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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Mar 08 - 07:01

Stop using incorrect terms

This is about the terminology in this country. If you are born in this country, you are not an African-American, you are an American of African heritage. If you are born in this country, you are not a Cuban-American, you are an American of Cuban heritage.

I'm sick and tired of the media separating the people of this country with their terminology. It's time we stopped using those terms. It makes me ill.

Control the mosquitoes

Is there still a mosquito control program? Anybody who dares to venture outside after dark is immediately attacked by the swarming pests. Some of the problem is related to the continued neglect of fixing the drainage ditches, allowing standing water to be prime breeding grounds. Once again, hurricane season is approaching and nothing has been done. Guess their priority of getting a paper shredder is more important than the safety and welfare of the community. Time to re-evaluate priorities.

Unjust killing

The killing of the sheriff's deputy was unjustified Thursday morning. The officer was doing his duty, that's all. He didn't have to die for that. You didn't have to hurt his family because you did something dumb that morning. The excuse he gave for killing the officer while the officer sat in his patrol car is so lame. My prayers go out the family of Sgt. Morales. I pray that the Lord have mercy on the killer.

Free Cuba

What are the Sebastian and Indian River county Chambers of Commerce thinking? Instead of planning a trip to Cuba using a special exemption issued by the Department of the Treasury, why aren't all Chambers across the country demanding that Obama remove the boycott on Cuba thereby allowing all Americans to travel to and from this wonderful country? Why have we allowed this to go on for this long? The people of Cuba have been punished long enough! End the boycott and begin trading with Cuba now!

Recycling sense

Would somebody please explain to me why I have to carefully sort my recycle items into two different colored bins when all they do when the truck picks up is to empty them both into the same section of the garbage truck?

Today's youth

Every week I read your newspaper. It's a good paper to read. But when I get to the police report, I have to shake my head. I saw so many young people being arrested for things that they should know not to do. Not just males, but females, too. Are the parents talking to these young folks about life? Especially about the way they are dressing these days, with pants hanging down. Why don't they just put a belt on to keep them up? Then you might get a job from someone. And young ladies, put some clothes on. Come on parents, do your job. And leave those drugs alone, too. Get a real life and stop living off the system. That's for everyone who is getting some type of help without working. I see so many young people want to get in the system, rather than get off of it.

An opinion on an opinion

Once again, the religious right, a.k.a. the "American Taliban," voices disgust with anyone not of their absolutist faith.

You cannot get away with saying, 'If you try to stop me from insulting homosexuals it violates my freedom of prejudice', but you can get away with saying, 'It violates my freedom of religion.' Where is there a difference? Morality does not come from religion, it precedes it.

On illegals

The problem of illegals needs to be addressed.

For me it comes down to denying reasons for illegals coming to our country. No free medical care and stringent proof that you are legally here to work. The idea that all who cross our border want to be citizens (promoted by the "way to citizenship") is a fallacy.

They want to support their family in Mexico, and probably don't want to "wait in line" and learn what it takes to be a citizen. This I understand. In any swearing in ceremony, there seems to be majority who did it the hard way. A million troops on the borders and a wall will not solve the problem. Stop the benefits and cease trying to stop/apprehend illegals. They will be sent back and return tomorrow.

Questioning Obama

Obama appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland Security. Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan and swore in Kareem Shora into Homeland Security Advisory Council. (HSAC) Has anyone heard a new government official appointed as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant? Wasn't it devout Muslims who killed 13 at Fort Hood, and flew planes into the U. S. that killed thousands?

Problem with ObamaCare

One in five companies with fewer than 500 employees say they are 'likely" or "very likely" to discontinue company provider insurance coverage within five years, a survey revealed. Reason: The main provision of Obama Care will be implemented in 2014.

Let Border Agents do their jobs

It's difficult for hard-working Americans to understand why our president is so anxious to have non-citizens come here and work for peanuts, taking our jobs. President Obama has issued a directive prohibiting ICE agents from "arresting illegal aliens solely on charges illegal entry and Visa overstay." What this means is he is ordering our border patrol not to do their job. He's putting American jobs at risk.

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