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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 4.4 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 05 - 06:49

Stop tossing trash

Every day my dogs and I walk or bike ride Fleming Grant Rd. between Micco Rd. and the railroad tracks. Daily, there is new evidence of beer alcoholics, rum drinkers and cancer stick smokers throwing their garbage on the side of the road, rather than putting their cans of Bud, Bush, etc. bottles, cigarette packages in a receptacle at the local Cumberland Farms, Winn-Dixie store or even the re-cycle or garbage can at home.

Obviously these people are lacking in education, good manners and a strong moral upbringing, never learning not to litter.

You can't call these people smart. Why? Read the following:

One woman throws her empty cigarette boxes out the window. She put her credit card in the cellophane alongside the box. When spotted alongside the road, it was taken to the issuing Wells Fargo bank, where everyone had a good laugh.

Another individual who also would fail a Mensa screening likes to put his Bud cans, Camel cigarettes boxes and scratch tickets in plastic bags and toss the alongside the road. This person couldn't even read his winning scratch ticket for $50.00. Thank you Mr. Trash throwing out that bag of garbage cost you and made me a winner.

One day I noticed an empty McDonald bag, drink container and wrappers someone threw out the window onto Fleming Grant Rd. there was a $1.00 dollar bill laying alongside the bag. Upon further investigation inside the bag was a $10.00 bill more ones and small change. This highly uneducated person chucked the balance of their purchase in the bag and forgot.

It is doubtful the persons who litter our road can or ever will read this rant, but perhaps when you read this, you might recognize someone you know that would benefit from this story and in telling or repeating it, you just might wake up the trash who are throwing garbage on Fleming Grant Road.

What immigration reform is really about

Let's be perfectly clear. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform, or more accurately, "Amnesty for Illegal Aliens," is about one thing and one thing only: votes.

Any person in government who says anything, and I mean anything different is lying. Amnesty is here again (after being roundly trounced by We, the People on multiple occasions) because the Democrats want votes to get in and keep themselves in power in our government at all levels, local, state, and federal. It's clearly not about what's best for the country and its citizens or else Amnesty wouldn't even be discussed for one second. Liberal Sanctuary Cities across the country are controlled by Democrats. Now, even some Republicans are willing to accept Amnesty because they lost at the polls in the last election. It's all about votes and these people will destroy the country to get them. Anyone who votes for Amnesty should be tried for treason. At the very least they must be targeted for defeat at the polls and kicked out of government for abject failure of their duties to the people who elected them, you know, American Citizens.


Everyday living is made up of choices. For every negative there is a positive. Being gay is one of them. I believe gays should have the same rights all Americans enjoy as to work, education, achievement, etc. We are not to judge, but are to leave all judging to God. The big decision in Congress now is whether to enact Gay Marriage into law along with many other Godless and unconstitutional trappings liberals are shoving down our throats. Gay's make their own choices, but same sex marriages must not be "Enacted into Law." We can expect the loss of many blessings if this law is passed. Haven't we lost enough? Christianity, the Old and New Testaments, coincides with much history. Both agree the reason great nations fell is exactly where we are today. TV sitcoms today would be considered pornography fifty years ago. Blasphemy, homosexuality (as being funny, the norm, or family orientated). Audiences laughing like crazy at sexual situations and corny sexual jokes. Certain 'Reality' programs, men choosing women, women choosing men, totally sexual, are not entertaining, funny, nor are they intelligent. Mothers entering five year old girls into beauty contests made up to look 21. Kids have no childhood. All this has slipped slowly and silently into our lives and the lives of our kids. How many know the No. 1 cause of death in children in America? The answer is, "Parents." Being a young country we have come a long way as to choices, decisions and the lack of blessings. So, where do we stand today?

We have "Obamaism" with his sadistic and satanic decisions (choices) on the table, while our country is failing fast. Our oceans are polluted with oil, garbage, dead animals washing up on shore. The coral reefs of Florida are infected in some areas. Only one percent of water on earth is fit for human and animal consumption. Certain fish are extinct. How many of a certain age have ever known an asteroid to slam into this earth as of late or tsunami's? Devastating winter and summer storms and draught bombarding the U. S. causing food loss and prices to soar. The horrible abuse of children and crime fill our neighborhoods. Obama is not interested in these problems and has never put America first. Our so-called leader will raise taxes of 'One Trillion Dollars' over the next 10 years. How much is that in one year? That's insane! Will the "Working Middle Class" be able to pay this? In ten years there would be no jobs and the entire population would be on welfare. What welfare? Cutting from our Defense and Law Enforcement (the best the world has ever known), is insane. Pensions are being taken away from the people who paid 'into' it all their working lives. Doctors are leaving their profession or retiring early because of "Obamacare". Where and how are all these millions and millions of immigrants expected to go? Most cannot speak English, won't find jobs (there aren't any), or pay taxes. Taking so much away from certain people and giving so much to others will meet in a huge crash. What part of this does 'ignorance' not understand?

I am fed up with Obamaism, wimpy Republicans and Democrats who will not staunchly fight him. Others have shed much blood, given their lives for many years to fight dictators all over the world. Americans are still dying and shedding blood for the freedom of this country. Lawmakers and all Americans must stand tall, act like men and women of God, and make the right decisions regarding all negative 'choices' for the good of all.

Close video arcades

Don't our politicians have anything better to do than interfere with a person's right to enjoy and entertain themselves as they wish, as long as no harm is done to others. Well, here's my suggestion. If they are so concerned about video gaming, let's shut them down and convert them into Strip Clubs. That doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar now. Just think of the benefits. Instead of a few game repair clerks, we would employ hundreds of ladies in the workforce, increasing the tax base. And those folks that visit the arcades? I'm sure they will involve themselves in this new form of entertainment. But what about those seniors? Not a problem, after a visit to the clubs, they'll go back to their community. It's about time we gave the Villages a run for their money in the world of STD's. Hey, that would probably force the Health Department to reopen more clinics, employing more people. Personally, I don't see a down side - It's a win-win situation.

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