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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.88 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Mar 01 - 06:38

The homeless

Whoever wrote the article about the homeless needs to know that not all of them are veterans.

If you were ever to be homeless, you do the best you can to keep clean, as well as finding a safe place to sleep and to eat.

Believe me, I used to be homeless in New York until a kind person took me into her home and then brought (me to) this house here in Florida to make my life a little better. I have problems in the cold.

Anyway, it seems that $12,500 is not nearly enough to help them all. Perhaps this person who wrote the article should try to feel for themselves what it is like to live in the streets, and then they would have a different opinion.

I am just thankful to God for the woman who took me into her home, and that was 30 years ago.

I live on Disability, which is not even enough; but I have learned how to exist on such a little amount.

Just think of those who get nothing and have nowhere to live!

Saturday market mostly up, some down

Hats off to the Ocean Avenue Saturday Market in Melbourne Beach! What a delightful and eclectic group of vendors and artisans.

I live in Vero and was thrilled to see that your lovely town is embracing a retail concept that is sweeping the nation.

The produce is exceptional, the fresh-baked breads are second to none and if you are looking for some fabulous jelly, this is the place for you.

As live island music wafted through the air, I purchased a stunning peace of jewelry, while my husband stocked up on citrus fruit and cinnamon bread.

With each tent we visited, we were greeted with a smile and genuine pleasure that we had stopped to see their offerings.

The only down side of our otherwise fun visit "north" were the angry little people who darted from their shops, shaking their finger and shouting for customers to move their vehicles.

If you were not put off by these curmudgeons, the sight of hired tow trucks standing at the ready to haul your vehicle off to parts unknown certainly would.

One can only speculate what great mind thought of this as a clever marketing tool to bring business to their shopping center.

Had I ever entertained the idea of an ice cream cone or a cold beer after our visit to the market, it was squelched by their behavior.

How sad that the short sidedness of some fail to see what a jewel they have in this venture. The market is not their enemy, it is the best thing to happen to Melbourne Beach.

Bicycles must have rules, too

This is in regard to the rant concerning bicycles a couple of weeks ago.

I agree with the writer, but would like to add that I have two rants concerning these travelers.

One, when utilizing the white line along the side of the road to indicate that it is a bike lane, why do some people insist on riding their bikes on the white line? Second, when bikers encounter single lane streets similar to the north end of Croton Road and along Parkway where a 5-foot wide bike path is provided, why can they not use the bike path instead of riding on the road and giving drivers a pain? By the way, I believe that bikes are supposed to come to a stop just like autos when they encounter a red traffic light. Just a reminder!

Bicyclists need to read the handbook

The writer would be a happier bicyclist if he/she took their own advice to read the driver's handbook and learn the rules.

Adult bicyclists have almost no rights when riding on the sidewalk.  They are required to stop for pedestrians, stop at intersections and generally behave like pedestrians.

When you are riding a bicycle, you are not a pedestrian.

Riding the wrong way is asking to be hit and injured or killed.  If you become involved when on the wrong side of the road you won't get any sympathy from the law, as you're the one at fault.

I've bicycled tens of thousands of miles and have had few problems. Learn and obey the rules and you'll live to say the same thing.



Stop supporting illegals in this country. It doesn't matter where they are from. It's not right to give them food stamps and any other assistance, when we have people here that need the help and can't get it because they are working (not making much). But (they) still pay taxes.

Why do you support people, who have violated our laws and ignore our language and expect to be treated equally? If I violate a law, I have to pay!!  You pay them and want to make them legal? 

When it comes to immigration, you people in Washington (don't) want (to) enforce our laws. In fact, you encourage more illegals to come to this country, so you can support them.

This country was made up of people from all over the world, who came in legally, and have worked very hard to make this country what it is.  Why is it that you are destroying what this country is all about?

If we need all these people here to work, then get the farmers to fill a out simple form of how many they require and when they are needed. The farmer will be responsible for their care and ensure they pay their share in taxes. When they are finished with work on this farm, then they can transfer to another farm to work. They will be issued a work permit and will only be here for work. Any children born will not automatically become citizens and live off the government. That seems to be what is happening now - filing income tax forms, with false Social Security numbers and claiming they have dependents that do not exist in this country and getting thousands of dollars for child support. What a rip off.

