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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2013 Apr 19 - 06:32

You towed the wrong car this time

There has been at least one amusing aspect of Farmer's Market in Melbourne Beach. It is not general, public knowledge. It happened the day the tow truck was on standby to haul away folks going to the market and taking up spaces some shopkeepers felt were required for their success on Saturday mornings.

A shopkeeper was standing outside his establishment with a hawk eye, ready to swoop down on anyone parking near his shop, who looked as if they might prefer fresh vegetables over what he was offering. All of a sudden, "Hawk Eye" shopkeeper ordered the tow truck on standby to "get that one." No sooner said than done and a feeling of joyful revenge was in the air. But then, revenge can become expensive.

Time went by, and suddenly there appeared an irate man, who had been the customer in a neighboring shop (not the Farmer's Market), who demanded to know what had become of his car. He was told it had been towed away and impounded.

This left "Hawk Eye" shopkeeper in a rather embarrassing situation.

The owner of the impounded car demanded its return. It was done, and all at the expense of "Hawk Eye" shopkeeper.

I do not believe the tow truck has been at the Farmer's Market since that day.

If this story has a moral it might be: Go with the flow, do not tow. Or: An increased crowd can increase sales.

Exploit the opportunity, and stop whining.

Schools are set to be closed to save money

Meanwhile, the (Brevard County) School Board must pay police officers to be in most schools, rather than out patrolling our communities. Money for that is no problem.

Then, the County Commissioners are taking the school board to court and facing huge legal fees to do so, no doubt. The school board is forced to pay more huge legal fees to defend against the county. Money for all that is no problem either.

Do any of these people recall whose taxes they are bandying about? Have they noticed the Brevard economy?

Strangely, gun advocates insist no controls at all are needed, despite (there being) well over 100 victims of mass shootings with military assault weapons since Columbine. Just let the slaughter continue.

A costly police officer in each school is the NRA's answer to these multiple mass murders.

They force all of us to pay his salary so they can avoid the same sensible controls that face them and us if we want to drive, to fish, to pilot a plane or whatever.

Why are they so special? Money to pay these police officers is, of course, no problem - for them.

County Commissioners have ample money for sand to spread on beaches, knowing full well that the first major storm will put the sand right back on the sea bottom. They've already squandered well over $100 million on this sand nonsense. Perhaps they could give this latest $25 million to the school board. Along with the legal fees it will avoid, it can save the schools.

Perhaps the school board could release the police officers to do their street patrols and direct those tax funds to educating children, in line with their actual mandate?

Perhaps local gun owners, who are such a close-knit group, could chip in to pay the school police officers' salaries that their guns necessitate? Since guns are the reason they are there, it seems more than fair.

The right people doing the jobs they should be doing, and spending our tax dollars sensibly on the right things, could easily save these schools, with gobs of money left over.

Let's have some leadership from someone to end this lunacy.

The boat is sinking, not sailing

I'm afraid your writer doesn't know the difference between a "sailing" boat and a "sinking" boat.

If the "majority" of people in his sinking lifeboat voted "not" to bail out their leaking vessel, would he agree with them?

It is an applicable analogy to our bleeding economy and debt problem! He must naively believe everything the Democratic propaganda machine tells him; i.e. "why bail, don't worry, the leak will stop."

So why should we believe he has stopped watching reality TV shows long enough to analyze the issues and determine the facts for himself? What facts? How about fiscal responsibility? How about budgets? How about the un-sustainability of our current spending and national debt? How about cities going bankrupt because of lavish union pensions?

President Barack) Obama has no interest in helping the middle class, unless your definition of the middle class is someone whose only ambition in life is to work and apply themselves as little as possible, blame others for their problems, while letting hardworking taxpayers support their lifestyle with food stamps, "Obama-phones" and Welfare. This is what our "blamer-in-chief" does!

Yes, he won the election; however, the concerns of the other more responsible 49 percent can't and won't be ignored. That is what the Republican House majority is for, thank goodness! And yes, Democrats may win again in 2016. Not because of competence, fiscal responsibility, diligence or responsible leadership, as displayed on state levels by Republican governors, but because they have figured out how to buy votes better than the Republicans.

Immigration? Jay Leno said it best recently: "We have stopped using the term 'illegal aliens', they are now 'undocumented Democrats'." And don't forget another quote by Ben Franklin: "When the people can vote themselves money, that will bode the end of the Republic." Your writer is gloating, while his boat is sinking, not sailing!

God, God, God

Regarding two letters this week about God and prayer, where was your God during Newtown? Certainly, he had the power to jam Adam Lanza's semi-automatic if he wanted to. Where was he when children were being abused by his representatives on earth and others? What good did prayer do then or during the (Hurricane) Katrina or (Hurricane) Sandy? Then again, who knows, maybe it did work, I prayed that the storms would not hit us. They didn't. Too bad for other folks.

One letter-writer complains that all our troubles are caused by the "majority" turning their backs on God. When religion ruled the world, it was known as the Dark Ages. Allah rules the Muslim world and their fundamentalists are stuck in the 7th Century, pretty the same as ours.

No one should care what others worship. One god, ten gods, a '57 Buick, a can of peas, a weed or an alien dictator named Xenu. If it works for them, who cares? Just get off your high moral horses and leave the rest of us alone and don't take fables literally. Noah? When he was 600 years old, he built an ark and two of every species came to his boat. How convenient everything lived within walking distance of Noah's place. Adam and Eve were the first man and woman. And then what? What exactly does that family tree look like?

Good things and bad things sometimes just happen, but most often, they are the intended or unintended consequences of our own actions or the actions of others. Deal with it. That is reality and no super power is going to protect us from our own folly.

Wanting what people who work have

I really am sick and tired of hearing about people on government assistance (really, my money) having the right to buy fast food because people who work do.

Well, people who work are not dependent on other people for money, so they have a right to do what they want with their money.

You, on the other hand, do not work; and yet you want everything that the people who work have.

When our children were younger and we had only one person working, we had to save our money to be able to eat out once in awhile, and I mean, once in awhile. Even fast food was saved for; and, as a result, was really a treat for the whole family.

It is about time all this assistance, cell phones, etc., was really stopped. Illegals receive it, and that is what really bothers me.

We have people who work and barely make it, and they still try to make it on their own because they have a sense of pride.

How about the elderly and retired, who need medication and do not have enough money for food. They are the first ones who should be getting assistance, and the others can clean the schools, businesses, churches, etc. before they are eligible for anything. Work first, money later.

I am praying that in about four years all the free assistance is gone.

The way women dress

This is in regard to the letter from the lady who was upset about the way women dress these days.

I think she finally quit her rant because she finally had to come up for air.

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