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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 4.31 / 5 (13 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 12 - 06:34

Rants full of hate

Last week's Viewpoint letters/rants were full of hate. I don't know why Hometown News wouldn't print a better mix of balanced letters or anything on raves and happiness on Easter weekend.

I am saddened by so many haters, especially blatant hatred for our president, blatant hatred, intolerance and name calling for others who don't share the same views.

The Obamas have not done anything different than any other first families before them when it comes to traveling, spending, security, their children, etc. They should naturally be allowed the same standards.

One letter calls our president a liar and goes on to rant like the sky is falling out and sounding quite a bit loony. Another letter-writer agrees that many items printed are disrespectful, then goes on to be disrespectful himself.

There is a lot of liberal bashing - it sounds like they parrot each other - and a lot of similar emails floating around these days by people who still have not recovered from the election and did not get their way.

Our president was indeed elected by the majority, a good majority mix of people from the south, the north and everywhere in between, especially women.

We most definitely inherited a big mess from the prior administration, and things are now slowly looking up in many areas, jobs numbers and investments, for sure, are up. My 401K has never been better.

I can only hope people who write hateful letters like this are a dying breed and can hope for younger up and coming progressive thinkers of our future.

I cannot take any of these recent rants the least bit serious. I can only feel sad for people who are intolerant of others and angry because they cannot accept change and move on into the future with the rest of us.

We are moving forward, not backward.

Editor's Note: All of our rants & raves are printed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the amount of space we have available each week. We do not pick and choose which rants run in our paper.

Beach re-nourishment again

Every year, there is talk about beach re-nourishment, either just leading up to the hurricane season or right afterward.

But nobody ever talks about the real cause of the beach washing away, which is not necessarily hurricanes.

It's (garbled) to the Port and the relation of ocean currents being interrupted by the Port, itself.

Perhaps the Port should pay for the beach re-nourishment every year.

Zoning at the beach

Something smells "fishy" in the Melbourne Beach market.

Saturday market, supermarket, farmer's market and now even a flea market: When will this circus and madness ever end? And why is it being allowed?

To answer the previous rant as to why Melbourne Beach is permitting this supermarket to change the zoning and turn its parking lot into an extension of its business; the answer is simple.

The supermarket's partner in this great adventure is on the zoning board.

Move the market to the park

I have a great idea about the Saturday market in Melbourne Beach.

Why don't they have it in the park, just down the street by the fishing pier on Ocean Avenue?

They could have it in the park. It would be beautiful. There would be lots more room, and there is plenty of parking.

Why not?

Get over it. He is our president

I can't believe, as much as I love the Hometown News and look forward to it every Friday, I can't believe that there were four rants and a letter. One was a letter. They signed their name, the others didn't.

Every one of them has said something about our president. Why don't you get over it? He is our president, and will stay until the end of his term. He is doing a good job.

Where does this woman get off saying he used his Air Force plane, and his wife is always shopping and spending her money.

Get off of it. She is a wonderful person, and so is he.

He uses the Air Force plane just like every other president did, every other president. And their wives did the same thing, so just get off of his back.

What is wrong with you people? You are so nasty, especially that this was in the paper on Good Friday. That's what hurt me the most.

I was just wondering if you looked at CNN the other night, when Pierce Morgan was on. He had the president's pastor on, and he was such a wonderful, holy man, and he had such praise for our president and how he is so religious.

And yet, you people insist on saying he is a communist, he's a socialist and, oh, what is that, a Muslim, and that's another thing.

I can't believe it. I honestly can't believe you people, how you take that poor man apart.

There are people like entertainers and sports people, who make $25 million (a year) or more, and yet, this president is there taking care of our country for what he gets, and you are accusing him of spending the taxpayer's money.

Get a life, the whole five of you who wrote it. And I think one of them was that special person in Suntree.


New cars, gold jewelry and food stamps

There is a medical building on the street for Welfare patients; but yet, I see them walk out and get into brand new cars. I bet they are on food stamps, too.

I'm 72, on Social Security, paying for my health insurance and driving an old car.

Why are these people getting away with free medical, food stamps and a brand new car?

Some years ago, when my husband lost his job, I went to apply for food stamps and was denied. I asked the lady at the food stamp office why do these people with new cars and gold jewelry up the "gazoo" get food stamps, and I can't.

She said, "Oh, they know how to fight the system."

Well, gee, I'd like to know how they do it.

So, folks, do you get this, or not? Maybe, you have the answers.

I probably do have some answers, but nobody would probably like them.

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