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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (10 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Mar 15 - 06:16

Need police protection

What is going on with our Edgewater Police Department? I know people all over Florida Shores have complained about people driving down our streets going 40 to70 mph all of the time. There are children playing outside instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer. Why can they not stop this? Instead of sitting on Roberts Road, or on Hibiscus in the church parking lot, why can't they sit on a side street with their radar gun on?

I have seen two motorcycle police and a car sitting on Roberts Road just shooting the breeze, laughing and talking. This disturbs me tremendously. What will it take for them to do something about this? I understand at times they may be busy, but not 24/7.

I also called them one afternoon about stolen property. They asked me if I knew who took it and where the property might be that was stolen. I told them "yes" on both counts and they proceeded to tell me, "If you know where it is, go get it." What part of stolen did they not understand and why would I go get it? Is that not their job to arrest the person that took it and get my property back? I am not talking a cheap item, this item I would value at $3,000.

I love living in Edgewater and I don't like complaining or as you call it at the Hometown News, ranting, but come on. What do we need a police force for if they are not doing their job?

Response from Police Chief David Arcieri:

Officers of the Edgewater Police Department continually patrol the City and address criminal and traffic violations. Edgewater Police Officers respond to traffic complaints utilizing various methods.

One tool often used is the Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer, which is deployed throughout the city on a daily basis. The trailer displays the speed of passing vehicles to increase the operator's awareness and records the speed of the vehicles for further analysis.

When traffic complaints are received they are addressed. Traffic and Patrol Units are assigned to take enforcement action or to educate drivers in the areas of concern.

In reference to the report of stolen property, if the author is stating fact he or she should contact the department to file a complaint. That level of service is not acceptable. No victim of crime should ever be dismissed as the writer advised. The department encourages citizen contact when service is excellent or unsatisfactory. A compliment, complaint or request for non-emergency service(s) can be submitted to the department by calling central dispatch at (386) 424-2000, by using the "contact us" option at www.cityofedgewater.org or in person at the Edgewater Police Department. The members of the Edgewater Police Department are committed to providing the best service possible to all we serve. I would like to thank the Hometown News for affording me the opportunity to respond.

A no-no

Remember, it is better to buy at regular price when you can afford it, rather than to buy at sale price when you can't afford it.

My 58 years in retailing have taught me the no-no signs you the shopper should be aware of.

Do not be confused by fancy wording in ads, such as buy one, get the second for half price. That simply means you are only getting 25 percent off of each item. A no-no.

Buy one, get the second for free. That simply means you are paying much higher for the first item, which greatly diminishes the overall savings on both products. A no-no.

Buy now and get three years interest free. That simply means the chances of paying the full amount off in three years is not likely and you will be paying exorbitant interest rates after the three years have passed. A no-no.

Our bank doesn't charge you for overdraft or additional checks. That simply means the bank will insist you to carry a large balance to offer this so called free feature. Meanwhile, they have all of your money to invest as they want to. A no-no.

No airport expansion

In regard to all the banter over the New Smyrna Beach airport, when I moved here 17 years ago and was considering a home near the airport, I called the city. They informed me the airport had been a Naval airport station in World War II. It was gifted by the U.S. government to the city with certain stipulations including that it would continue to be a small town airport with no possibility of expansion. When the tower proposal came up, there was much concern. So many people showed up at the commission meeting that they couldn't get it. The meeting was called off. At a subsequent meeting, protestors' comments were brushed off and the tower was built.

It would seem the commentators have short memories or do not know of the fight of New Smyrna Beach citizens.

Stop the puritanism

In regard to the town of Pierson's alcohol sales on Sunday, what century do these Puritans live in? It makes me ashamed to say I am a Volusia County resident.

Dancing not impressive

Recently my wife and I attended a performance by the Russian National Ballet at the Peabody Auditorium.

While the costumes and backdrop seemed very professional, the dancers, especially the male dancers, were much less impressive. The company, as a whole, appeared just a step above mediocre. At the end, nearly half of the audience gave a standing ovation.

Are the residents of Volusia County so provincial they feel every performance merits a standing ovation? A standing ovation should only be awarded for a especially noteworthy or outstanding performance. Sadly, the Russian National Ballet was not deserving of a standing ovation.

Better traffic control

Something needs to change for those of us that drive on State Road 40 on Sundays at noon and after. Calvary Church traffic is controlled by off duty state troopers and while I understand the church has a lot of traffic, it should not dominate the traffic on the main road.

This has been a continuing problem, so last week I timed the red/green lights. The officer let church traffic have a green light for more than 3 minutes, while traffic on route 40 had the green light for 37 seconds resulting in a back up of westbound to the Interstate 95 underpass and eastbound past the Tomoka bridge. Since the off-duty officers must be paid by Calvary Church, they need to be much more aware of traffic on the major roadway.

Kite men shouldn't scare birds

My family and I moved to Ormond-by-the-Sea 27 years ago because we fell in love with this peaceful beach town. We enjoy all ocean sports, but we also enjoy the peace and quiet of the area.

Well, those days are gone. I'm sure you have seen the men flying around with fans on their backs, attached to a kite -board kite. There were just one or two, now there's nearly 20. Now it's an every day occurrence, unless it's storming. It has become quite bothersome.

I am a bird enthusiast who enjoys our sea birds on a daily basis and it rattles me to the core when I see them chase them off their beach into the ocean and continue to chase them when they are obviously confused and scared. I am not sure if they are aware of this, but it is against state and federal law to harass our sea birds. If they continue to harass them they will eventually stop coming back to this beach, permanently. If these "fan men" understood what stress they are causing our many species of seagulls, maybe they would be considerate human beings and instead of chasing them maybe actually go up to a higher altitude as to not disturb them.

Speaking of that, powered paragliders are to stay at an altitude of 2,000 feet over our seashores. Also, they are required by law to be operated in a flat area free of obstructions; such as power lines. They are restricted from flying over "congested areas," such as A1A. They do not follow any of these laws. They fly low to the ground as they wave to traffic, which is also a traffic hazard.

As someone who has personally had a kite boarder's kite ) wrap around my car coming home from work one evening, let me tell you it's scary. Everything went dark and I was driving at 45 mph. Here is what happens down on our roadways when they fly over: Drivers slam on their brakes to take pictures, swerve off the road to illegally park where there is no parking lot, and do not watch the road.

To my other point of why I live here -- the peace and quiet. Well, those days are gone. Now what we here is "errrrrrrrrrrrrrr" over our neighborhoods and beaches. What was a peaceful day at the beach has now turned to watching them harass our beautiful sea birds and the ever-present loud "errrr" humming. We used to open our windows to enjoy a breeze, but not anymore thanks to this loud hobby. This is such a new hobby there may not be many laws to control it quite yet, but there should be.

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