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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Mar 01 - 07:03

Not really a rant

This isn't really a rant or a rave. It's just a notion that we, as human beings, show more kindness to others. Take time to remember that you never know what somebody is going through at home. They may have struggles they are trying to hide, so if they look like they need a smile or a kind word, give them one. It might make their day. My mom did that. She made everyone smile and I miss her so much. I wish I would have taken the chance to tell her how much I loved her, how sorry I was for my mistakes and how much I respect and love her. You never know how long you have with someone. Take time to make someone smile today, you never know how much it will mean.

Worry about other drivers

Instead of worrying about "the dummy on the motorcycle," maybe people should be more concerned with the "dummies in the automobiles." A biker friend of mine sat at a stop light and a woman in a minivan with two preschool age kids smashed into the back of him, fracturing vertebrae in his back. She admitted to the police she was instant messaging on her smart phone. Maybe it's time to ban the use of cell phones while driving. The vast majority of motorcycle fatalities are caused not by "dummies on their motorcycles" being reckless, but by idiots in cars not paying attention.

Rants are disheartening

It's sad to read the Rants & Raves columns, especially many about President Obama. First, it's a waste of precious time and energy to be consumed by so much anger about things you can do nothing about and second, because often much of the subject matter ranted about is misunderstood or just plain wrong.

Let's address Obama's daughters attending a private school. Jimmy Carter was the last president (1977-81) to have a child in public school. Apparently, it was an unhappy time for Amy as she wasn't allowed to go out for recess because of safety concerns and had trouble making friends because of all the Secret Service around her. Yes, Secret Service protection is required by federal law for the family of the President.

Children of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and V.P. Gore all graduated from Sidwell Friends, the Obama girls' school. It is a highly selective Quaker private school popular with Washington D.C.'s prominent and moneyed families. From all we see, hear and read, President Obama adores his daughters and is deeply concerned for all children. That is why he is spending so much time addressing gun control issues, even though it is not politically expedient to do so.

No money for you

My university sent me a request today for a contribution as a part of their annual fund drive. I will not be sending them anything this year because in the same mail, I received a report on college professors, which indicates that more than half of these people, who are supposed to be unbiased and are supposed to encourage different opinions, have negative attitudes toward those of us who are evangelical Christians and use the Bible as our guide in life.

Sick of the school system

I have lived in this county for 25 years. I attended public school and so do my two children. I cannot seem to understand how the school system manages to function the way it is today.

When I call the high school, no one can be bothered to return my calls. It took me physically standing in the office and threatening to take my child out of school for me to even get anyone's attention when my child was the victim of a crime.

Now she has been given detention for something I know she did not do and I have spent my entire day trying to get anyone at the school to call me back.

I thought that is what my property taxes paid for.

I have asked the school board to move her bus stop to a safer location. I almost got hit by a speeding car at her bus stop this morning.

I have emailed the sheriff's department, my county commissioner's office and have even spoken to the transportation department. Every person I talk to tells me it is not their problem.

The last time I checked, my child was entitled to an education and safe transportation to and from school. Perhaps I need to reread the constitution.

Humane Society comes through

Not too long ago, my beloved Labrador retriever died. She was my best friend for 12 years. I am a senior citizen, don't drive and am on a fixed income. I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to afford to take care of her once she passed away.

I called the Humane Society and they assured me that they would take care of both of us once she died. The morning that she passed away, I called them and lo and behold, they came and took her. They cremated her and never charged me a penny. They knew how distraught I was, and they came the day after she died and gave me a great poem explaining how hard it was to lose a pet.

A few weeks after that, they came and took me to the pound and let me pick out another dog free of charge. I know this might not be something they can offer to everybody, but they really made such a difference to me.

I'm no longer sitting here lonely, missing my dog. I have a great new dog that keeps my busy and shows me so much love. I just want to say thank you so much to the Humane Society. You've made such a difference in this senior's life.

Neighbors should be more considerate

Maybe someone can tell me what happened to the loud noise law we supposedly have.

I can't sleep or watch a TV program these days, because my neighbor is playing the music so loud that the walls and floors shake and things fall down.

Then when I call 911 to have the police come to quiet them down, they don't show up at all. The police are so lazy. It took me calling three times before they finally showed up.

I just got home from work; it's 1 a.m. There was nowhere to park because of the party going on downstairs. It didn't stop until 2:30 a.m. They are bad neighbors.

Shut up during the show

We recently attended a buffet and show at a local church. The food was good, but once the entertainment started, some people continued to be loud. We are not sure if these people are outsiders or members of the church, but it was rude and a disappointment at a church function.

Fix the welfare system

I would like to know, as some others here in the Sunshine State of Florida, what is going with the offices here?

Why are so many illegal immigrants able to get food stamps, have Social Security cards and get free stuff from this state? Why are we are taking care of people who sneak into the United States and we can't even take care of the people who were born here and work their whole life here?

Then we have people who are on welfare who don't need to be on it at all. Are the people who work these jobs really checking the paperwork or just once in a while? If the immigrants want to stay, let them go through the right channels.

The Social Security office should have a special card for immigrants to use, with pictures on them that they can't take off or change with someone.

The same thing goes for the food-stamp office. The office heads should get off their bottoms and do something about it. The offices should link together by computers, too.

Why does the Social Security office issue new cards and numbers when someone loses theirs? They should look up the person on the file database before issuing a new card, and then issue a new one with the same number.

There are some people with two or more Social Security cards. Then they head to food-stamp office to get help with these new cards.

There are so many Americans who need help in this area and can't get it because of this problem. The system we have is broken down, so let's fix it now.

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