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Rants & Raves
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Posted: 2013 Mar 29 - 06:33

Recent letter-writer should get gold medal

Regarding the letter from Dennis Lee Peer of Animal Guardians in a recent issue, this man deserves a gold medal for writing this letter with the headline "Indian Harbour Beach taking the no-killing movement 1,000 steps backward."

He covered all aspects that needed to be put out there. The public needs to be made more aware of all the situations, and our "community leaders" need to send better messages to our children and grandchildren about how to save animals and the environment, instead of killing them.

We have enough violence on the streets and in our schools without telling them that a few hungry animals need to be killed, while the irresponsible humans can go on destroying everything and are responsible for "dumping" them in the first place.

Thank you, Dennis Peer. 

The boat is sailing

How can the president carry out ways to help middle class when every thing he puts on the table the Republicans reject it?

This is because they are the majority in the house.

The Republicans are all sore losers. They cannot face the fact that Democrats won the election - big time. They also won the key states, and they will win again in 2016 - so get used to it.

There is too much hate toward this president. Is it color? Remember, he is off b/w. His mother is white as snow, and his dad black as jet. This is for all who did not know this.

If you do not like him, he should be respected. He is the president of the United States of America.

It does not take a dummy to be president.

For the person who said the party is taking care of people who did not work: Are you listening to the president speak? He said these folks are to get an education so that they can obtain good jobs and get to work.

Regarding immigration, he also said those who work and do not have criminal records should be treated equally and be able to become citizens.

The Republicans always take the president's word and put it in a bad way.

The president is doing his best, regarding gun control, yet you all are complaining.

To the person who said the president was employed in the worst crime area: Illinois and Chicago crime is everywhere. Sure, he was employed there, but look how he turned out. He is not responsible for crime in these states.

He and his wife are respectful and educated citizens of America. He is a true family man.

For the person who wrote asking: "Are we a 20 percent or a 40 percent?" Mr. Romney already told you we are 75 percent. That is why the Democrats won the election.

Republicans missed the boat. It is sailing toward the Democrats for 2016, so get used to it.

America was founded on prayer

If you call upon the name of the Lord and humble yourselves and pray and seek His face, and turn from your wicked ways, then He will hear you from heaven, and forgive your sins and heal your land!

America was founded on prayer. Therefore, the removal of prayer from its public life was a central part of its fall from God!

People, it is time we get back on our knees and pray to God to forgive our sins, humble ourselves and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways!

People have turned their backs on God

Our country is going through a great deal of suffering, and the reason why is because the majority of the people have turned their backs on God!

This is the judgment that we are to go through because of this turning, and many of us born-again Christians are praying on our knees for the people in this country, as well as many other countries.

This nation of ours was once a Godly nation, as our first president and his people would pray. Even on the day that George Washington took the oath in New York City, which then was the capitol of the nation, he went into a church called St. Paul's Chapel and prayed and dedicated the land to God.

The church, at that time, owned the land, where many years later the Twin Towers once stood. Ground zero!

So, for those of you who may read this and are believers in our Lord Jesus, I ask you to pray for our nation, our president, as well as for the people all throughout the world!

Thank you, and may God bless you today.

Why can't you buy American cars to help this country?

I just saw a report from a South Korean trade official that said their auto import to the United States has increased and auto industry in the United States declined by some margin, so what I am saying is that how and why a country that invented the automobile should go down in rating and the newcomers Kia, Hyundi, Toyota, Honda and others be No. 1? It just bothers me to see that.

I think if you live, work and pay taxes here in America and expect to retire and be on Social Security for your future and your kids' future, shouldn't you be driving a beautiful American car, which help cities like Detroit, which was one of the best and most productive city in America back in 1970s before the Hyundais and Kias and is now one of the poorest cities in America?

Think about it, if the Korean or Japanese promise you a better deal, be aware that is too good to be true.

For example, if they give you a warranty for 10 years, it's just a bait to get you buy their cars, because a new car would not break down for a long time.

American cars are stylish, beautiful and strong as ever, with good warranties.

I drive a 1997 Ford Aerostar with 254,000 miles on it, and still runs like a champ; and when it's time to replace it, it will be replaced by American car.

I figure I live in this country, I work in this country, I want to help my country to be No. 1 again; and MADE IN AMERICA means business again.

Show the world that you care, and show them you are proud to be an American.

Use your signals, please!

For those of you who don't know this, you are to use your signals!

More and more drivers here in Palm Bay and Melbourne for some unknown reason do not use their signals. I don't know why!

A truck not using its signals caused an accident in which I was involved in, and my car got totaled!

People, when you are going to turn right, use your right signal; turning left, use your left signal; going from one lane to another, use your signal! It is the law!

Also, stop at the stop sign, don't pass it and then stop. That makes no sense! Do you need a to learn how to do this? Read the instructions!

By using your signals, you can prevent an accident.

Since the age of 18, when I began to drive, I have always used my signals; and now I'm 58, and I still do! Why can't you?

I learned this in New York, and the laws here in Florida are the same when it comes to using your signals.

If the police see you, they will stop you and give you a ticket!

So save yourself an accident, save yourself from getting a ticket, save your own life, as well the other lives, by using your signals, please!

Response to "Put me in charge"

I found the rant "Put me in charge" one of the most insulting, appalling letters Hometown News has ever printed.

This writer is uninformed and has some warped, small-minded view of what he or she thinks it takes to be in charge. What qualifies him or her to be in charge of anything? His claims are all inaccurate.

The Lone Star Cards he or she says they would get rid of are a program embraced by Republicans and big business. They want this instead of actual food stamps. They make money off of it. Walmart loves the business it gets from these cards.

Stores selling HoHos and Ding Dongs want these programs, but it seems people living in poverty are not worthy to eat these treats, according to this writer.

Maybe they should just live on bread and water?

The banks running the EBT card program benefit from this in a very profitable way. What is this writer talking about? 

Why doesn't he or she start with his or her own local legislators, instead of ranting about being in charge of things he or she knows nothing about?

Then, he or she suggests if you are on government assistance, you should remove yourself from voting.  This is ignorant and laughable.

Also laughable and ridiculous is if you want to reproduce, get a job. However, I do believe birth control should be easily accessible to everyone who needs it. This writer should check to see if his own political party may have a problem with that.

As to the drug testing, it has already been proven in the state of Florida that a tiny percentage of people tested positive and the amount of money it cost our taxpayers was wasteful.

It is implied that it is paying for people's mistakes if they receive financial assistance.

This writer must not know the true meaning of helping the poor, feeling any sympathy, empathy or even what many Christians believe and follow, to help one another.

Many, many people work full-time jobs and still live below the poverty level.

It was just a completely ludicrous rant. I'm very surprised it made it to print.

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