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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.15 / 5 (13 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 22 - 06:37

Why are there homeless people here?

I want to applaud all those who helped the homeless on Jan. 19.

Those great people raised a whopping $12,500 for the veterans.

My unanswered question is, "why are there homeless veterans in a Republican county like Brevard in the first place?"

Do they not have family here? Why were they not given careers in the police and fire departments or the sanitation department?

But on a bright note, now that they got $12,500 in one day, maybe they won't have to take baths in the two ponds in Wickham Park.

Drug-running motorcyclists: how dare you!

This is in response to the arrogant person who wrote "drug-running motorcyclists."

First and foremost, I take offense to your allegation that motorcyclists are drug running, and that the motorcycles you saw were drug running. That was totally unfair.

Are you some sort of a federal agent with X-ray vision to see the drugs?

Yes, I have had that same experience of young guys and gals riding like fools on the interstate; and, yes, where are the police when these fools decided to act stupid?

Just ask yourself what drug-running motorcyclist would pull a stunt like that and put himself in a situation were he might get stopped, which would result in a conviction and jail. I don't think that they are that stupid; no I am not taking their side, but get real!

Generally, when you see that sort of display of stupidity, it is a display of youth - powered by too much testosterone.

In the motorcycle community, they are referred to as "crotch rockets."

You seem to blame all motorcycles. I've been riding since 1961, and not all bikers are as you see them! Most of us are law-abiding citizens, just like you.

As for your references to Melbourne and West Melbourne, that has got to be the most offensive and ignorant statement that a person could make.

I have lived in this area since 1959 and have lived in both of those cities, and there are good people in both.

There are "druggies" in every part of this country, and in your neighborhood; it is not limited to one particular area.

Wake up, and get real! You need to apologize to those good people!

As for your statement about our police, they do the very best that they can.

They do more than any of us can image to try to control the drug problem, along with all the other issues they deal with daily.

We need to be thanking them for the job that they do and help when we can.

They don't get the pay that they deserve for what they do.

They stand in the gap between you and your snooty pious attitude and the drug underworld. God bless our law enforcement officers!

Do something positive and thank law enforcement, or do something to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

If everyone had your attitude, this beautiful area would really suck! Get a life and climb down off your pedestal and don't be so judgmental!

I am a full-blown biker, who served this great country to help protect and preserve our rights to be free to enjoy life to its fullest. You need to thank all the folks who protect our rights.

Don't ever call anyone who rides a motorcycle a "drug runner," unless you have some super powers and are better than the police.

Maybe, you need to move!

'No' to half a cent for schools

Over the years, we've complained about our elected officials never tightening their belt, always quick to raise taxes.

Well, they finally act like they are doing the right thing and close some schools, and look what happens. These people come out and say, "not my kid's school."

We had the half-cent tax on the ballot in November, and it was turned down.

Accept the outcome, and get on with your life.

'Justice for all?' Who are you kidding?

Odd. You rob a bank and you go to jail. A bank robs you of your house and it 'makes a deal' with the Justice Department. You steal from an oil company and you go to jail. An oil company steals from you and it "negotiates a fine" with the Justice Department. The bank or oil company even settles the deal or pays the fine with your funds. So, you get punished either way.

Meanwhile, the "big bank" and "big oil" executives are laughing up their sleeves as they collect big bonuses for robbing you.

That hardly seems (to be) the "justice for all" the Founding Fathers had in mind.

To the recent rant letter 'We the People'

This rant is about the "We the People" rant.

Many local Brevard officials were just given a rubber stamp and re-elected, after already doing nothing for the constituents. Thanks for that.

The writer says "We the People" want to get back to our roots. 

What roots? That is a very subjective statement and makes no specific sense. What roots? Slavery, no civil rights, no child labor laws, back to the roots of his original country of origin?

And the comment thrown in about wanting oil right here in America: another blatant unexplained comment.

This writer needs to do some homework. It has been proven time and time again oil produced here in the United States would not be any less expensive than what exists now.

I realize some of these Hometown News contributors just want to "sound off;" but please, be specific and make some sense to the rest of us.

