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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Brevard County

Rants & Raves
Rating: 1.25 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Mar 15 - 06:37

Price of gasoline

Do you enjoy the price of gasoline?

Your elected politicians are subsidizing the oil industries with your tax money.

Compassion vs. schools

Compassion does not pay bills. Compassion does not keep schools open. One

reader seems this is the case.  However regional, state, county and local governments

must balance their budgets. Only the federal government is exempt.

Schools are closed all the time, especially when their populations (number of students attending) falls below a norm.

Teachers get let go when school resources face new

challenges. In this tough job market, there are fewer openings.

When NASA programs ended, thousands were let go. There were no other jobs open. In contrast, the students displaced by the school closings have other classrooms to attend. They have buses to get them there. The displaced teachers are out.

The Board of Education cannot use compassion to balance its budget. There are not millions in wasted funds. Yet, one reader expects the board to do so. When and where?

Circus is in town

I thought that the landing of Ponce de Leon was the best thing that happened to Melbourne Beach. A farmers market, pit bulls, chickens, chumming: we certainly have our priorities straight!

Let's have a circus! I think we already do.

Thank God for the Republican agenda!

We should all be afraid of a government that cannot even complete an annual budget. How do we let Democrats even talk about economic growth and fixing the economy, when they don't even understand basic math - especially our president, who was for it. Now he's against it, mentality. If it sounds good, I am in, mentally.

We have elected officials in the Democratic Party who are clueless about what it takes to manage anything, especially money.

The president is, in my opinion, completely trying to destroy and undermine our Constitution.

There are many representatives, who come from areas of the country that do not add one dime towards the revenue of this country and they elect people to represent that agenda. Those regions are where we start our work to look for solutions.

I am close to 60 years old, and from as far back as I can remember, every campaign talks about education, training programs, the poor and disabled, the elderly and so on.

If we are to succeed and be a strong country, we must show we can, at least, elect representatives who can come together as citizens for the betterment of this country.

One could say you can blame both sides, but I don't think so. President (Barack) Obama is selling timeshares for vacation condo's that only exist in Pluto, and half this country believes it.

Oh, if you don't have money for schools, then we need to close them until we can afford them.

War on terror

Through out the (George) Bush Administration, my family, like yours, was inundated with the media and the president crying "wolf" with the phrase "War on Terror."

The terror alerts seemed suspiciously timed and were heard so often they caused my two girls, 6 and 8 years old, to stop playing and stare in horror at President Bush on TV crying "are we going die?"

This is) a sharp contrast from (President Barack) Obama's Administration, where now my family feels protected and secure, after the killing of (Osama) Bin Laden.

A grateful "thank you" to President Obama for making that call and the Navy Seals for carrying it out.

We knew you were a 'liberal Democrat'

This is in response to the liberal democratic woman, who responded to rants.

First, I would like to tell you that you did not need to tell us you were a liberal Democrat. It was totally obvious to all.

Your first paragraph was complaining about not getting advanced at work. Maybe your problem is your whiney, "You owe me because I'm a woman" attitude.

Your second paragraph complained about Republicans being greedy.

They are not greedy. They just believe that if you work hard and earn the big bucks, you should not have to pay for people who sit home and want handouts.

The United States government did not bring you into this world, and they owe you nothing, except your freedom and protection from foreign enemies (whom the Obama Administration is now helping and giving our money to).

It was President John F. Kennedy who said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country," (and he was a Democrat, in case you forgot).

Contrary to popular belief, no one "owes" you anything. In America we earn what we have.

Your third paragraph about abortion seems to contradict your fourth paragraph about neglected animals.

You think it's terrible for people to move and leave their animals behind, and I totally agree. However, you think it's perfectly OK to kill unborn babies? This is the thinking of a liberal.

Animals are more important than human babies? I think you need to get your priorities straight.

This is a reply to 'Many of the rants are disrespectful'

I agree with you that many items are disrespectful, but I must say you are a Kool-Aid-drinking (President Barack) Obama lover, which means that you will never listen to anyone who does not agree with (President) Obama and his administration.

How can you expect people to respect (President) Obama when he does not tell the truth?

Let's check just a few facts, because if I look at more then just a few things (President) Obama has said or did, I get sick.

