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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.75 / 5 (16 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Feb 01 - 06:34

Military spending, tax cuts for the rich

It appears rather easy to suggest we are spending money like a drunken sailor; but in reality our budget is froth, with more than 52 percent in military spending. Much of that spending was voted in by Republicans.

Adding the two credit card wars that stem from the days of George W. Bush and you have a real problem that won't go away with cuts of domestic programs.

Elimination of military expenditures for propagating endless war would go far to bring our budget back in line.

Elimination of tax cuts for the most wealthy among us; who, in many cases, gain from these same military expenditures, would go far to help balance the budget.

While we are at it, you can eliminate all that homeland security paranoia, which is turning domestic travel into a nightmare.

Eagle eggs vs. human child

Destroying an eagle egg is punishable, with a $250,000 fine or up to two years in jail (Ref: 16 U S C 668c CRF 22 3).

Not only is it legal to kill an unborn human child, liberals want to force taxpayers to pay for him or her to be killed.

If you are liberal-minded, I respectfully ask you to explain how you can sleep at night believing that this is acceptable.

Source: www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/democratic-platform-endorses-taxpayer-funded-abortions_651589.html.

Editor's note: According to the online bing dictionary, a "blog," referenced to in the above source, is a diary on a website or a frequently updated personal journal, intended for public viewing.


Guns are not the reason

The recent president's response to murder is to attack the gun, not the criminal or mental health of the criminally insane.

Banning certain rifles doesn't address the problem of criminals having anything they want in the way of weapons, as they don't care about the law.

The law-abiding, gun-owning citizens are an easy mark, and the administration attacks it and the second amendment, not the true reason for murder.

Forty years ago, we emptied out our mental institutions, as depriving people of their civil rights.

Now, only those who have already harmed themselves or others can be incarcerated for mental issues.

Now you know why so many nut cases go out and shoot people in mass. That rarely, if ever, occurred until 1966.

The Second Amendment was not included for hunters. It was included because we were oppressed by a tyrannical government, the British.

Most think the revolution came about due to taxes and a tea party - not true.

The last straw was the British army attempting to confiscate American colonists weapons. That brought about war.

No people disarmed have ever overthrown a tyrannical government. Nazi Germany disarmed its populace almost immediately, and you know what that wrought.

The Boshivicks and the U.S.S.R. did the same. Mao, in China, also followed suit.

Only America stands alone in allowing in its constitution the right of its people to defend themselves from enemies "foreign and domestic." That can be anything from burglars, invasion or to our own "run amok" government.

In 1941, the Japanese could have easily invaded America. They did not. Why? Two reasons.

Logistics was one, but more importantly was the fact that of the then 86 million Americans, 26 million of them were armed and knew how to use those weapons.

That made America having the largest home-guard army in the entire world combined - a deterrence to invasion, no doubt.

My son's school has an armed guard on duty and a police car conveniently parked outside in direct view for all to see.

With the criminally insane not being able to be confined until they actually commit a crime, that officer somewhere within the school gives me solace that my child is protected.

Gun free zones for schools and anywhere for that matter are foolish.

Leave your cat behind, go to jail

More and more, I have noticed that many people here in the city have been letting loose their cats or dogs in the streets.

And these poor cats and dogs are now trying to find their own way of survival.

Even the people around the corner from me left their own cat in front of their home after they got evicted, and this poor cat didn't know what was going on.

This cat was crying for its master to come home and feed it, and only one person showed any care for this cat.

These people who got evicted are now taking advantage of an elderly man, and I believe they should be in jail for their lack of compassion for this poor cat. Where are the laws that are supposed to stop these people from doing these terrible deeds?

I know where these people are, and I cannot find people to take action.

This also includes those people who are doing the same to their own pets loose on the streets of the city. Wake up!

Get off your taking money from the people, and do something about this now!

City needs to be more pedestrian-friendly

My wife and I truly enjoy visiting Cocoa Beach!  It is a great place to be in the winter. However, we have found it to be a very pedestrian-unfriendly town.

Crosswalks with buttons seem rarely to work in a timely fashion. We have often pushed the buttons and then crossed long before the light changes.

Traffic does not slow when crossing elsewhere.

Folks pulling up at cross streets do not look for pedestrians and frequently block crosswalks.

And then there are bicycles, which are OK, so long as they let you know they are sneaking up behind you.

I would hate to have a heart attack due to a silent biker! Can't this town be made more pedestrian-friendly? There are a lot of walkers out there!

Roe vs. Wade is critical

The anti-abortion (nobody is pro-abortion) people cry for the sanctity of life, but have no concern for the quality of life after birth.

In truth, pregnancy may not be a choice, may not be desired or realistic and may even be dangerous or fatal for the woman or girl - "Mayberry" never existed.

America's laws, based on morality, strive for individual liberties, which include autonomy, sovereignty of our bodies; yes, even women's bodies.

The so-called pro-life movement is clearly only concerned with conception - the sexual act.

This puritanical, patriarchal tyranny is so obsessed with sexual act that it parses concepts such as "life" at conception, legitimate rape, now even contraception - controversies all aimed at women.

Pro-life is about the subjugation of women.

The sweet ladies of "Mayberry" knew their place; non-sexual, non-threatening and, by golly, they sure could bake great cookies for their families.


'We the People's' voice

It is "We the People" and not you the government!

It is "We the People" who put you into Congress!

It is "We the People" who put you into the White House!

It is "We the People" who need to stop this insanity and stand up against those who want to rule us, when "We the People" are the ones who put you into office!

Wake up, "We the People," and let the government hear our voice!

"We the People" want America to get back to our roots of work and respectability.

"We the People" want the oil right here in America that would bring the cost down, instead of the oil from other nations!

It is "We the People!"

Washing hands issue

I'd like to get some feedback concerning washing hands before handling my food.

Restaurants should have one person handling money, persons to prepare your food after washing hands and not handling money.

It turns me off when I see that restaurant employees make my food after handling other customers' money.

One should handle money; one should prepare the food.

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