Many of the rants are disrespectful

Lately, it looks to me like many of the letters being printed in Hometown News border on a level of hate toward our president.

It is disrespectful to refer to President Obama as "you" or "him." It is disrespectful to be insulting just because you do not agree with the president of the United States.

He was elected by the majority, and some of these writers need to learn some respect for our leader. You may not agree with all of his policies, but making statements about dishonesty and what you personally think is "killing this country" is heresy and not of any expertise whatsoever of any sort.

"Obamacare" (the Affordable Healthcare Act) was mentioned in one letter, where this writer rants about the costs (which no costs of "Obamacare" have been put in place yet), while having no clue that we ran two wars that were not paid for, which are catching up to us.

Our country is trying to recover from financial disaster due to prior administrations, not due to the current one.

My guess is lately many people are writing in with a lot of free time on their hands and just want to sound off about not being happy about something relating to our presidency. Most of the time, these people are part of the problem, never part of the solution. And, hopefully these obstructionists are a dying breed and can get out of the way of allowing our president to do the things we elected him to do.

This is in response to some of the rants

Yes, companies should promote from within, but because most companies don't want to advance their female employees, because we have the tendency to put family first, they would rather hire from outside and pretend none of their employees were worthy of promotion, because it would mean having to advance a female.

Yes, all Republicans are greedy. As a liberal Democrat, I believe that the government should help us, not that we should help it.

A blog is not a good source for facts about abortion laws. Abortion needs to stay legal. Do we really want to go back to the days of the back-alley abortion?

A person who abandons their animal when they move should be arrested for animal cruelty and forced to take a psychological examination.

Gluten-free dining out

It is a problem eating out if you have to eat gluten-free food, have celiac disease or just feel better avoiding wheat.

There is one restaurant that has come out with a gluten-free menu, in addition to its regular menu. It is Bob Evans.

You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner gluten-free. You have to request the gluten-free menu.

Locally, the restaurant is located in Melbourne and West Melbourne. They also have many locations in Florida and other states.

Are you a '20 percent' or a '40 percent?'

I see a lot of people are writing rants about taxing the rich.

Let me explain something to you about (President Barack) Obama's "tax the rich" scheme.

There are two methods of taxing the rich: the 20 percent and the 40 percent. Those who are working for a living, probably making $200,000 a year or maybe $100,000 a year, they are all going to get taxed at 40 percent.

The rest of the rich people, those with $5 billion, $6 billion, $7 billion, etc. a year, they are only going to get taxed at 20 percent. You see, they already had the money, so they are only going to get taxed at 20 percent.

That's what (President) Obama's "tax the rich" scheme is.

Dial '2' for English

Can someone please tell me why the Republicans picked Senator Marco Rubio to give the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address?

First, he will speak English, then in Spanish.

I would like to know about all the other foreign languages that are spoken in this country?

Republicans are missing to boat on this. They slapped the face of all other Republicans, who grew up in other nationality households.

There wasn't anyone to speak for them. They learned English in this country.

The Republican agenda

After watching the State of the Union Address and that (deleted) (Sen. Marco) Rubio's response, it is clear that the Republican plan will hold us back.

We can't invest anything. We can't build anything. We can't spend anything.

All we can do is pay for tax cuts for the rich. Everything will be OK then.

We don't want to invest or build in the future. If you don't invest anything, you don't get anything back. Apparently, that is the Republican plan.

That's why they were rejected at the ballot box. That's why it's going to happen again in 2014 and 2016.

The Republican Party is more useless than dirt. It's like bringing sand to the beach.

Closing schools: How dare you?

This is in reference to the school board members, who (voted to) close the grade schools.

Have you all lost your minds? Have you all lost your common sense? Have you all lost your compassion?

I think most of you are on a power trip and are corrupt.

How dare you close these schools?

Now, some of those kids are going to be faced with more hurdles in front of them by going to their third or fourth elementary school in three to four years.

They already come from a not-so-high economic bracket. They already face problems that other kids in other schools probably don't face.

How dare you? And how dare you not let people speak?

I can't wait until it's voting time, because, as far as I'm concerned, only about two of you up there are going to get a vote from me.

And I hope the parents, who are organized, keep organizing.

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