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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.56 / 5 (16 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 08 - 06:34

Washing hands issue

I'd like to get some feedback concerning washing hands before handling my food.

Restaurants should have one person handling money, persons to prepare your food after washing hands and not handling money.

It turns me off when I see that restaurant employees make my food after handling other customer's money.

One should handle money; one should prepare the food.

Paint the power plant smoke stacks

Wouldn't it be nice if Florida Power & Light would paint their new power plant stacks red, white and blue?

It would make the community proud and remedy the dreary gray color they are now.

Yes, no?

Early retirement incentives, student achievement

Given the prevalence of districts offering older teachers incentives to retire early in order to fill budget gaps and the rising average age of the teachers, the composition of teachers will change dramatically in coming years.

However, there currently is no information on how these changes in the teacher workforce will affect student achievement

This report examines an early retirement incentive program in Illinois in the mid-1990s to identify the effects of large-scale teacher retirements on student achievement.

The authors conclude the program did not reduce test scores; likely, it increased them.

The positive effects were most pronounced in low socioeconomic status and lower-performing schools.

These results suggest that districts may be able to lower costs without damaging student outcomes through early retirement programs.

Florida should require all employees that have completed DROP to retire now.

Source: Education Week.

Interest in guns is not for entertainment purposes

I spent many years in the regular Army, the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. When I went on duty for training or for an operation, I was expected to know the common skills of a soldier.

You can help yourself to keep current by having an AR-15 rifle (same as an M-16 rifle, except it is not automatic) available to field strip, clean and inspect; as a preparation for being activated. Practice makes perfect.

Certain people thank us for our service and then turn around and stab us in the back with obstacles, such as inflated prices and a ban on semi-automatic weapons.

Some uninformed people even think that our interest in weapons is for entertainment.

Entertainment has nothing do to with it.

Good 'smart meter'

After watching a "Fox News" report on people objecting to "smart meters," we have to say that contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, we like our Florida Power and Light smart meter, which has been installed for about six or seven months now.

Primarily, our bills are lower.

We've compared them with bills from the previous five years, and they are approximately 15 percent lower.

We have no problem with FP&L knowing when we are using maximum and/or minimum power. We seriously doubt that anyone will plan to rob our home based on our power consumption and time of usage.

And, no, there are no health problems. In fact, a persistent back problem I have had for about a year and a half seems to have almost totally disappeared (No, I'm not on medication).

Nah! The meter can't be the reason!

Social Security was our insurance

I paid into Social Security and Medicare for 31 years through payroll deductions for insurance, so that at the retirement age of 65 years old, I could depend on funds to live on, following retirement.

These funds are taxed the first time, prior to being submitted through payroll deductions for 31 years.

Our government saw this fund grow and used it as government piggy bank.

Unfortunately, these funds grew in value, and our government took control to the effect of creating many giveaway programs, in lieu of (receiving?) votes for this.

We registered voters failed to more carefully get to know enough about our elected officials.

It is my goal that a survey could be printed out for the whole public, especially for our young people, who are going into the working environment now, that all Americans be given the name of each program or project that is being funded by Social Security - as to the name of the funds, who receives the benefit, how long they receive it, the requirement to be eligible and how they became eligible.

Don't kill the people on bicycles

I am the person who wrote the rant about people honking and yelling at people on bicycles.

It's not been very long since the paper published my rant. Since then, as of yesterday, I was riding my bicycle on the sidewalk going to work beachside, a person was pulling out of a parking lot hit me on my bicycle.

He and his wife rolled down the windows and asked me if I was all right.

I said that I was all right, but that my bicycle was un-rideable, as my frame was bent and my back wheel rim was bent.

I thought they were going to get out to check the property damage on my bicycle, which I am now going to have to pay for; but they drove off.

I am cursed for writing that original rant in the Hometown News? I think not.

But I would like to say to people: Please yield and please watch for bicycles, both directions, as you are pulling out into roads and intersections.

A week, or so, ago, I was coming home from work, and I almost got hit again at the same beachside intersection.

I had the green light. The person coming the opposite direction pulled out in front of me. I saw him coming, and I had enough time to stop.

Please, people, learn your driver's handbook and manuals. This is my second time in a week-and-a-half. What is it going to take - for you all to run me over and kill me, and then you'll have a guilty conscience to look out for bicycles and motorcycles, people who do not have big old vehicles to drive?

I'm just a working class person, who has to now pay for the damage to my bicycle.

Please, people, look out for bicycles and motorcycles.

Who owns the cats?

In reply to the person who wrote in about being tired of cats being around their house and how they were going to trap them and take them away to probably have them put to sleep.

I would think that this person would have a heart and go talk to the owners and find out who owns the cats; because it is not the poor animals that should suffer, it should be the people.

Doesn't this person know that? I would be afraid to be a friend of this person if they feel this way about innocent animals; what could they do to a friend?

I think they should have another look at the situation and turn their life around.

No one helps anyone in need anymore

It was Monday night around 9 p.m. when I realized I didn't have any milk, and I wanted to have a glass of milk. So, I decided to go down to my local convenience store to purchase a gallon.

I recently had surgery and have two dogs, a jack russell and a beagle, and because of my surgery, I have not been able to walk them in several months.

I decided to take them with me, because, for them, a ride in the car is a treat. It's getting out.

Unfortunately, when I got to the convenience store, I was not quick enough, and my jack russell jumped out of the car and ran across the street into a field.

There were three cars in the area that were pulling in or out of the store, and I was waving my arms, yelling "help, help," because I knew with my recent surgery, I couldn't lift my 30-pound jack russell and carry him that far.

Not one person stopped, so I continued to trudge through the weeds, and grass and finally I was able to order my dog to stop, which he did; and I caught him.

It took me 20 minutes to get him back to my car, as I could only carry him for a total of three steps at a time. I had to put him down and stop and rest.

On the way back, there were an additional three cars pulling out, and I saw them all looking at me. I waved my arms and yelled, "help, help," and I thought someone would be kind enough to come and help me carry my dog back to my car.

Unfortunately, not one person stopped, not one person cared.

I'm a middle-aged woman, and the only thing I was carrying was the keys in my pocket to get back into my car.

It really saddens me that in this used-to-be small safe town that out of these six different vehicles, not one person rolled down their window a half an inch to say, "Can I help you?"

It's very bad. I wonder what this country is coming to, this world. And now I wonder what this town is coming to when you see a middle-aged woman on the street waving her arms, screaming "help," that you can't even take a moment to roll down your window a little bit and say "What's wrong?" and, at least, try to see if there is something you can do to help.

It's very, very disappointing.

Like I said, I was finally able to get my dog and get him back into the car.

All's well that ends well, but no thanks to the six people at the convenience store on Monday night, who did not a thing to reach out to help a fellow neighbor.

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