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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Mar 15 - 07:01

Low school ratings may equate food stamps

The low ratings of many of our public schools are deplorable. Even if these kids are pushed through and allowed to graduate, they will be totally unprepared to compete in the world of work. They may be able to flip hamburgers but they may very well end up on food stamps and welfare.

More about those on welfare

I've read some other articles concerning my exact thoughts about these young people having kids just to be on welfare. This is why the city is plagued by high poverty rate. These people drop out of school with very limited choices because of a weak family foundation, and this is a generational problem. But here's an idea: Stand out in front of the housing authority with signs pertaining to "quit having babies that you can't support." On certain days, you have Bible thumpers standing at the female clinics trying to stop young women from going in there. Well, and this would include myself, stand out in front of the housing authority and get into the faces of these people who made bad choice in life who have the desire just to live off of backs of the tax payers' expense.

Boy, would that be a scene. Especially when you see them pull up in there nice cars with a couple kids in tow, huh? Perhaps embarrassment would be the right medicine these people should have thrown at them.

How to solve illegal immigration

There is an easy way to solve the illegal immigration problem. First, fine any company $1 million for every illegal they hire and send the owner or CEO of the business to prison, not a Federal summer camp but state prison, for 10 years. That would solve the problem overnight. The problem is big business want illegals, so they have basically an almost slave labor workforce with no rights, and the politicians pandering to business like to use them as the whipping boys for all society's ills. The myth of illegals getting free this and free that is been perpetuated every week in this column, but hey, little brown-skinned people are an easy target aren't they? They look different.

Regarding the elephants

Hometown News issue of March 1, 2013, front page: A Mr. John Lenhardt, Executive Director of The National Elephant Center spoke to a crowd of about 50 people Wednesday, Feb. 20th stating, "I'm a very happy man today." "Elephants need a future and we're looking forward to a wonderful future here."

A $2.5 million project is only the 'first phase' of the center, which includes a large barn with paddocks, an animal keeper work center, and more than 20 acres of four interconnected pastures with watering holes, mud wallows, dust bathing areas and shade.

Just last year, Fellsmere City Councilman Fernando Herrera came out to the property approximately three miles north and west of downtown Fellsmere and all he could see were orange trees and other native plants.


Herrera stated, "I think it's awesome and this is a perfect place for the animals."

"They are not going to bother anyone and it's a nice place for them with the weather." Mr. Lenhardt stated. "Up to this point the great majority of the funding for the project has come from zoos and several 'generous donors.'"

"Moving forward fundraising will have to be a big focus in order for expansion to occur, center staff said."

What? Are you kidding? The center will not be open to the public? What?

But will offer training for both elephants and elephant keepers, and occasionally be open to education programs to raise 'awareness' about elephants and the 'work' at the center.

Hometown News issue March 8, 2013, Page A8: More than 100 people gathered at the Trinity Episcopal Church Saturday to help those who, for no fault of their own, need a nutritious meal. People from many churches and charitable organizations packed nearly 115,000 meals for "Hunger Challenge Vero Beach."

The women shown in several photos were smiling and happy in what they were doing. In contrast, a National Elephant Center, a dream of Mr. John Lenhardt to make "Him Happy." This truly demonstrates the selfishness and ignorance of some, and the absolute opposite of others.

When Councilman Fernando Herrera went out to the "elephant property," all he could see was orange trees and native plants!

What did that mean? This is Florida!

It seems to me, many people in authority are involved in "The Future of Elephants." In fact, they are gung ho. Two-and-a-half million could feed a lot of families right in our own neighborhoods, help them find jobs. Donations from zoos, but people are not allowed to visit this new elephant center.

Other donations? How about this one -- Politics?

Don't hold your breath

Welfare fraud is rampant but it could be reduced, if not eliminated, by politicians if they had the will to act. Unfortunately, President Obama is beholden to just the kind of people most likely to be on welfare. Don't hold your breath waiting for him to do anything helpful for the taxpayer.

Issues with the second amendment

Not once, but twice, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment prohibits Congress from taking away our guns. Our citizens have every right to protect themselves. That's the way it has always been. That's the way it should be. It is a perfectly legitimate right.

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