A far as I am concerned, every one of you in Washington should be charged with incompetence and removed from your position and sent to jail with no retirement or health insurance or anything else. Then maybe we can get some people in there who are not interested in political power, who will take their job seriously and work for the people of this country.

This is only one of many issues that need to be addressed. No wonder we are in the financial state we are in - giving everything away to other countries, illegals, tax breaks to the rich and big corporations, just to list a few. In short, "You make me sick."

Hidden money

We've heard much about the uber rich, corporations etc., making campaign contributions. We've heard about how this is hidden money.

Personally, my opinion is, "so what?"

The only problems I see are secrecy, anonymous "citizens" groups and government financing.

Republican heroes

With everybody and their brother writing a book nowadays, I thought I would write one.

I wrote it on the head of a pin, and I had plenty of room left over.

The name of the book is "Republican War Heroes of the Past 50 Years."

Taking care of people who did not work?

Thanks, (President Barack) Obama. I've been working since I was 16 years old.

I had to retire when I was 63 because of heart problems.

Finally, when Medicare kicked in, I had enough money in there for my HMO to take care of me very good.

Now, with your plan, I have to pay a lot more, because you want to take care of people who did not work.

I am sorry, but it is very bad.

Take Medicare out of the general fund. It will build up, so nobody has to go and get private insurance or this, or that; and no president or Congress or House can take money out of it.

This is the way it should be.

Full gun registration

"This year will go down in history for the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future. - Adolf Hitler, 1935."

"To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens." That's anonymous.

Also, ask our friends to the north, Canada. They had full gun registration, national registration. Ask them what happened to their weapons.

While we are at it, I would like some answers from the Obama Administration from his place of employment before he came to the Oval Office, being Illinois, the state and Chicago.

That is the most ruthless state in the nation as far as crime ... let's pin it down to Chicago ... they have the toughest gun laws in Chicago and Illinois than in any state.

And their murder rate is the highest, bar none.

Bicycles and unsecured dogs

I've just been reading the Hometown News, and I just have to make a couple of comments on a couple of rants.

The first one is about the person who doesn't want to get killed on their bicycle.

Well, lady, you have to remember that you are riding on a street that's paved for 10-ton vehicles to use. You are just a little, small bicycle that is coming in on traffic. You should watch yourself more than we can watch you. We can't see something like that, little bicycles coming in and out.

You should put lights on your bikes and maybe ride on the sidewalk, where it is less congested.

My other rant is about the poor person who had to take her two dogs to the convenience store to get some milk.

Two unsecured dogs she is driving around when she has been incapacitated herself from her operation. Then she is blaming people for not going out into a wet, grassy field to retrieve her stubborn dog who got away because she was not watching out for her dog.

It saddens me to think that people would drive around in a car with dogs that are not secured, that they could just jump on the driver at any time and cause an accident, and someone could get killed.

So, when you are driving around, secure your dogs and that kind of thing will not happen, and you won't have to ask people to help you do something you should have done yourself.

The Melbourne Beach problem

Hey, what do you know? That problem on Sunset Boulevard in Melbourne Beach has finally been taken care of by the town employees to maintain that strip of all the weeds they put in there. How about that? That's great.

Now, they just have to stop pulling up the yard sale signs in this town and pay more attention to the streets and clean them up.

Subtitles needed on stations

I think it is time now for all the television stations to put at least English subtitles on all Spanish-speaking stations, so we can understand what's going on on these stations that we are paying for.

Now, they just took our weather station off the air and put a Spanish-speaking station on there, without subtitles.

It is totally useless to Americans who only speak the country's language, which is English.

So, at least have the common decency, since you are in our country and speaking your old foreign tongue, to put subtitles on there, so we can, at least, watch what we are paying for.

Thank you.

Pedestrian city comment

I just want to say "kudos" to the person who called or wrote in about how the city needs to be more pedestrian-friendly.

I am a receiver of injury from a person on a bicycle.

I received five fractures.

He passed me so fast that the handlebar hit my back and broke my rib and all the other fractures from falling.

They do not care. They really don't. I've had them pass me, just whipping by.

A heart attack probably would have ensued if I were prone to have one at that time.

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