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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.56 / 5 (9 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Mar 01 - 06:17

Thrill of a lifetime

I, Don H. Huffman Sr., Port Orange, had the thrill of a lifetime on Jan. 19, 2013, at the New Smyrna Golf Club. I, a 78-year-old golfer, made a hole-in-one on a 142-yard, par 3 fifth hole. It was witnessed by my two sons, Alan and Charlie, and also Paul Hill, a visitor from Canada in our foursome. It was my second thrill. My first thrill was 43 years ago in Phoenix, Ariz. So my next thrill should be when I am about 118 years old. The club employees and patrons were very happy for me. The club pro promised my name would go on the honor wall and be in the newspaper. So make this promise come true print this rave. I want to thank the lady from the restaurant who took our pictures. She became very emotional for me. I want to thank her again.

We need jobs

I work for Volusia County Schools. They are getting rid of custodial jobs because they don't want to pay the benefits. They want to outsource. Some of the workers have been there more than 20 years. Now, they are saying it is going to come down the line to bus drivers and cafeteria workers. I think people should be aware of it. Something should be done about it.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

I agree it is not the job of code enforcement officers to take care of medians or cars blocking sidewalks. However, it is the responsibility of homeowners/renters to maintain their properties. A recession is not an excuse to have lawns go unmowed, trash strewn all over the yards, etc. As I mentioned before, a little elbow grease and pride goes a long way! I have called the city in the past, complaining about foreclosed homes that seem to just be rotting away, not much was done. It would be to the advantage of the mortgage owners, (banks), to keep those homes maintained, they would be more appealing to prospective buyers. It would appear we are becoming a country of entitlements/dependency -- this is very sad since everyone is affected by this and not in a good way. Lets get some pride back.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

I also live in a deed-restricted community where my homeowners association does nothing. I want to know why I have to pay such high fees when they will not enforce the rules. Our rules are stricter than the city, but nothing can get done through the HOA. Thank God we have code enforcement, because if not our homeowners association does nothing.

I like Dan's column

I like Dan Smith's column when he talks about the good old days, he has a great memory.

At a cruise's mercy

You are at their mercy when you go on a cruise. I have always maintained that so called luxury cruises are best suited for people who have to be told what to do when on their vacation. People on cruises are truly there to stuff their faces and stare at the ocean. In your car, you can stop whenever you want to, make changes, make unexpected discoveries while en route.

On a cruise you are locked in. There is also not much legality in complaining about poor treatment when on a cruise. A lot of these ships are not registered in this country. There is a lot of fine print in the papers you sign when you go on a cruise. You are the cruise's prisoner customers. Just count the times you are bombarded with the word tip. They let you know tips are expected, one step short of being demanded. Now, what happened when the service is poor? Just try tipping accordingly and you will be one step from humiliation. Above all, don't forget what the average cruise company will tell you when you register a noteworthy complaint. You paid to go out and you went out.

Thank you, Elks

A grateful thanks to Port Orange Elks Lodge 2723 for the most delicious, hot meals on wheels to senior citizens.

Investigate, then move

Personally the Rants and Raves are the most entertaining portion of this newspaper. What it shows me is just how little common sense there is in this area. Right now, the debate over the airport sounds so petty.

Here is why I feel that way. First if you purchase a new home, condo or whatever and choose not to find out about the area before signing a contract whose fault is that? You see I look not only at the home or condo, but the neighborhood and the surrounding area.

For starters, my children are all grown, so the last place I want to be in is the walking path to a school. Second, if I want to live in a quiet area, I would make sure there is nothing that will be noisy. Oh lets say a motorcycle business or where Bike Week is held or an airport. Now bikers don't get upset, I actually enjoy riding.

The ranter seemed to be very jealous over the fact these people can afford airplanes. I can't afford an airplane, but when I see someone flying overhead on their own, I think, wow, that is one very lucky or smart person. Not everyone makes a lot of money nor does everyone make little money. If you were unable for whatever reason to not save for a healthy retirement, it isn't the fault of the person flying the plane overhead. If you choose to move to an area with a small airport, common sense would state that it will probably get loud at times and even grow. You have only yourself to blame for not using common sense when moving. Stop blaming everyone else for your troubles and deal with them.

By the way, I am not rich, I do not own an airplane and I have to save for years to travel. I don't blame anyone else for this but me. So if you don't want to move, then maybe some earplugs would help.

Noisy and dangerous

I live in Pinnacle Park in Port Orange. There are planes that fly over very low, very noisy. On the weekends, there are five or six planes that fly by wing to wing or one on top the other. I think this is very dangerous. I think they ought to look into this. Most of them are out of Spruce Creek Fly-in.

In response to: 'Mardi Gras' (lesson on social greed)

My husband and I are in total agreement with the Mardi Gras letter. It is sad to hear that the "boomers" were non-caring of the little ones at the parade. They were not only greedy, but, they were cheap in the establishments in which they occupied every space.

First we went to the Flagler Tavern; there sat large groups along the balcony that were there for hours and only drank ice tea. We wanted to drink and eat there, however, we left in disgust of the boomers ability to take every space in the establishment, knowing they were spending as little money as possible.

My husband and I are in our 40s and have three children. It was our date night. Only to return home before the parade began because we decided that Mardi Gras is now an event for the older generation. I would never disrespect my elders, however, what I saw that night was not fun. Is this what the establishments on Flagler Avenue want, folks sitting around for hours drinking tea?

One more signal needed

Why is there no left turn signal light at Madeline Avenue to Clyde Morris Boulevard South? Three quarters of the intersection have left turn signal lights, why not southbound out of Madeline.

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