He was elected by the majority, who are getting a handout from the government, don't have a clue on what is going on in this country and could care less, as long as the handouts keep coming.

Have you ever watched any of the TV pop-up interviews? Some people can't tell you the name of the vice president!

President) Obama has stopped drilling for oil on government lands, and the drilling (in the) waters along our coast. Have you bought gas lately? Do you know how much debt we have in this country? Please note that some of the "Obamacare" policies are enacted now and the full effect will begin in 2014.

The only financial disaster we are trying to recover from is the one your beloved president led us into, not the prior administrations - not to say the prior administrations were completely free from fault, as none of them were.

So when you hear the truth, you turn a deaf ear and write what you think is such a terrible thing. The terrible things haven't arrived yet!

Another "cliff," another failed objective!

There is no better place to start the anti-bullying campaign than Washington.

This administration has the perfect opportunity to practice what they preach.

Stop bullying the American people.

Just because things are not progressing the way the "powers that be" would like, we are recipients of scare tactics to beat us into submission!

The cuts in the budget should start at the top. Lead by example!

Instead of getting another raise, which Congress had time to vote on and pass, take an honorable cut in pay.

Terminate employment or, at the very least, reduce the revenue of any government employee, Senate, Congress, etc., who is not present to get the job done or who leaves Washington before the job is completed. They can't be representing us when they are not present to do the job they were elected to do! They should not be paid for not working.

All government employees, including the residents of the White House, should have their superior health insurance converted to the same insurance coverage with the same regulations as the American people.

Are they no longer fellow Americans once they get to Washington? Does that move make them superior?

We are "the people," not subjects! We are all created equal!

Threatening and punishing us for your deficiencies is bullying!

The amount of revenue that would be saved by eliminating the frivolous trips to talk shows, multiple vacations, etc., would be better spent on supplies, such as ammunition for our sons and daughters fighting to keep us free.

The office of the president, Congress and the Senate are dignified positions not to be made folly by appearing on talk shows and performing skits. This administration is a disgrace.

I pity the administration that will inherit the abomination this current administration will leave behind - provided, of course, that four years from now we are not an occupied territory.

Get with the program Washington!

Remember that you were sent to Washington to do a job. Just do it!

In God, we trust.

People driving below the speed limit

Not a day goes by that I don't get behind someone going 10-15 mph below the already ridiculously low speed limit. And I'm talking about going 20 in a 35 zone.

To make matters worse, all too often it is some jerk taking on the phone. Hey, if you want to go that slow, pull over and let people pass, or shut up and drive.

And the other thing is the lazy SOBs, who can't return their shopping carts to the cart aisles in the parking lot. I've actually seen people be next to the isle and still leave their cart in the lot.  And no aisle is too far from any parking spot.

Believe me, it would do most of you some good to burn a few extra calories.

School board budget

The financials and demographics are not being reported by the media in the Brevard School's budget issue. The schools have the facts listed online, but it is very difficult to break them down.  

 Do you know that the number of students has dropped from 71,750 in 2004 to 64,627 in 2013? Does this make it a little clearer?

 There are a significant number people, who think the more spending on schools the better, which is not the case, by the way.

The rest of you need to speak up and support the school board for doing the right thing to bring costs under control while providing students education.

Tax money spent for farmer's market?

The recent letter concerning the farmer's market being such a wonderful addition to the town comes with a little more history.

Certain members of the Melbourne Beach Planning and Zoning Board have authorized more than $20,000 tax dollars, to date, in town planner fees and attorney fees attempting to open our town parks and W. Ocean Avenue residential areas to more commercial activities.

However, the board was divided, and the motion to allow a so-called farmer's market in town parks failed over concern for the harmony of the residents, who live adjacent to the parks.

Not to be deterred, the board member most involved got the town to issued a permit to allow the farmer's market in the supermarket parking lot. That resulted in a huge turnout of adjacent business people at the last town meeting, complaining about the sudden lack of parking and new competition - not to mention the town is in violation of it's own town codes, allowing the farmer's market in a parking lot.

Although the concept may be welcomed by some in Melbourne Beach, I would point out there is an established farmers market just three miles west at U.S. Highway 1 and U.S. Highway 192.

