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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.5 / 5 (12 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 22 - 06:17

Attend this meeting

Taxpayers in Southeast Volusia County, the future of Bert Fish Hospital is in your hands, or is it? Be aware of the Southeast Volusia Hospital District Board of Commissioners/Bert Fish Medical Center Inc. Board of Directors joint meeting at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, in the Edgewater Council Chambers. The agenda items state the purpose of the meeting is to provide the respondents to the recent request for proposal for strategic partner the opportunity to make an oral presentation of their proposal to the joint board and provide interested members of the public the opportunity to be heard on the matter.

While it might seem unfortunate that only two groups responded to the request for proposal, the board seems to feel the need to move forward quickly to make a decision, apparently following the advice of its hired consultant.

As you may or may not know, the previous partnership with Florida Hospital was dissolved by court order since decisions were made without the public being allowed at the secret meetings where decisions were made. We now have the chance to hear these two bidders and offer our opinion. Perhaps the decision should be postponed until more bids are sought and received to give us a better choice. Conversely, perhaps the desperate fiscal status of the hospital indicates a need to act now. Either way it seems very important to the future of our local hospital that citizens attend and take part in this meeting.

Clean up after your pets

My Rant pertains particularly to the City of Edgewater. Too many people who walk their dogs are not picking up after their dogs. This is unsanitary, against the law, and just generally lazy and despicable behavior.

I have observed many people walking one or more dogs within the Edgewater city limits allowing their pets to defecate on city and private property, then walk off and leave the area without picking up the "deposit" left by their animal or animals. I fault not only the person walking the dogs, but also the authorities that have the responsibility to enforce the law. Many of the violations occur early in the morning and just before dark. The authorities responsible for enforcing this law could and should be aware of these times and do some patrol looking for the offenders at these mentioned times. It is my opinion that it would not take very many citations to get the general public to sit up and notice it can get very expensive paying fines for this unlawful behavior. If and when fines are levied against some of these offenders, it would be great to see their names published in the Hometown News, so other offenders might take notice and be forewarned.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

The letters regarding the cleanup of Port Orange could have been written by me. I live in a neighborhood where houses sold for $200,000 to $300,000 before the housing bubble burst.

Since then, the neighborhood has been on a downhill slide. Cars are parked on sodded areas, trash cans (and trash) are stored visible to the street, sidewalks are blocked by cars that no longer fit in two and three car garages because of accumulated junk. Code enforcement -- hah! This neighborhood even has a homeowners' association, which explicitly lists some of these infractions as violations.

But here's the kicker -- the biggest violators are two or three Port Orange police officers. Are these officers held to a different standard when it comes to following the rules? The HOA seems to turn a blind eye to these violators. It's sad to say the foreclosed houses in the area are in better shape than some of the occupied ones. It takes one bad apple to ruin the barrel, and one unkempt, rundown house can bring down the home values of the entire neighborhood. What a shame.

Dan makes sense

I would like to commend Dan Smith for his common sense approach to the weather and climate that we have, as he wrote about in his Land Lines column Jan. 25. I taught history for years and we have had ice ages and little ice ages, we have times when the earth warmed. It's always been doing this, and very recently, too, within the last few hundreds years. The point is, it is going to change one way of the other.

In the 1970s, it was suppose to be global cooling. In the 1990s, it was global warming. What difference does it make? These climate alarmists are trying to get a lot of money and power. That is way they associate it with man made. Don't be dumb. Don't listen to people who are just trying to get your money.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

I am a retired police office and code enforcement supervisor in Florida and I felt the need to call in. I have lived in Port Orange for 10 years and contacted the code people on several issues. They were always professional and courteous and did address my concerns.

As I drive through, Port Orange it is in much better condition than some of the surrounding areas. Due to the worst recession that our country has seen and the ever-growing foreclosure problem the country has seen, I feel Port Orange is doing a good job.

Many of the complaints I have read about seem to be false or the complainant is misinformed. Code enforcement does not take care of high grass in medians or cars blocking the sidewalks. I did some research and similar size cities have much greater staffing than Port Orange. In my opinion, instead of griping in the paper, why not give the city a call. I am sure they will address your concerns. Look around Daytona Beach, you many appreciate living in Port Orange like I do.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

I wanted to say the city of Port Orange is almost totally developed. What would we do if we didn't have code enforcement?

Planes are annoying

This is for the person who thinks small airplanes in New Smyrna Beach are not annoying. Come on over to our retirement community in Quail Hollow from 7 a.m. to noon Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am so sorry our Social Security checks do not allow us to buy our own airplane. I guess I wouldn't complain if I was wealthy enough to live in one of the high-dollar communities and have our own plane. I guess I wouldn't be so jealous.

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