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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Mar 22 - 07:18

School budget cuts

The school board needs to make major changes in order to balance the school budget. The community was invited to provide input Thursday night, March 7, as to where the cuts should be made or not made in order to address a $15 million short fall. At this point in time, there are no easy solutions.

At the present time, the Florida legislators are meeting in Tallahassee for their yearly sixty-day session. The $15 million shortfall originates in Tallahassee. School systems throughout Florida are facing difficult financial times because Florida legislators have failed, over the years, to properly fund public education. Tax money that would have been directed to public education has been diverted to other areas such as the voucher system. The Florida legislators are not being held accountable for fully funding public education.

The Florida legislators are fast to support the evaluation of students, schools and teachers. Now is the time to evaluate the performance of the Florida legislators as to their support of public education. The Humane Society has been evaluating Congress for years as to legislation affecting animals. The school boards, teacher organizations, and parent associations need to evaluate the Florida legislators every year. A Florida Legislative Scorecard could be put together individually or collectively by the school boards, teacher organizations, and parent associations.

The community needs to hold the legislators accountable as to their support of public education. The Florida Legislative Scorecard would provide the public at large as to which Florida legislators support public education. A well-informed public will support public education. The youth of Florida deserve an excellent public school system.

Nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect and abuse is a problem that is getting swept under the carpet and it should not be. Our elderly should be treated with dignity and respect. There should not even be an issue as nursing home neglect and abuse. When there are billboards and commercials asking you if you are a victim or a family member a victim of abuse and neglect in a nursing home, you know that this is a very serious issue. There needs to be a crackdown on the owner, owners and corporations to make sure that the nursing facilities are fully staffed and the staff fully trained properly for the ones in need. The owners need to trim down their fat paychecks for the ones in need for health reasons. There is too much greed going on in this world today. It seems to me that the nursing homes are only getting a slap on the wrist with fines and cited. It's like getting a speeding ticket, pay it and move on to the next citation. It's not fair to the elderly and their families. The nursing homes are supposed to be there to care for them, not abuse and neglect the residents. Abuse and neglect is a crime whether it is the children, elderly, or animals. Why are the nursing homes getting by with this? We need hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs, doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. Everyone should be in the best care possible. Need to bring all the bad nursing homes up to good. It's the right thing to do. Please Take action and contact state legislators about putting an end to nursing home neglect and abuse. Let's make this a better, safer, and healthier world for everyone. We need change.

About the gun laws

Currently there is ongoing debate regarding the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. President Obama, who has been a gun hater since his days as senator, is in full support of this effort.

Several other members of Congress, mainly Senator Feinstein, have expressed a desire to severely restrict our individual right by outlawing certain weapon types and restricting the number of rounds a firearm can hold. What they ultimately want is to completely eliminate certain weapons, by making it illegal to manufacture, sell, possess, or even will a firearm to someone. What they won't tell you, or admit, is that the weapons they want to ban are common weapons used by law-abiding citizens in a variety of shooting sports. Plus, they don't admit that the weapon ban previously signed into law by another gun hater, Bill Clinton, did not work. The problem was and remains to be the lack of attention given towards mental health. A sane person is not going to commit mass murder. If lawmakers seriously want to do something to reduce the possibility of a repeat slaughter, they should focus on mental health and gang violence. The entire congress could actually work on a bill together to accomplish something. Somehow I believe it will be another missed opportunity to do something positive.

Regarding the sequester

The federal government decided to sequester its agencies and employees for an undesignated amount of time slashing funds and salaries. This maneuver by the federal government has caused outrage. I was dismayed to hear that the government has begun to close needed recreational activities on our military bases. Armed forces members on base are home for rest and relaxation are not allowed to work on their vehicles in their state of the arts facility. All on base youth programs on select bases are closed. The government feels these are necessary tools too extravagant for our men and women returning from their obligations and duties overseas. Many returnees have done multiple assignments overseas, and they need these facilities on base for reasons such as affordability and a way to vent after their treacherous assignments.

As a member of the Road to Victory Museum, it is crucial that we contact our Congress representatives asking that these facilities not be slashed to the bare bones. Our men and women in our Armed forces have done so much for our country. A visit to our Road to Military Museum off Ocean Blvd behind Memorial Park in Stuart will indicate to residents and visitors the sacrifices of these brave men and women.


I am starting to believe there are zombies in Barefoot Bay. I first realized this while driving down the road. There was a group of what I first believed were people walking down the center of the road, blocking the entire lane. Thinking they did not know there was a car behind them, I beeped the horn. They all turned and looked at me with blank faces, and continued walking down the middle of the street.

I have also seen several of them near the main intersection where people post signs for tag sales. They stop in the middle of the road to write down the location of the tag sales, oblivious to the cars stuck behind them. I would not have believed it but they can also drive golf carts, but not well. You see them at the Winn Dixie Plaza driving down the sidewalk, or parking the carts on the walk blocking the entrances to the businesses. I don't think any of them are dangerous, just very ill-mannered and inconsiderate of others.

Golf course consideration

Sebastian Golf Course is a great facility with great employees. The attached restaurant has very good food and reasonable prices, but we've experienced not so great service, so we will not be patrons. You'd think that a restaurant attached to a pro shop/golf course would try to cater to the golfers. Instead, we, along with our frequent winter guests, have been made to wait when it wasn't busy, ignored, and told they don't have any "quick" sandwiches. We have heard this from many other members and year-round golfers who refuse to use the restaurant, even for a beverage. Golfers are coming in after nine holes of golf and would like to grab a quick snack. What would be wrong with having a half dozen sandwiches made up and ready in a cooler for a set price (that could be replenished as used) and someone assigned to work the counter on a daily basis? Especially during the busy season? They might even make some extra money, and members and guests would sure enjoy a snack and friendly service before, during or after a round. Thank you.

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