For those who like to shop at the local supermarket, trying to find a parking space on Saturday is near impossible.

It is) interesting that one member of the board continues to promote zoning code changes and town events.

Established businesses vs. farmer's market

As the late Paul Harvey would say, " ... now the rest of the story."

First, all of us "curmudgeons," as the writer of the Rant & Rave refers to us, are not against the Ocean Avenue Saturday market. What we don't like is the unbridled expansion of the market.

What started out as five or six booths is now well over 20.

The market is located in a parking lot meant for two businesses, a restaurant and a grocery store. These two businesses' employee parking added to the 20-plus vendors occupy more than half of the available parking spaces.

Market and grocery store patrons then park in the Brevard County Library lot to the west or our shopping center lot to the east.

The problem is that the Saturday market patrons feel that it is their implied right to park in our spaces, preventing our normal Saturday customers from transacting business with our stores.

When we brought this problem to the attention of the market organizers weeks ago, their response was to add more vendors.

Since our shopping center's Saturday sales have been greatly reduced, (which no one in this economy can afford), we were forced to use threatening signage; and when that didn't work, tow trucks.

How would this writer like it if next door to her house/apartment 30-40 people moved into a space made for four or five?

The added noise, traffic, garbage, etc. would soon be very trying.

The writer also stated how friendly the vendors are. Our established, licensed businesses are also very hospitable. See how friendly those vendors would be if you took away a large portion of their sales and increased their cost of doing business. They could always fold up their tent and move away. Our long-time established businesses cannot just pick up and leave like a bunch of gypsies.

Perhaps we should give up our leases, set up tents and join the carnival? The buildings could be deserted and boarded up, you know that depression look for six days a week, but we would be there every Saturday for the Ocean Avenue flea market.

The rave writer should apologize for referring to us as "curmudgeons" and realize that we are just trying to defend our livelihoods.

Perhaps she would like to donate 20 percent of her income to the "Curmudgeon Prevention Society."

Now, you know the rest of the story.

Dressing like that is not beneficial

As a female in today's society, I have something to say; and I seriously mean it.

I am sick of seeing female body anatomy body parts everywhere I go. Is nothing sacred anymore?

I see mom's walking with their young sons and daughters wearing practically next to nothing. And imagine in a child's eye looking up at Mommy's rear end in her "Daisy Duke" shorts every time her little boy or little girl wants his or her bottle or pacifier or even wants to ask a question or looking a Mommy's cleavage or breasts that are hanging out of her shirt any and every time they look at her, talk to her or listen to her.

How is this normal or beneficial for young boys or girls at such young ages to see a half-naked woman pretty much all the time, if their mother dresses this way? And what a shame at ages 1 through whatever, with all the nakedness they see in the world on TV and all around them, and then it's their Mommy they see half naked.

How is this good or normal?

All of you moms out there, dressing like you would in the privacy of your own bedroom with your spouse or mate, and yet you go out in public for God and everyone to look at you and see you dressed very provocatively with the way some of the clothes fit or don't fit; and then some of the women get upset when some of the men stare at them.

Please think about this. You are the mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters of the world; and if we, the women of American, the nurturers and moral compasses for our future generations, when we are too busy trying to turn the next door neighbors on or the baseball coach or the guy at the restaurant, who can't help but see your sexual intimate side because you got it out there and no longer care who you show your body to, it's way more important to look sexy nowadays, it seems.

Look at Beyonce. Sorry, all you Beyonce lovers. But the Super Bowl halftime show, with her out there strutting her stuff, with her Victoria's Secret-like outfit, gyrating, humping, grinding, bumping, dirty-dog dancing was not appropriate viewing for all the millions of kids who were watching the Super Bowl and had no choice but to watch the halftime show, if they were allowed to, or leave the room because of the somewhat graphic and definitely sexual in nature halftime show broadcast across America. We should be so proud.

No wonder many other countries view us a scandalous Americans. Look whom we allow our children to idolize, watch and emulate.

Sex is anywhere and everywhere, so why do you think it is OK to dress sexy, provocative, sleazy, scantily, half-naked in front of your own children, who are already being influenced by you that nudity and sometimes dressing almost no different than the women of the street is OK and normal?

There are so many pedophile and sex addicts, who rape women and girls.

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