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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2 / 5 (12 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 05 - 06:35

County vs. city water

Let it be known that my homeowner and I were lied to by a city worker.

After paying more than $1,000 to repair the well in the backyard, my homeowner got a letter from the city.

We both went and were told that we had to get the city water, we had to get the main line extension and hook into the extension.

After spending more then $12,000 for all of that, I had gone to the county building to pay a bill and happened to speak with one of their people about this and they asked me when the home was built?

I said 1983. They told me that we did not have to do that at all. Only the new homes needed to do that.

I was told we were lied to. The home across the street is just as old as the home I am living in, and they didn't have to buy any of what I had mentioned. So I knew that we were lied to.

The county worker told me that we would have been "grandfathered" in because of when our house was built.

So, I hope some news people get involved in this, because, in my opinion, we were lied to by a city person, and my homeowner should get something back from what she had paid.

We have a new mayor now, and I sent him an email about this, and I hope he got it and replies.

I am also going to try to get more news people into this lie and how the city gained money from us in a very bad way!

Keep the Internet cafes open

Internet cafes have been open for many years. All of a sudden they became illegal in Florida when that one place was closed.

One bad apple doesn't mean they are all bad.

This is merely entertainment, a place to meet and have a good time.

As it is, Florida is obviously not in the 21st century. Allowing slots was placed on the November 2012 ballot and won. Now, they are trying to take it away. Why do people waste their time voting. Let's keep our money in Florida instead of going to Vegas, Biloxi, The Hard Rock in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and the casino cruise ship?

If the state closes these cafes, then they should also do away with Bingo, the lottery - which was supposed to go to education, ha! - dog racing, horse racing, Jai Alai, etc.

There is literally very little to do here. Let's ban together to keep our Internet cafes opened.

Black socks is bad at the gym

I know when I go to the gym, when I walk through the room, people look at me like I am nuts, because I hold my nose. I also keep my eyes closed for the whole hour on the elliptical machine. I do this because I don't need to be seeing what is in the gym.

Before I go on with this letter, I know it won't be published like my previous letter.

Now, getting back to the gym, I have noticed that many people in this county wear black socks, not the women, just the men.

This has been seen by me, and others, in two different gyms. Now, I ask myself, why do certain men, not all men, wear black socks to work out - especially in Florida, where the temperatures are usually very warm? They even wear these black socks in the middle of summer, when temperatures are the hottest.

I tried to figure out what these men have in common.

Are they the same age group? No! Are they the same race? No! Are they the same ethnic group? I am not sure about that. Are they the same religion? No! So, what do these men have in common?

Then the light bulb went off over my head with a startling revelation. They do have certain traits in common besides the wearing of black socks:

They don't wash.

They don't wear deodorant, and

Penile size insecurity.

So they don't need to be wearing black socks to advertise their orientation. Everyone knows they don't measure up.         

Assault weapons ban

Anyone needing information on the assault weapons ban should go to Sen. (Dianne) Feinstein's web page at www.feinstein.senate.gov.

The full text of the assault weapons ban is there, under "Issues," along with a summary and background material.

It is clear that the bill is banning types of semi-automatic weapons, not fully automatic weapons, which are already tightly controlled - as a ranter last week pointed out.

The web page also has links to complete studies that show the 1994-2004 assault weapons ban did reduce gun deaths and number of assault weapons seized by police.

If there had been an assault weapon's ban, Adam Lanza's mother wouldn't have had the gun or the large-capacity clips.

Would that have stopped her son from slaughtering 26 children and teachers in Newtown? It could have.

There is a big difference between walking into the next room to get massive firepower and having to figure out where and how to buy it illegally.

No one expects an assault weapons ban and a ban on high-capacity clips to end all gun deaths, but over time it will help. 

Manners of the younger crowd

I was at a local restaurant the other night and was greatly surprised by the lack of manners and consideration of the younger crowd.

This also included parents with children, who were about the age of 10.

The restaurant was very crowded, with a 45-minute wait to be seated. There was some seating inside and outside, with the rest standing outside.

There were some elderly people there with canes, walkers and oxygen tanks. I was one of the elderly people with a cane, who was fortunate enough to find a seat, after standing for about 15 minutes.

None of the younger crowd, including the parents and young children gave up their seats to the people who really needed to sit down.

What were the parents teaching their children? In my estimation, it was not to care for anyone else, but yourself.

This was the perfect time to teach them compassion, thoughtfulness, consideration and respect for the elderly.

These are the things I was taught at home at an early age.

What you have to think about is this: that will be you in the future, and I am sure you would want someone to think about you when you need the extra care.

Your children need to learn this also, so they can take care of you. If they are not taught, they will not even think about you.

Apologetics 101

There seems to be a negative movement in this country, and perhaps the world, to try to sensor or stop the publication of what someone says or writes because it may not fit the beliefs, feelings or thoughts of some other person, or may not be in line with the way another person "was raised."

Many people are quoting the Protestant Bible, by chapter and verse, supporting the way of life they have chosen for themselves, believing it to be the true God's word; and perhaps it is.

In the opposite, I have seen no Rants or Raves, quoting other religious books and documents that exist in the world and using them to back up those groups of believer's thoughts and actions.

