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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.63 / 5 (27 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 19 - 06:13

Thanks, doc

Kudos to MetCare of Ormond Beach, Dr. Scott Kapulskey and his staff. They are very good to my husband and I. It is great to have a doctor and staff who care about their patients.

In response to: 'Cruising stinks again'

My husband and I have been on 49 Royal Caribbean cruises in the last 19 years. Our experience has been excellent. The crew is always available for the passengers. Our hats go off to Royal Caribbean and its staff and the work they do. We will see you again in June.

Bring back the tropical colors

My rant is about the trend over the last few years of hotels and strip malls being painted dull desert colors and not Florida colors. They should be ocean blue and green. Doesn't Florida mean flower? Now, we look like anywhere else. Bring back the Florida colors, please.

Beware of stuff

I recently saw a short film titled the "The Story of Stuff." It is shown at my church. I am guessing this film is passing around to other churches. Be aware this film has a seed of truth in it, but it is riddled with half -truths and empty substance. We also received printed information from the book of the same name.

Even though this book is presented under Christian values. It is antichristian philosophy. Read with caution. Be informed.

Where is the respect for locals?

I see how much the locals rate. For the tourists and the snowbirds, they were paving State Road 44 at night so as not to delay them. Once they go home, then they are working during rush hour causing backups for locals trying to get to work.

It's just dead

I have been a citizen of DeLeon Springs for 30 years.

I am writing about the baby bear that sat dead on the side of the road. It was there 12 to 14 hours. Many people were taking pictures of the dead baby bear. Why wasn't that in the Rants & Raves. Animals are more important than people.

You need to start publishing the things that are real. Otherwise your paper is worthless.

Give us some room

My rant is people park way to close. People pull up behind you in a parking lot, they park too close so you cannot use your trunk or hatch.

Also, people who park incorrectly in handicapped parallel parking, should not be driving. If they cannot read the sign, then probably shouldn't be driving on the streets and highways.

Pick it up, adopters

Why are people allowed to get an adopt-a-road sign, make themselves look good, get free advertising and then not fulfill the arrangement. An example is Saxon Drive near Seventh Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. The business on the sign doesn't even pick up trash at the sign.

In response to need more flights from Daytona Beach

I just returned from a trip to New England.

Three weeks ago, I went online to check the price from Daytona Beach. The price was about $826 round trip and $25 for each bag, so I was forced to go to Orlando, which I hate. My airfare from Orlando was $234 total round trip and no charge for baggage. With a difference of almost $600, they are putting themselves out of business. I did have to use a shuttle to Orlando, which was $59 round trip.

Someone really needs to take a serious look at the fares. I really want to use Daytona, but when you are talking wads of cash it can't be done.

In response to: "Auto inspections needed"

If you do not like Florida's rules, go back to Pennsylvania. I was in a state when you had to have inspections. That state went to hell. People lost a lot of money because of inspections and nonsense. Just go back to Pennsylvania and enjoy your inspections. I will stay here in Florida with my bald tires, which I can't afford to replace because of the economy. So hit the road north, it's spring.

Thanks for the info

It's great to have a newspaper like the Hometown News. I have a hard time getting out of my house and it is great to get weekly. It also has local news about hometown people. Thanks for delivering it to my door.

In response to: 'Kite men' claims unfounded

To the confused Fan Man, I would like to put things simple, so you can understand.

I did and have since seen the Powered Paragliders (also referred to as PPGs or Fan Men) harass our sea birds.

I unfortunately live between the two houses they launch out of. On a regular basis, I see our sea birds get chased off the beach where they need to be feeding and resting in preparation for their long journeys ahead. Not kite boarders, not kite men. I have never seen a kite boarder do this act. The only mention in my article of a Kite Boarder was me explaining that a kite boarder's kite (same in size) wrapped around my car while driving on A1A. Which is a major reason Fan Men getting so close to A1A traffic concerns me.

To answer your question: Yes she is OK, she was shaken up of course, but she released her emergency release harness in time. She gave me all of her information, because the thick wires left numerous marks on my car. But I never contacted her. It was only cosmetic damage to my car. However yes we were both shaken up.

You may or may not be one of the Fan Men that harass our sea birds, but let me assure you it is happening. I have seen it, as has my family, friends and neighbors. If it does continue, I will contact FWC and maybe Code Enforcement as well.

In response to your other mindless guesses: No, bikers do not bother me. They do not disturb wildlife. As for kids, I love kids. They bring a smile to my face and make me laugh on a regular basis. And no, I will not relocate. All of my friends, family and, of course, the beach is here. And as for hobbies, yes I have plenty of those, but they are much different than yours. You see my hobbies do not include sitting in a contraption creeping over beaches and neighborhoods. My hobbies actually challenge my body and mind. I hope this cleared up your obvious confusion.

Pull over

Flashing lights on an ambulance, police car or fire truck behind you, means pull over. I have been witnessing vehicles not pulling over when ambulances and fire trucks are sounding horns and flashing lights. If you do not pull over, in this instance, you need to go to the motor vehicle department and put on your license class idiot or hand over your license. You are preventing help for someone in need.

Holly Hill pulls the plug on students

A few years ago the "powers that be" closed the Holly Hill Library which had the only computers and free Internet for the low-income students in Holly Hill. Next door to the library (turned into a museum?) is the resource center, which, until last week, had computers for students, although I don't know how many people actually knew they were there, but no matter, the county took them out. I understand the county needs money, but to close an essential service like a library in a town that needs students to succeed and not become delinquents, does not make any sense.

Had anyone checked they would have found before the library closed, its computers were used every day with a waiting line most days. They would have also found out that schools use on-line textbooks and most homework requires the use of the Internet.

Unfortunately Holly Hill has a large number of underprivileged families who cannot afford computers or Internet, so where does that leave the students who were at least trying? Well they can take an hour-long bus ride to Ormond Beach where the wealthier families live; their library has about 15 computers, largely unused by students. Or they can simply drop out and become angry, disillusioned, unproductive teenagers. I guess that's job security for police and correction officers.

My suggestion for Holly Hill is to turn the unused middle school sitting in the field, falling apart into a youth center. With computers, resource books, and whatever else kids' need. It could be run by volunteers and funded by the county and donations. It seems to me that an investment in our children's future would save the county money in the long run. There would be less crime, gangs, drugs and dropouts. We are able to find money for everything else, lets find some time and money for our kids.

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