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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.83 / 5 (18 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Mar 22 - 06:13

Cruising stinks again

Over 4,000 people have been stranded on a sandbar with their toilets backing up while on their so-called luxury cruise ship during their luxury vacation. Why not get into your roadworthy car and not throw your money away on a luxury cruise? Stop when you want to, enjoy yourself and if you have a problem, you can only complain to yourself, not some unknown stranger on an 800 number who represents the cruise line and doesn't care about your complaint.

Medians mess

It's a shame the officials in Ormond Beach are ruining the small businesses on Granada Boulevard between U.S. 1 and Beach Street with the new medians. Did they even take into consideration how difficult it would be for people to get to these businesses? I stopped by Nature's Garden on Friday on my way over the bridge, and the parking lot was empty. Gene, the owner, told me his business has dropped considerably since the medians were put in, because it's hard to get to his store, unless you're heading east to cross the bridge. He said he's one of the lucky few, because he at least has a parking lot. I just hope the city doesn't put some of these shops out of business in their haste to "beautify" Granada. It was fine with the on street parking before the changes.

So much for progress and our elected officials!

Just wondering

I have read a lot of rants and raves about the airplane noise, but I always wonder why no one complains about the train that goes through town blowing its horn every 45 minutes or so during the night. Why does no one complain about that noise?

Happy pet store opening

I am so excited to see the new Pet Supermarket is open on State Road 44. I no longer have to drive out to the super store at S.R. 44 and Interstate 95.

I will now be able to be sure the pet foods I purchase every week will be in stock. I can run into the to the market for anything that I need. I won't have to deal with playing hide and seek with employees to find out which month they might bring in the items. It's far closer to my home and far more convenient.

So, sorry super store, you have let me down way too many times, so I will take my $350 a week I spent at your store and give it to closer stores. For over a year I have contacted your management about the lack of restocking done in the store. I may pay a little more but it's far worth it to get great service, the product that I purchase and basically feeling like I am a valued customer

In response to: 'Investigate, then move'

The writer says when they purchased their home there were practically no training flights and normal air traffic was very low.

I'm sure the people that buy a house near a volcano say the same thing. "There hasn't been an eruption in over 3,000 years." Or people that buy or build a house on the beach. "There hasn't been a hurricane through here in over a hundred years." Or near railroad tracks that are hardly used and all of a sudden the rail company decides to use them. Then there are people that live on a river or lake, "There hasn't been a flood in a hundred years."

It never changes. People buy a house on a popular recreational lake and then complain about the boat and Jet Ski noise. Or buy a house out in the country and complain about the animal smells and noise and the farmer that has been working the same land for generations that gets up at the crack of dawn to plow the fields.

I suppose soon we'll be reading letters from people that live near the railroad tracks that will be the new Sunrail line. So, if you live near the Sunrail line, now is the time to sell.

In response to: 'What makes a tree historic'

In regards to the March 8 story, it may sound corny, but God. He is the creator. Gives us the stewardship to maintain them and preserve them under the right agricultural conditions for them to be maintained.

Many years ago we had a save the tree committee because utility companies were cutting down trees.

The Loop in Ormond Beach is an area where many trees have succumbed to storms, but man has not replaced the beautiful oak trees and deciduous trees. All that's left is a bunch of scrub ponds in the vacant area. Then this area was beautified again and what does our stewardship do again. They are planting palm trees over Interstate 95 and there are big vacant spots of nothing where developers have cut down trees.

I think the time is very critical for the preservation of our lifestyle to provide the noise abatement, oxygen and all the beauty up here.

Let's make the tree priority. It belongs to God and so do we. Let's keep this area with nice shade trees not palm trees.

In response to: 'Bring back the weather'

I chose to have Internet service with Brighthouse. I can go to Channel 13 and find out what the weather is anytime.

Where is the respect?

I am over 70 years old. I also remember 1954 when respect was acknowledged. Where we said, yes sir, no sir and Mr. and Mrs. -- not hey dude. Where did we go wrong or was it our schools?

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