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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 1.57 / 5 (21 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Mar 22 - 06:34

Saturday market in Melbourne Beach

The lady, who tips her hat to the Ocean Avenue Market in Melbourne Beach, reflects the appreciation of the market, as shared by many.

Those who visit the market, including myself, are entertained by the music and can purchase some very nice products.

However, the reference to the "little angry people" and the "curmudgeons," who run the shops in the strip mall, within which the market is held, is unwarranted. If we could step outside the immediate, we'd see the reasoning behind the frustration.

These business people, through good business practices, keep the shops operating, making retail available in this area. The parking spaces being occupied by market customers are part of the shopkeepers' rent, and they realize no revenue from the price the market vendors pay to erect their tents. The parking spaces that are occupied by the market customers, the majority of whom do not patronize the shops, ignore the large no parking signs and tow away signs, as well as all the empty parking spaces available in the public parking lot a few yards east of the mall. Regular customers of the mall have stated they went some place else to do their business as a result of the lack of parking during the market.

There is very little recourse for these business owners other than contracting tow trucks to set an example, but they don't tow because they are not "curmudgeons."

Some of these owners have lost considerable amounts of money - thousands on a single transaction (not an ice cream cone) and others have lost hundreds of dollars every Saturday, their busiest day of the week, because of this self-indulgent illegal parking.

There is nothing in the shopkeepers' leases saying business owners must fund an open-air market. It seems the business folks are being anything but "little" by warning you rather than towing you for illegal parking.

Though the market is nice, the purchase of a grapefruit, cinnamon bread and a piece of jewelry does next to nothing to keep the retail district afloat. Park in the public parking a few steps east of the retail area and enjoy a stroll to the open-air market, while respecting the livelihoods of the shopkeepers. Visit the shops, you'll see they are very nice people, I know, I visit two to three times a week with a group of folks, and their wares are excellent.

On a side bar - there are schools that could use the tent rental money (thousands every Saturday) to defray activities costs. Why the town is willing to let that resource go to private entities is not a fiscally sound decision.


No military band

Some of you may already be aware that the United States Army Field Band and Soldier's Chorus concert, scheduled for April 15 at the King Center in Melbourne, is canceled.

The government "sequester," which impacted the U.S. military budget, has unfortunately meant that travel by the Army Band and Soldier's Chorus has been curtailed.

Thank you for your efforts in helping to promote this event. Should you have any questions regarding the cancellation, contact Col. Hal Gibson (Retired), the former bandleader.

Stop the partying in Washington

Why are tolerating this politics from the president and his party?

We, as a people, should demand the tour stay open. It's our house!

I would say "stop the partying, Mr. President." A weekend with Tiger Woods cost $20 million.

I would hate to deprive our dear overly concerned president.

Mr. President, you cannot continue your immaturity with the people's money anymore; we won't tolerate it. I mean, how much can we take, when he just keeps pushing his arrogance in the face of the American people?

The president took the Republicans to dinner the other night, and it cost some ridiculous amount of money. That's all you need is some drinks, and some lawyer politicians to get nothing done. What is wrong with getting some pizzas and working late; after all, you are spending our money, and we are not-for- profit with no write-offs.

So, I say the government needs to be a bit more thrifty with my money. I say impeach them and cut their expenses to 50/50, which means they pay 50 percent of all expenses: travel, homes and all the other perks.

We should make them have the same retirement plan as we do! They are not going to get Social Security; they have a very lucrative plan with a minimum vesting time.

We are the fools and better start figuring out we are getting ripped off by the very people who we are trusting to represent us.

I say we need term limits and positively no lobby firms, which is nothing but a rip off and illegal!

To pay for influence to a public official is bribery and against the law!

Why is so appealing to run for office in any federal capacity? You are financially set for life!

The first priority is an honest passion to serve your country. It is our duty, like the good Samaritan law, which most people ignore.

We need to start asking questions about where our money is going?

We need to demand to know and cut the gravy train, and we will see the real losers will leave on their own and be replaced by doers and problem-solvers who care.

Laugh and pay a fine

I would like to comment on what I saw on the television this morning about a man being fined $15 for laughing because he liked to laugh, and his neighbors didn't like it, or whatever.

It was a $15 fine or a prison term. The police don't have anything better to do?

Not only that, but "Laughing Matters" in the "Elks" magazine, said that "Laughter is good for the soul, and one should laugh 200 times a day."

Find good reason, or whatever, or just laugh - a hearty belly-laugh - 200 times a day for good health and mental whatever.

Here, an idiot complains because a neighbor laughs and they don't like it.

Now, what kind of mentality is this for the neighbor, the one who complained?

Somebody can't laugh in their own home?

Buying bullets

A Florida state senator said recently that anyone buying bullets needs to prove that her or she has had the anger management course.

I find this unbelievable. You liberals are really crossing the line here. You might, Mr. Senator, need to prove that you don't need psychiatric care. OK?

Be that as it may, are you going to ask the director of the Department of Homeland Security why the United States government needs 1 1/2 billion bullets ... and they are buying millions and millions more? Riot vehicles, shotguns, all this stuff? Why?

Now, that's somebody I think who might need anger management.

There is something going on here, and the American people should start asking some questions.

This administration is scaring the heck out of me.

Tell them we are on their side

It would be very good for our country if the president, when he visits Israel in April, would state to the world that, "from this day forth, the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel."

Thunderbirds vs. foreign aid

I read recently that we can no longer afford to have our Thunderbirds at our various air shows.

We cannot afford to keep them in the air, yet we can afford to send $250 million in foreign aid to Egypt and also a few F-16s to Egypt; but we can longer afford to support our own Thunderbirds.

I think it is shameful.

Where is our spaceship?

More than 40 years ago, NASA promised us a sleek, economical way of going into outer space that looked like a space-age spaceship, not just a stupid capsule that plops with a parachute into the ocean or on land.

That's not a professional spaceship; that is a capsule.

Now they defunct it, the spaceship they gave us that was used for so many years, that was not reliable and blew up and was too dangerous to use.

It was not a space ship. We want a spaceship, a real spaceship.

Don't revert back 40-50 years to what we used to have. That isn't the 21st Century.

You might as well put a black-and-white analog TV onboard.

School money problems

Reading and seeing on TV the agony the School Board and the County Commissioners are going through to save money without cutting a bunch of buddy-buddy administrative jobs takes me back to my student and athletic days.

When we advanced to the high school level and playing on teams representing our schools in baseball, basketball and football, there were not many problems a little sweat, energy and ingenuity couldn't overcome.

There were high schools north, south, east and west and a Catholic school, that represented the Catholic faith against all the Protestant schools, so called.

As kids growing up, we had all played in vacant lots, having fun, perfecting our skills - nothing organized, just pickup games, one neighborhood against another. I stress the word "fun."

Can that word apply now?

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