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Rants & raves
Rating: 1.82 / 5 (17 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 01 - 06:47

What's going on in D.C.?

Why is there a housing boom in Washington, D.C. and not the rest of the country? How do people of modest means get elected to office in Washington and leave being multimillionaires?

President Kennedy took his wealth to Washington, others make it there. Why is the U.S home base for Lamborghini located in Washington, D.C. and why are Italian car owners unhappy because the cars are being paid for in cash and not financed? Why do several lawmakers, Harry Reid is one of the worst, have siblings that are lobbyists and use their relationships for profit at our expense?

Why do the restaurants around Washington serve only the finest food and expensive selections of wine? Why did most of the stimulus money stay in the Washington, D.C. area? Why is the pay rate higher in Washington, D.C. area than other parts of the country?

And lastly, exactly what product is produced in Washington that justifies the salaries and lifestyle? I think we all need to write our congressman, demand answers and drastic changes.

Editor's note: We could find no evidence that Lamborghini is based in Washington, D.C. There are Lamborghini dealers in the Washington, D.C. area. The car manufacturer was acquired by Audi in 1998.

Enjoying the comments

After returning home from the holidays I picked up this issue of Hometown News.

Reading these comments, I realize true Americans are going to fight this socialistic regime that infiltrates our government. I'm also hoping, you print it.

All very good comments on Jan. 18:

l. "Turn commercials down." How true! I think OWN channel is one of the worst. One evening from my back bedroom, I thought I heard two men talking in my living room. It was a loud ad which actually frightened me.

2. "In response to rant" Writer stated, "More than a little confusing, if you ask me, Hmmmm. Man, are you right on! Hurricane Sandy was just as devastating, if not more than Katrina, some say. More than confusing. Proud of you to care.

3. "Questioning flood insurance." Your statement, "You and I as a result, are the ones who are paying, paying and paying. Enough is enough."

You are right on, especially when it comes to feel-good politicians.

4. "Don't blame teachers." You are so right! It's true there are good, better and best in all professions, but I feel their credentials should be of a high degree. A big problem is, teachers cannot teach and be expected to discipline brats, too. There are too many kids of all ages whose parents are not around to do their jobs, don't know where their kids are, etc. One million kids did not graduate this past year.

5. "Clean up your act, Hollywood." Everything written here is true. Where are the feel-good politicians" here? Same people (like Obama, if it feels good, do it). Hypocrites who condemn smokers as sinners and second-class citizens, set the double standards, as an example. Television can be Satan himself to kids of all ages, and certain adults, as well. I believe your rant here is agreed to by the type of writers here.

6. "My fork made me fat." Too funny! Great analogy. Again, here comes the same do-gooders, trying to disarm Americans. That's how communism/ socialism, government takeovers start. Hitler burned the books, disarmed the people, etc. The people who put Obama in for a second time just don't get it. They will get it, and it won't take four years.

7. "Domestic violence is still problem." Of course, this is an absolute fact. Writer stated, "Please don't judge, please help instead." It's easy for some people to judge things like this when it doesn't happen in their family. It's true, some abused women feel they are to blame, or stay in the situation for one reason or another. It's also true, they hurt more than many can imagine in every way. Education and help for abused women and children (some men) are needed.

8. "Regarding gun control," your comment is right on and an important issue today. Sane people know that gangs and all the wrong people can, and will, always be able to get their hands on any gun, or type of weapon they want.

Obama has always wanted his gun control laws, to take away the right to bare (sp. bear) arms of American citizens. If Obama gets his way, along with many other rights he is working on, it will be part of his complete government control. What is happening to the government of the people, by the people and for the people?

9. "Reviewing driver licenses." I see your point on driver license renewals of the past. However, if you think about the reason(s) for new rules you won't be too upset. Times have changed drastically and new rules are made for all our good and protection. No one is trying to prevent you from driving. You say, going in person, waiting in line is very inconvenient. Why? Would it be OK with you if driver licenses were given by mail to just anyone?

Think about the criminals, or really bad drivers who should never have a license. A photo I.D is required, which is a good thing. Having a legitimate driver license in this country is an important card to carry wherever you go. Also, driving is a privilege, which some people abuse, some more than others. It's not too difficult to renew your license. You can even make an appointment at your convenience.

You say, "If you go in person, stand in line, then you are going to hang on to your birth certificate, because if you want to get a passport, you have to mail that." You also stated, it's going to make it very inconvenient for a lot of older people, and they should do something about it.

My dear friend, they are doing something about it. God bless, and good luck.

10. "Government managing our lives." The person who wrote this rant has said it all. Your strong belief that anyone who trusts our government to manage every aspect of our lives is delusional. Everything you mentioned is the logical truth.

I pray the speaker of the house, all Republicans, all real and true Americans, continue to fight hard and stick to their guns.

We're in for some tough times ahead, but God's people are can-do people. We will lose a few battles, but we will meet the enemy, and they will be ours.

A message from the superintendent

Working late at the office last week, my cell phone lit up with the familiar school district phone number. My son attends one of our public schools. I imagined I would be hearing another automated invitation to some school production.

But this time it was a recording from the superintendent himself, announcing a $17 million shortfall in next year's budget, and that he had prepared a $25 million menu of budget cutting options for the board. He talked about the state of Florida having something to do with this turn of events.

Mr. Negron? Mr. Lee? What's going on here? My business has been doing better every year since the crash, and I keep hearing unemployment in the state is slowly coming down. I would rather expect to hear the superintendent saying revenues were up and the surplus would be split between improving schools and reducing taxes.

A quick survey of the district website found that reserves from better times have been balancing the budget, but that those will be running out in the next school year and something needs to be done to stabilize the years ahead.

I propose that we citizens address half the shortfall with an increase in the millage rate, and leave the board and the superintendent to wrestle with the state and/or their budget for the other half.

We are talking about raising revenues from approximately $261 million to $270 million, which is a 3.26 percent increase in the school district portion of our property taxes. Surely we can do that.

I went to public schools and our community supported them well beyond what I now see. It's time to stop the curmudgeonly thinking and realize our nation will decline with our schools unless we maintain the vision and effort of our American predecessors!

Gun control

Stronger gun laws will take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. More government controls will deter the type of people who might have stopped the murders at Sandy Hook. They will have no effect on taking away guns from the deranged.

President Obama's ideas restrict our freedoms but they are meaningless "feel- good" proposals designed for the effect. They solve nothing.

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