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New accessories catch your interest
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Posted: 2013 Feb 08 - 08:55

One of the categories I enjoy exploring most at the PGA Merchandise Show is accessories. From swing aids, to new drinks to things that keep you cool, these are the most diverse bunch of items to discover.

In Florida there is hardly a time when you don't need some way to stay cool on the course or even working around the house of in the yard. Polar Basics Cool Gear (www.polarbasics.com) is just the thing we need.

Using Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) technology in a line of hats, beanies, instant cooling towels and beach gear Polar Basics is able to keep you cool when the heat is one. Simply wet the item, wring out the excess water and put it on for hours of cooling.

I tried one of the towels and found it works wonderfully on the course between shots. You can use it to wipe your face or cover your head or wrap around the back of your neck. It instantly dissipates heat and brings your temperature down.

One thing that I'm guilty of is not reapplying sunscreen. I forget that it will burn or wipe off over time. Sunscreen Bands (www.sunscreenbands.com) are a great new product. When you apply your sunscreen, you also apply it to the band. Remove a piece of backing to expose the adhesive and put it around your wrist. As your sunscreen wears off, the band changes color to alert you when it's time to reapply. This is especially effective in reminding children and adults who often get too distracted or busy to notice that they're burning.

For those of us that use a push or pull cart and are tired of stopping to clean the dirt off our clubs, the Cadet by Global Golf Industries (www.globalgolfind.com) is a great new product. The Cadet attaches directly to the wheel of the pull or push cart for easy hands-free operation. A detachable and replaceable brush slips on and spins while you walk allowing you to use that to quickly clean your club after every shot.

Arc Angel by Frogger Golf (www.froggergolf.com) is a great new putting aid. The two pieces fold down to easily fit into your golf bag. When used they allow you to attach the shaft of a club or an alignment stick to create your putter path and hone your stroke.

We've all spent time on the range hitting balls. Many of us love to use our driver, trying to perfect the long ball. How often have you broken or lost a tee or six while doing this? What you may need is The-O-Ring-Golf (www.the-o-ring-golf.com). This new and innovative product is designed to be used at any range and with the first use you will see its benefits.

It anchors a reusable rubber-like tee right into the ground, allowing you to practice longer, harder and better, without having to find a tee after every shot. I was amazed at how simple it is to use and how effectively it worked.

Golfers spend a lot of time on their feet, and keeping those feet happy is a great way to a better golf game. KentWool Socks (www.kentwoolsocks.com) make use of wool to create a breathable, durable, stretchable sock that makes walking a joy. The line comes in six different styles for men and women. Bubba Watson liked them so much he wore KentWool Socks for all 74 holes to capture his first Green jacket at The Masters last year.

Golfer Aid (www.golferaid.com) is not an energy drink. It is a "synergy" drink. Filled with honest and effective amounts of vitamins and supplements specifically designed to aid the golfer's body and mind from the first tee to the last. The ingredients team to help your focus, balance, power, endurance and flexibility.

How does Golfer Aid do this? The ingredients mimic the effects of strength-building hormones, increase blood flow to the brain, boost your endurance and stamina, improve vision and balance and promote joint health and flexibility.

If after your round you prefer a slightly stronger drink then Whiskey Stones from Teroforma (www.teroforma.com) are just what you need. No one likes their adult beverage watered-down.

These stones are made from a select variety of soapstone. Place them in the freezer a few hours before you wish to use them, then pull them out place in a glass and pour your favorite drink to where it just covers them and they will keep your beverage cool and enjoyable for a prolonged time without scratching the glass or melting into your liquor.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to test my Whiskey Stones a bit more.

James Stammer has been an avid golfer and golf enthusiast for nearly 40 years. He hosts the Thursday Night Golf Show on WSTU 1450-AM. Contact him at stammergolf@yahoo.com.

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