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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > St. Lucie County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.08 / 5 (24 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 15 - 07:26

Where are the hairnets?

My wife was an accredited chef and after being told only once that she must wear a hairnet and gloves every time she was preparing food, she never went without again.

So, how come a Fort Pierce Central High School student was not wearing either a hairnet or gloves in her picture in the Hometown News of Feb. 8, 2013? Her long braided hair was almost into the chocolate mousse she was preparing. Same thing as to the other students, also pictured without hairnets or gloves. One had extremely long hair and a beard. Shame on all of you. When was the last time these folks were checked out for food code violations? Extremely gross. I don't want to purchase food by any of these people because hair and germs may be contained in the products they prepare for the general public.

Obama's lottery?

Hey here's a title for the welfare program; call it either the Obama lottery or the government lottery, all you have do to qualify is be female, have kids, be unwed, and for the gals, just don't give the government your man's social security, or then he'll have to pay for his own kids. God forbid that would happen. Here's an idea for the doctors: if these females are on welfare, then they should be made not to produce anymore at the taxpayer expense. Now that would slowly end poverty. Or, the government should make it where they have to get a license to get pregnant. Heck, you have to have a license for everything else. Why not for the people on welfare? The taxpayer should get paid back from those who want an easy life without working. Sounds cruel, huh? Well, so is having kids without really wanting them, just to maintain yourselves on the government payroll.

Sick and mad

We are grandparents and great-grandparents of nine wonderful kids.

That said, we are both sick and mad at all the adults that voted for Mr. Obama. How could any caring senior vote for a man that is spending at such a rate that he will saddle out kids forever with debt? How could you be so selfish as to destroy your kids?

We don't condone it, but we see why selfish unions do it. We also know why minorities do it. But for seniors, well, it's just wrong. It's like the bumper stickers I see around, saying you can't be catholic and for abortion. Well you cannot be a grandparent and vote for Obama. Shame on you!

Double talk

Obama's comments on New Amnesty Immigrants are double talk and two-faced. He stated, "They must learn English, get a job and pay Taxes.

Number one, learning English or any language takes time or schooling. Number two, what kind of jobs can they (or Obama) expect to get without speaking English? Number three, how can they pay taxes with no job?

There are no jobs for American citizens now. He speaks about entrepreneurship, but when and if they become successful, he will call them 'rich' and take their hard-earned money.

Everything he says is contradictory. Where are these people to live? I hope they all find shelter next door to all the people who voted for him, along with the millions of other immigrants. Don't think they won't be!

Do we have the resources to take on millions upon millions?

Of all the water on this earth, under gravity, only 1 percent is fit for human and animal consumption. In America's early days, new citizens migrating West had gun fights over water rights.

This is a global problem. Why don't we have the right to vote on these important issues? Why is he absolutely vehement on bringing in all these people? He does have his reasons, you know.

Haven't you Obama butt-kissers wondered about this, too?

Here's one of his latest bird-brained ideas: He wants more safety in Football! This is just too much, even for him. I don't think he's thinking of the millions and millions of Football (sports) fans in America. I think he will be in for more than one surprise if he messes with the NFL! Fans are voters too, Mr. Double Talker.


The writer talks about a special group of property owners who receive a subsidy. After our dual hurricanes, a neighbor informed me that my tenants had vacated my home they were renting.

Arriving at the home, I discovered the inside was destroyed, dog feces everywhere and the central air conditioning unit was destroyed.

Neighbors said the tenants bragged they had received a check from FEMA for damages from the hurricane, and moved out without my knowledge and of course, no forwarding information.

I was so upset that they received money for damages. There was absolutely no damage from either hurricane, the damage was from the tenants. I left several messages and my contact info with FEMA letting them know I knew of a fraud. No one ever returned my calls.

It's no wonder they claim to be losing money, they are giving it away without verifying all the facts. All the repairs and clean-up came out of my pocket, not the government.

A U.S. Ponzi

For years, the U. S. Treasury has taken our payments, designated for our Social Security, and spent it on all kinds of wasteful and frivolous giveaways. To cover themselves, they dreamed up a pretense of putting IOUs in a so-called lock box. It is a scam. Texas governor Rick Perry has exposed it as a giant Ponzi scheme.

On guns

Stop with the big lie that "politicians want to take our guns away." They are talking about banning semi-assault and assault weapons and magazines that hold over 10 rounds. That is not banning our guns, it's keeping military-style weapons away from maniacs who butcher civilians. What is wrong with that?


President Obama's two daughters attend the prestigious Sidwell Friends private school. No inferior public schools for them. It's perfectly OK to have armed guards at the White House and everywhere he and his family travel. But, no guns anywhere near public schools to protect our children. Go figure.

National debt

Led by President Obama, the U.S. has become the largest debtor nation on the face of the earth, the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. Any government, like any family, can for a year spend a little more than it earns, but it's clear that a continuation of the habit means the poorhouse.

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