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Rants & raves
Rating: 4.55 / 5 (11 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 08 - 06:14

Service was moving

I attended the service at Prince of Peace by the Father John Washington Post 1944 Catholic War Veterans of the United States. It was tribute honoring active military on Jan. 26. It was an unbelievable experience. I think there were more than 170 names read of people on active duty. There was a wonderful statement by the commander Gene Swarbrick and the Rev. Chris Hoffman, a retired Air Force colonial who is pastor of Our Lady of Hope. A special credence should be given to the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ROTC and color guard programs. I was surprised to learn Florida was the No. 3 state in the United States in fatalities with 190 people. Also, I would like to thank the Council of Catholic Women for their hospitality.

Thanks for cleaning up

There are so many people who throw trash in other people's yards. Recently, I saw a young man stopping to pick up trash from different yards. May the Lord bless him.

Sidewalk needs care

The sidewalk on Neptune Drive in Ormond Beach, north to Ormond-by-the-Sea needs work. There are different types of bushes that are growing over the sidewalks.

The county or the homeowners, whoever is responsible, needs to be taking care of it. Some of one side has been cleaned up, but they never came back to do the other.

We love the Hometown News

We love your paper and all the local news especially with the children. Putting names with the photos makes it very special too and exciting for the kids to see their names.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

We agree with this week's letter writer about Code Enforcement in Port Orange. We went to the office a few years ago with complaints about junky yards in Brandy Hills and were told that certain areas were checked. We don't see any improvement, as there are still RVs, boats, covered cars, etc.

We realize many are rental homes with absent owners, but the majority of us keep our areas neat. We did see a code enforcement truck go by Monday, but it was dark so how could they see anything? Also there are people who use canes and guide dogs who have to go out in the street to get by blocked driveways. A few mobile homes on Herbert Street by Silver Sands have been falling apart since 1985 and nothing is done about them. Let's all work together to keep our area picked up and be proud of it. It's an older area, but very convenient to city offices and schools. So, look around your yard and see how it can be cleaned up.

Texting plus cars equal death

By today's laws, drinking and driving is illegal. Even having an open bottle of booze in your car can earn you a fine or a hearing. Texting while driving is actually more dangerous. Why? While texting and driving, your eyes are off the road and your hands are off the wheel. If an opened bottle is not allowed in the car, then I think each texting apparatus should not be allowed in the car. Texting should be removed from all cars. Lawmakers should open their eyes.

Where does Dan go to the beach?

After reading Dan Smith's criticism of the beach patrol, I couldn't help but wonder what beach he was going to? Where I go in Ormond Beach, the beach patrol does a great job of making the beach a safe and enjoyable place. They are courteous, friendly and helpful. Many times I have seen them aid motorists stuck in the sand and help wildlife in distress. When I have reported a crime, they respond promptly and professionally. I was born here and have gone to the beach almost every day. I am proud of the job the beach patrol does.

In response to: 'Holly Hill commission sticks by YMCA'

The Y could do more for the community and make itself profitable by doing the things that make other YMCA's successful. I go to the Y in Ormond Beach and it is a much busier place. When it's crowded I go over to Holly Hill. It's minutes from Ormond. It's nice to have TV when you work out on the treadmill, elliptical and bicycle machines. They don't. Some times Holly Hill doesn't even have a radio playing. The pool shuts down in the winter months because its not heated.

At Ormond, the pool is very popular year-round. When the pool is closed for repairs, the place seems empty. The sauna is also popular. Why can't Holly Hill Y fix these problems? I asked at the desk why this Y is so different and I'm told it's an annex, meaning its just a little Y! This business will never be profitable if they wont invest in the equipment needed. It has a great location and if ran properly, could be an asset to Holly Hill.

Dan was off base

The Jan. 25 edition of Hometown News carried a diatribe by Dan Smith, which I found confusing. I wasn't sure whether he was trying to be humorous, a satirist, or was just ignorant of the basic science on climate change. He wrote of people who write of serious environmental issues as yuppies. Most climatologists are hardly yuppies, but rather those who are trying to find solutions for the pressing problems wrecking havoc on our planet, which is all we have. When/if it goes, so do we. His writing ridicules climate change data going back to the 1900s relative to rising temperatures and then turns around and claims "the well-documented old rock went through dramatic weather changes ..." Can't have it both ways, Dan. Either use the records of yore or not, but not when it only suits your side of the story.

