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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 1.86 / 5 (7 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Apr 05 - 06:13

In response to: 'Just wondering'

This is a response to the infantile remark about the trains that run past our town.

The "noise" does not bother me.

It means commerce and jobs that pay tax revenues, which is very much needed.

The trains have been running through this state long before the letter writer.

In response to: 'Just wondering'

Having lived 90 years two blocks from the Florida East Coast Railroad. The train whistles going through the city are music to my ears. When the trains are running everything is running.

In response to: 'Job fair gets light crowd'

It would make more sense to have the large article beforehand instead of after the event. I had no idea there was a job fair. I am one person who would have gone if I would have known it was happening.

Need more flights from Daytona Beach

I am a Port Orange resident. The last couple of weeks, I have had to go to Orlando to use the airport. We have such a beautiful airport here. Can't we do something to get more flights without exorbitant fees?

Watch your finger, Chief

Kudos to Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood for arresting the recent, as he would refer to him, "scumbag" for his despicable actions. I do however wonder if he has concluded it is not the best means of redress to stick one's finger in someone else's face?

In response to: 'Where is the respect?'

I just read in the Rants and Raves about "Where is the Respect?" Why is it always the school's fault? You want to know why kids don't respect anymore? Let's get real. It's the parents. Parents (not all) no longer teach their children respect. Parents are too busy buying their kids everything under the sun without teaching them how to earn things. Parents are the ones who buy the violent video games, the violent movies and allow their kids to listen to inappropriate music.

By the time these kids are in school the parents have already started them down the wrong path. Now the teachers, who get their budgets cut yearly and have to dig into their own pockets to put supplies in their classrooms, do the best they can. Where are the parents when the kids are supposed to be doing their homework? Where are the parents when the kids get in trouble at school? Where are the parents when they leave their gun in the wrong place and the kids haven't been taught to respect others' property?

I grew up in a household where my homework was the first thing I did when I got home. Then it was the chores. After all of that was done I could play with my friends or watch TV. I knew that if I did something wrong, I would get punished. The punishment would be based on how bad the wrong was. My grandmother used a switch. I survived and learned that you need to stop and think before doing things. We were taught that you will be held accountable for what you do.

Good grades will get you into college. Good manners will get you respect. Respect for your elders will pay off in the end. My parents had guns in the house. They were not locked up. They were in the closet. We knew if we touched them, we would get in big trouble. My cousin raised two kids with lots of guns in his house and made his own ammo. Neither one of those kids ever used a gun without a parent there.

You want to know what is wrong , look at the parents. The parents of today are so busy blaming everyone else for their kids' mistakes that the kids never learn the right thing. To the few parents that still teach their kids right from wrong I am sure you know what I am talking about.

In response to: 'Need police protection'

I totally agree with the rant. Where are the police when speeders come down the streets in Florida Shores at 40 to 70 mph? I have clocked cars running 65 mph down the southern end of Sabal Palm and also Juniper. Where are the police when the loud booming music coming from cars rattle your windows?

They are up on 442 or on Roberts Road.

The radar trailers the chief talked about do no good. The idiots who violate the speed limit just ignore them. And radar trailers can't stop the loud music coming from the cars. And the trailers can't give out tickets. The only way to stop this is to hit the idiots in the pocket book , where it hurts.

Favorite terms

My favorite terms:

Breaking news, so often heard on so-called TV news stations. That simply means anything that happened in the last 72 to 144 hours. They call that breaking news.

My computer is down. That simply means it's broken, but no one says it's broken. They just say it's down.

An associate will be with you in a moment. That means a 16-year-old part-time employee will put you on hold and forget about you.

We will give you more information in a moment. That means the TV station will keep you dangling for 28 more minutes until they finish their stories, enough time for them to capture more viewer time.

Today's weather in a moment. That means three more commercial and then a young girl trying to read a forecast on television and not eat her words, as they usual do. They all speak too fast. Are their bosses afraid to bring this to their attention?

After exhibiting a medicine on TV, you are told not to take it if you suffer sinus attacks, sore limbs, runny nostrils, headaches, muscle spasms, heart pains, shortness of breathe, sleepless nights, aching feet, poor eyesight, soreness of mouth, tooth aches, back aches, sexual problems, coughing spasms and/or death.

So tell me, wasn't it much better back in the days when we weren't burdened by these superficial advertisements and plagued by the greedy who only wanted to make money.

Holy angels on wheels

I was just reading about Bike Week. The reason why I am calling is on Bike Week Saturday there was a Carmelite retreat at St. Joseph's Monastery in Korona. At the conclusion, one of the senior citizens was on her way home to Port Orange. When she reached International Speedway Boulevard, she had an ill feeling, she pulled over, several bikers rendered aid and called 911. The ambulance came and took her to Halifax Medical Center, and she is responding well. Thank you to those holy angels on bikes. We will be looking forward to their return.

In response to: 'Auto inspections needed'

To the person from Pennsylvania who complained about no car inspections here in Florida, I used to live in a state with mandatory inspections and smog inspections every year. What it resulted in was a windfall for crooks and conmen telling you "repairs are necessary to pass inspection." Not to mention the destruction of many classic and antique cars that went to the crusher because they didn't meet some new standard. Even in jurisdictions where you could take your car somewhere else to get the repairs done, you had to return to the original inspector who would then "fail" your car for some other minor problem.

We need personal responsibility for car owners to maintain them, not a nanny state that forces people into spending hours at an inspection station and more money being extorted by crooked car repair shops.

As for insurance, yes there are a lot of people who do not have insurance or carry one of the minimum insurance policies that, in all practicality, is no insurance at all. That is why there is uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance available. Keep in mind that in every state there are those driving without insurance or on bald tires. Try making a claim -- let's not blame the State of Florida, let's put the blame on bad drivers. Let Florida Law Enforcement do their job and enforce current law, not calls more government in our lives.

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