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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.2 / 5 (15 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 12 - 07:32

Stay out of my wallet

Well, once again my ugly head re-emerges. Why? Just to remind those who use the welfare system as their livelihood that you're only kidding yourselves and the way you vote.

Did you know that the politicians that you vote for most likely make well over a 100,000 a year and get great benefits; meanwhile, they're just spoon-feeding you a measly allowance which taxpayers like myself are the ones paying. My personal thought is: get out of my wallet.

It's not my fault or anyone else's, but your own, for limiting yourselves to your own capabilities. For instance, did you know that "Obamacare" was ruled a tax, and people here in Florida no longer are able to work 40 hours a week. Now, well, maybe I as a taxpayer can ask you, the wonderful welfare recipient, to pay me the balance of what I would be getting for my extra effort at work. I'm entitled to that.

So a big thanks to those who are just looking for your free government subsidies and not looking at the big picture. Let's see now, if you weren't on the government payroll you would be driving a nicer vehicle than I could get. You wouldn't be doing a whole lot, would you, so welfare basically limits your real potential.

No wonder Fort Pierce suffers such a high poverty rate. Just a little something to think about.

Regarding Mr. Stewart

Thank goodness for Earl Stewart.

We uninformed need more informed people like him to keep us informed of the truth, which seems to be in short supply.

There seems to be no end to the ways big business and government will abuse and misuse the struggling taxpayer and consumer.

Thanks, Earl.

A look at teaching

When we consider public school teachers' compensation, it is reasonable to look at pupil achievement.

The picture is not pretty.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports that only 10 percent of high school students scored "proficient" in history.

Not proof of excellent teaching.

More on teachers

Let's see if we understand public school teachers. They claim that they love children. Then they claim that they love teaching children. And then they bitterly complain about their generous salaries, short work days, extended vacations and taxpayer-paid benefits. Go figure.

Repeat offenders

It is the same old story. We've heard it too often. It is pathetic that those who could strengthen our legal system are failing to take action.

A repeat criminal was placed on probation in February after serving less that half of his six-year term for grand larceny and assault on a police officer. Now he is identified as the cold-blooded murderer of one of his neighbors. Innocent people suffer when the do-gooders are soft on the bad guys. Another sad example of recidivism.

Stop stealing from yards

I live in Vero Lake Estates and some low-life, mother, daughter, husband, son or neighbor came into my yard and took my three ceramic mushrooms some time ago that I had for a few years.

Now some other low-life person came in my yard and took my three plastic flamingos that I have had in my yard for 20 years. They did leave one flamingo and two of the legs from the others.

I cannot understand this and please be sure when your wife, daughter, father or son or neighbor comes home and says look what I bought at a yard sale, they are lying.

If you have any feelings at all you, will return them with no questions asked. I will only beat you to within an inch of your miserable life, thank you.

Humane Society comes through

Not too long ago, my beloved Labrador retriever died. She was my best friend for 12 years. I am a senior citizen, don't drive and am on a fixed income. I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to afford to take care of her once she passed away.

I called the Humane Society and they assured me that they would take care of both of us once she died. The morning that she passed away, I called them and lo and behold, they came and took her. They cremated her and never charged me a penny. They knew how distraught I was, and they came the day after she died and gave me a great poem explaining how hard it was to lose a pet.

A few weeks after that, they came and took me to the pound and let me pick out another dog free of charge. I know this might not be something they can offer to everybody, but they really made such a difference to me.

I'm no longer sitting here lonely, missing my dog. I have a great new dog that keeps my busy and shows me so much love. I just want to say thank you so much to the Humane Society. You've made such a difference in this senior's life.

Neighbors should be more considerate

Maybe someone can tell me what happened to the loud noise law we supposedly have.

I can't sleep or watch a TV program these days, because my neighbor is playing the music so loud that the walls and floors shake and things fall down.

Then when I call 911 to have the police come to quiet them down, they don't show up at all. The police are so lazy. It took me calling three times before they finally showed up.

I just got home from work; it's 1 a.m. There was nowhere to park because of the party going on downstairs. It didn't stop until 2:30 a.m. They are bad neighbors.

An end to snail mail?

Except for very little, the federal government delivers little service and expects to be rewarded. The Post Office comes to mind.

In the 60s, I could get a letter from Louisiana to rural Pennsylvania in two days for 4 cents.

Today it is considerably more, with it taking four to 11 days. The postal service no longer needs to sort by hand, but planes (I've been told) are not always available.

The postal service has noticed a huge reduction in volume. It is no mystery. In any business it is customer service and value for money spent. The USPS is no longer competitive. The pony express was replaced when the telegraph came about.

Possibly, the postal service has seen its time.

Some bike advice

I've been driving for 40 years and riding a bike for 50. I have safely operated taxis, dump trucks, garbage trucks, moving vans and even some heavy equipment on the roads of this country (all over the place, in all kinds of conditions, from coast to coast, mountains and deserts).

If I, for any reason, had ever felt the least bit confused, I would have pulled over until my head totally cleared.

You, obviously, are exactly the person my rant was directed toward. Yes, you are confused and conveniently omitted the fact that the statutes on bikes have several sections and should be read in their entirety to be fully understood.

Anyway, law aside, if you are confused by a bike, dog, kid on a tricycle, skateboarder, wheelchair or pretty much anything at all, then maybe you should do us all a favor and park it, baby. The rest of us should be allowed to feel safe and the thought of confused people driving doesn't do it for me. I'm just guessing, but I don't think it does it for anyone.

Thought on teachers

We love the observation, "highest paid teachers don't make the best teachers, just teachers we pay more."

So true.

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