No question there are more of us now and we each are contributing more to the degradation than did those before us. Dan sleeps well because people are flexible and the temperatures haven't risen that much. Tell that to the people in the way of Sandy or to those in the West and Florida, who are suffering through some of the longest and most severe droughts of the ages. My advice to Dan is to write about issues where he has done the research. To write about issues that are of such importance and then close by stating, "where is my sweater?" doesn't cut it. That take doesn't make the readers of Hometown News any smarter or more aware.

There is hot "air," generated by writers, speakers, etc., and then there is real hot air -- global warming -- and never the two shall meet, hopefully.

Stop misusing lakes

It's not just the lack of rain leaving levels of Lake Helen on the low side.

With reference to the article published in the Hometown News of Jan. 25, I wish to add the following.

The article failed to identify another reason our lakes in Lake Helen are drying up. It is not just the drought.

After reading the article mentioned above, my wife and I took a ride around two lakes in Lake Helen (Lake Helen and Lake Clough). Much to our surprise, we found some folks living along the northern areas on both of the above referenced lakes had several PVC pipes approximately 3 inches in diameter that had been extended further and further out along the exposed lake bottoms to reach the receding water lines.

Chances are those homeowners found these lakes made their homes more appealing, which played a role in deciding to purchase them. These exposed PVC pipes are part of an irrigation system for the owner's yard and landscape. Surely, they realize that once the natural balance of a lake is depleted, the lake is lost and may never hold water for any appreciable length of time, therefore never achieving the natural balance it once possessed. Their landscape can always be replaced while the lake will be gone forever.

Why doesn't our city officials take whatever legal action they can (like prohibit homeowners from pumping out of our lakes in Lake Helen, or at least encourage homeowners from pumping out of our lakes), before it is too late and we lose one of our most precious natural resources? Let's just watch and see what action, if any, is taken.

Dan off the mark

How could one be surprised over such a blithe dismissal of global warming by a devotee of the, in my opinion, second-most egregious waste of fossil fuel (second only to warfare), that being the utterly useless exercise of mechanized macho mayhem known as motor sports?

As equally off the mark is his excoriation of whom he terms "yuppies." Thank goodness for those who continue to take the time and effort to concern themselves with issues more relevant to us all than bag limits and speed records. That includes the entire membership of the Union of Concerned Scientists, my primary resource for information on the subject. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge, and a non-conflicting agenda, will understand the phenomenon is a long-term (and unfortunately accelerating) trend, and will be subject to fluctuations.

For what it's worth, this reader is neither pampered nor was ever in the six-figure category. I don't even own a blazer or sweater with leather elbow patches. And I didn't know there was such a thing as being "overeducated." My life has been one constant learning experience, and continues to be. From what I have observed, "overeducated" means having possession of, and having the moxie to share, information others may find does not fit into their particular worldview.

To give ole' Dan his due, however, his reference to excessive human population, and its effects on the habitability and quality of life on the planet for future generations of all its residents (and that's what we're talking about here), is spot on.

In response to: 'Clean up Port Orange'

I totally agree with you. I have been a resident of this city for 24 years and have never seen it to be so unkempt. The trash on the median of Madeline Street keeps mounting up; the grass is almost a foot tall!

I live in the Coral Lakes development, (aka Potato Patch), and it is shameful to see some of the homes there. Granted most of the residents keep their property neat and tidy, but there are a few that just do not seem to care. We have vehicles parked on the grass, blocking the sidewalk and/or just sitting there rotting away and with no tags. We have to walk in the street since vehicles block the sidewalks. These vehicles belong to the residents, not visitors and are left there for weeks at a time. I thought it was illegal to block sidewalks.

Trashcans are overly full and sitting in plain view not to mention the trash that is just strewn on their lawns. The mold on some of these homes is so thick that one may think it's the color of the house! It would seem to me that if one is fortunate enough to own a home, they would take pride in it. It does not have to be expensive to keep the property clean. A little bleach, a water hose and some elbow grease cleans things up very well.

Also, who is responsible to care for the ones in foreclosure? It is time for the code enforcement to "clean up their act" and for residents to get some pride in their properties. This goes for any renters as well. Stop bringing down the value of the homes that are tended to with pride.

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