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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Indian River County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.25 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 08 - 06:49

About guns

Take guns away from law abiding people and who will be safer? Ask Byron Lee, owner of a pharmacy near Fresno, California. When two masked men entered his store and started firing, Lee returned fire, killing one. Police captured the other. The local police chief stated, "This individual, having a gun, absolutely saved his life. Why do politicians want the government to ban private gun ownership?"

A way out

Well, after seeing the population of Fort Pierce at 37,500 and the poverty level at 32 percent makes you think. Just what are these people thinking after the election?

You do have a split in the economy. Those who have, and those that run to the government for assistance. The haves are the well to-dos. They have an education. They applied their brains to learning so they could have nicer wealth in life. There's a big difference with that mentality. The ones who just get by do not want to apply themselves to their own wellbeing. And that's a crying shame.

I've been homeless, and have been helped by my friends to get myself out of my situation with success. So for those who just want to sit at home and get frustrated because you're dependent upon the government for assistance, there's a way out of that dilemma. It's called get out and apply yourself. Don't be part of the problem, create your own destiny.

It made me sick to see those poverty numbers. The only excuse those people have is plain laziness. America was brought up on self-reliance. People who are well-to-do earned it. They owe nothing to those people who are just down-right lazy. That's the difference between the well-to-do and the ones who are uneducated, and it's never too late to apply yourself.

The facts?

Reading a report from "American progress" as suggested by the writer is certainly not the place to go for factual information.

Your editor's note sounds like it was printed off their website. Anyone who reads or follows politics knows that The Center for American Progress is not independent, nor is it nonpartisan. It is a leftist group supporting socialistic and Democratic Party issues. No problem there, and the right have their support organizations as well. Just tell it like it is. No smoke and mirrors. Thanks.

A wake up call

This is a response to the CWA Local 3181 from a long time N.J. Union Contractor now retired in Florida. You need a wakeup call. First, the public employees union is a blanket on top of Civil Service. Secondly, the public employees' unions are coddled by the politicians for their PAC money and votes, not for possible losses in production or shutdown. Thirdly, you are never sent home when there is no work; get vacation pay and sick leave, something the trade union's members do not get unless they paid for it. Fourthly, trade union members do not get medical benefits or pension credits unless they work a certain number of hours each year, and when they retire some have to pay up to a $1,000 a month for medical when they retire. How much will you pay?

Their pension funds are always at risk, unlike yours. I am sure you can show anyone who will listen that your hourly pay is less than a similar a buildings trade's member, for the same job. But if you compare both over the lifetime of service, you are way ahead.

So in closing, if I were you, I would keep a low profile before your employer (the taxpayers) realize when I and other Union contractors were done with a trade union employee, I was done, unlike the taxpayers who, after hiring you, have to pay you until you die and in some cases, even after you die.

In short, your letter was an insult to all the trade union people who go home tired and dirty every day.

Defending the tax code

The tax code has few defenders these days. It's too complicated, expensive and onerous. It drives companies overseas. It discourages savings. It penalizes growth. It's almost as if it were written by our enemies rather than by our so-called representatives.

The president's job

Our president was elected to provide leadership. So far, we are proceeding from one crisis to another. Rather than strategic planning, this country is lurching back and forth. This is not leadership. It is failure. It's not what he was elected to do.

Debt on top of debt

To keep the ship afloat, President Obama is piling on debt on top of an already record-breaking debt. It grows each and every day. A recent calculation is $10,596,768,009,341.49.

That's $90,000 for every household in the United States.

Are you prepared to pay your $90,000?

Wishful thinking

President Obama believes we can spend ourselves rich. Fat chance of that happening. His wishful thinking is a disaster for this country. We can't keep giving "stuff" to people.

Referring to the so-called safety net where government helps out people who are temporarily down on their luck, Congressman Paul Ryan says, "I don't want to see government turn the safety net into a hammock."

Regarding FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says that it has been losing money for years and admits that it has no plans to change policies or procedures. It's called "insurance" but what it really amounts to is a giant subsidy for a special group of property owners. We will always suffer damage from hurricanes. If Congress wants to find ways to cut spending, it need look no further than FEMA.

Excessive spending

President Obama refuses to concede the obvious, but other Democrats are starting to acknowledge that the government's excessive spending and borrowing is heading us toward a dramatic day of reckoning. Even Erskine Bowles, a liberal investment banker, is now an unlikely itinerant preacher on the urgency of dealing with the deficit. "The fiscal path we are on today is simply not sustainable," he says. "The deficits that we are incurring on an annual basis are like a cancer, and they are truly going to destroy this country from within unless we have the common sense to do something about it. We face the most predictable economic crisis in history." Wise men will listen.

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