorganizing the immigration system. Let's welcome everyone in that does not have a felony background. Kick the foreign gangs and criminals out.

To support this system, I propose reducing the size of government by half or more. By cutting agency funds, they will get down to basics and do what they were created to do and there will not be any monies for pork projects.

First on the chopping block should be the IRS. Let it be replaced by a sales tax on everything, even on exports. This way, everyone contributes and we do not tax earnings.

Healthcare should be handled by the states and employers.

Welfare needs to be handled by the state and local levels. There nothing's wrong with helping your neighbor.

Next, deregulate business and drop the too big to fail mantra. Encourage businesses to set up firewalls in case one part of their business fails, it does not take the whole business and others down with it. By deregulation and by a fairer tax, more jobs will be produced.

With the extra population, we will need more land to build on, more food, more energy and more water. I propose that we sell the federal lands to Americans, except for the wonderful national parks. The monies from the sales should go toward the debt.

Desalination plants could be built by private monies to handle the water problem, more farms need to be planted by the private sector for our food and of course, drill baby drill.

Meanwhile, the private sector can continue to build cheaper renewable energies and produce renewable energy products. We need to be self-sufficient for our basics. So, I say, let's welcome everyone. We can accommodate everyone and we will be the better for it.

Just learn English and obey our laws, please. You cannot succeed here without these two things. After all, we are the world's melting pot. Let's embrace it and make it work. Stop dividing us, dear leaders, we are Americans. Maybe the next census will ask our age, sex and income only.

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