There are others, you know. How about: The Book of Mormon, The Quran, The Talmud, The Tao Te Ching and Siddhantha Shikhamani, to name a few?

I consider myself a Zarathustran Siddhartha Buddhist Christian quasi-fatalist.

Response to 'Put me in charge'

Best "Rant" I have read in years! This person should run for (the) presidency. I would vote for him or her!

I especially (liked) the point of presenting a check stub or reporting to a government job! Think of how much could get accomplished!

It would be nice to see pride for a hard days work! I am over the mooches!

Chief visits from New York

Sundancer was honored to have a visit from Chief William Lazare of the Anondaga Tribal Reservation in New York.

The chief and his family are long-time friends of Sundancer and always visit us when they are in Florida.

We are always happy to see our people.

We have a saying: "We are all connected," and it's a warm welcome for our families.

Thank you.

- J.M., Blackfoot Bear Clan

Response to several readers' rants

It has become obvious to our family and neighbors that your paper is not impartial, with respect to the rants you select for publication.

The majority of the opinions you publish are from extreme right-wing bigots.

We find the statements of fact not to be true.

Let's begin with the bigot, who ranted about the Spanish language television stations not having English sub-titles and that Hispanics have invaded Florida.

Spanish TV programming has been around since the 1990s. These stations pay for their licenses to broadcast, over what he or she called the United States airwaves, and register with the International Frequency Register and the United States Federal Communications Commission. That's why Hispanics are bilingual. We, whether we were born in the U.S. or any other country, maintain our culture and our heritage.

Concerning the) statement he or she made with respect to Hispanics invading Florida, I suggest the person study history.

The first Europeans to set foot on what is now the United States were the Spaniard's expedition of Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513.

Neither Christopher) Columbus nor Amerigo Vespucci set foot on U.S. soil.

The Spanish flag waived over Florida from 1513-1763, and then again from 1763-1821.

The city of Ocala was first named Havanatown, and then Marti City, after their Cuban founders. So, now, who invaded whom?

The person who used the Mexican Constitution as (an) example on gun control better go back and read when Mexico gained independence from Spain. It was 1821. In 1867, they defeated the French and executed Emperor Maximilion Hapsburg.

The person who thanked the Republicans and bashed the president should visit the library and Randall Dodd's "Tax Breaks for Billionaires."

You will learn how the Republicans protect the very wealthy through tax loopholes, like hedge fund managers and private equity funds - like what the Romney's, father and son, get.

You will learn about the 2 percent-20 percent rule on carry interest and how they get billions of dollars in tax breaks; however, the Republicans refuse to eliminate the loopholes to the wealthy.

Response to 'cars'

I just read your Letter to the Editor, and right under the paragraph where it says: "Callers are asked to refrain from making slanderous statements," is an article where the writer states that the cars today that you see on the road, he or she cannot pronounce the name of, and the cars look like their makers, short with side headlights.

That, in itself, is a very slanderous statement and an insult.

So, I feel like this letter was not scrutinized for the values that you are looking for in your letter, and that's what I have to say.

Gay answers are in the Bible

This is in reference to the "gay-friendly church" in the Viewpoint section.

I would suggest both the caller and the editor, both, should turn to Romans and read chapters one and two in the Bible, and that, more or less, gives a very, very clear description of what is wrong with the gay and friendly people. OK?

And that's why Sodom and Gomorra was destroyed, of course.

Assistance for six months only

I want to say "Amen" to the person who submitted the rant "Put me in charge."

I agree with everything you said. The thing that I would add is to get rid of all the illegal aliens on Welfare and food stamps. They are the worst offenders.

If anyone loses their job, give them assistance for six months to a year and no longer. Get a job like everyone else.

No one should make a career out of getting assistance.

Thank you.

More gluten-free dining

I am just catching up on my papers and reading the rants.

There was one about gluten-free dining out. The way the person has made the information available, it really sounds as so only one restaurant has come forth.

Way before Bob Evans came out with gluten-free dining, the Outbacks throughout the country for years now has been providing a menu, and some of the other Merritt Island restaurants have come through with gluten-free menus - just so you know.

Thanks, and I love your paper.

Born in the U.S.A.

I was one of the lucky ones, who was born in the United States of America.

I am a proud American. I am proud when I fly my red, white and blue flag every day.

When I raise my flag every day, I thank God for our veterans and our dedicated soldiers today.

My son has a float in the Christmas parade every year that supports our troops and our veterans. I have sat in the truck that he pulls this float with and have watched the faces of many.

There are many with tears. There are some with no expression at all. You can't comment on all of the immigrants, who are in this country.

I can tell you when the tape that my son plays, Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." I have seen them, these people, raise their hand, tears flowing, and you can see and hear them saying, "thank you," not just once, but several times.

And you don't have to write back in the Rants & Raves about illegal immigrants. I understand that.

I have read so many who have criticized God or just don't believe in this great savior. Have you every read his word, the holy Bible? Have you ever read the Ten Commandments? If you would see that he is all about peace, love, forgiveness and much more.

Does being a Christian mean no more problems? That's not true. You might even have more. But by keeping our faith to him, he will see us through these difficult times. And these times make us stronger.

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