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Rants & Raves
Rating: 2.2 / 5 (15 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jan 25 - 06:33

Ranting about the schools

The 2012-13 proposed school budget is $802,116,273, covering 73,489 students, or $10,914.78 per student in direct and indirect spending; plus taxpayer-funded free breakfast and free lunch programs for 80-plus percent of students in some schools, and other "free" programs. Check for yourself.

You also hear "that's a federal program." Where does the federal government get its money from? The taxpayers.

Now add in the homeowners' property/school taxes, minus thousands of homes in foreclosure that haven't paid their "fair share" of taxes for years, and you see why the taxpayers, who are left, want to know where their tax money is being spent, with a $36 million in interest per year on a $520-plus million loan made by the school board. Why wasn't that on a ballot?

Quarter-cent millage increase generated $12 million. Where did that go? Painting one classroom for thousands of your tax dollars? Six figure salaries for school principals?

Someone should investigate and print the real facts and costs on long term loans already made, the real per student direct/indirect cost, and all $80,000-plus per year school employees, including all administrators. Then propose an $800,000 taxpayer-funded special election for a tax increase. Good luck.

The weapons ban

This is in response to "Hot on the gun issue" in the Viewpoint section, as well as anyone else who is single-minded about this whole weapons ban.

Do you really think that taking away our right to carry a weapon and properly defend ourselves is going to make things better?

You say that the hunters, target shooters and collectors can have guns and that you want the concealed carry law repealed?

That would leave all of us defenseless against the idiots who still have the guns.

If there is an assault weapons ban put in place, do you think that these people are just going to hand over their guns? The people who have these weapons and use them for criminal purposes are smarter than that, and they will be the only ones armed!

I don't have a problem with background checks; however, they are not without fault.

A person can be mentally unstable and not have a record of it.

The number of responsible gun owners out there far outweigh the others, not sure what to do about that. Someone who wants to commit a crime will do it with or without a gun. Must I remind you of 9-11 or the Oklahoma City bombing? No guns there!

Try putting more emphasis on teachers being trained and armed and mentally ill people getting the proper care that they need, at least the ones who we can get into treatment.

If there were more laws in place that let us protect ourselves and the ones we love, we may not have all of these mass shootings.

Please try to open your eyes and your mind to the whole picture.

No free energy, just hunger, greed and ambition

Since the 1930s and Nicolai Tesla's genius; we have heard of free energy for everyone.

There are many ways to produce free energy, but as J.P. Morgan told Tesla "If I can't measure the energy and charge for it, I will not invest in it."

Tesla had even converted an auto that ran on free energy.

Henry Ford, in 1940, built a concept car from marijuana (hemp). It was so strong that taking an ax to it didn't even leave a scratch.

Hemp could be used entirely in place of fossil fuels.

There have been many tinkerers and inventers, who have built ways to replace coal and fossil fuels; but this is a capitalist world, and the cabals and cartels are so powerful that they will not clean up the mess, even if it means the destruction of the world and humanity.

Ambition, greed and money will destroy humanity, not the sun or the asteroids - or at least for he next 100 years.

The lobbyists and the wealthy elite and think tanks will never permit the people free energy, freedom of choice, as long as we are a puppet nation.

Millions of young boys have died in the many wars over the past 100 years and all in the name of patriotism, while in fact it is because of greedy profiteers and moneychangers.

That is why every election through these many years has been promises and promises, and yet nothing ever changes in favor of the people.

The Rothschild family has ruled the world for 200 years and is so powerful they will never cease to impoverish the people of the world.

The world has been hungry for many years, yet these wealthy elite, who own the worlds hundreds of trillions of dollars will not give one cent to feed, house and clothe the hungry.

It like the old saying, "I have mine; you worry about yours" or  "It's all about the survival of the fittest."

It's a big trillioneer game; and as long as they are in the drivers seat, there will be mass hunger and starvation.

Use fists, not guns

I am sure there might be those who will agree, and there will be those who wont agree with the following statement.

In my opinion, this gun control won't solve any problems.

If they make them illegal, then the people will still find a way to buy and sell them - just as drugs are illegal, and people still buy and sell them.

So it will be with guns. It isn't guns that kill, it's the people who pull the trigger.

I believe all weapons, small and large, should all be destroyed!

If you have a beef with someone, get into the ring and use the fists we were given with. This way people wont be killed!

It is time "We The People" need to put some sort of stop to this!

My 9-year-old niece was shot to death because of these guns, and there has been and there will be many more!

This has got to stop now! Thank you for your attention and pray!

Drug-running motorcyclists

First, let me say that there are many organizations in Brevard County that help veterans and children.

The communities of Viera and Palm Bay are growing, which is causing much needed business, more tourism, trade and more cultural pursuits. These are positive steps.

On the downside, West Melbourne and Melbourne remain the abysmal dumps that lure criminals and panhandlers in droves.

Just last night, while traveling home from our family's spiritual retreat in Orange County, while riding in the southbound lane of I-95, approaching the Eau Gallie exit, four motorcycles, which were extremely fast, zipped through the cars around us.

The speed of one of the motorcycles rocked our Jeep, which is considerably bigger than the motorcycle.

In my 45 years, I never saw such a fast moving land object, and I flew on jets throughout the skies.

I said to a family member "Where are the police?" because the motorcycles were going well over 100 mph.

The family member replied,  "Where have you been? The police don't get involved."  

I said, "You mean they look the other way?"

I was told that they take part in the profits of the drug runners that fly up and down on I-95 from Jacksonville to Miami and back.

Also, the drug runners, on their very fast motorcycles, make the same transit from Daytona Beach to Tampa on I-4.

I said, "Why don't the police stop this?"

I was told, "They can't be caught. The police cruisers can't keep up with them, that "they maneuver in and out of traffic, avoiding the police, who are not on the take."

I was shocked. I was under the impression that while the Brevard (County) Sheriff's Office does an excellent job in keeping select people from Canova Beach and Wickham Park, maintaining a pastoral 1950s attitude with white-picket fences. I was just surprised that they tolerate all the drug dealers in and outside of the Melbourne general town limit. H-m-m-m.

I wonder why these motorcycle drug runners, who are clearly over the speed limit, are tolerated, while another group of people are definitely not welcomed in West Melbourne and Melbourne.

But the red carpet is definitely rolled out for the Walmartians who panhandle.

New taxes

Why is it that when there is a need to fill a position of authority that the search committees almost always go outside of the city, the state, the county, the school board, the police or fire departments and even businesses, rather than promote from within?

In my working days, I've seen administrations nearly always pick from outside, rather than from within, who is familiar with the community or the organization.

I have seen brilliant, likeable people passed over for someone way beyond the geographical boundaries of our area or social order of our areas.

How often have you gone into a store that you are comfortable with and find that the aisles of stock are all moved around?

A new manager (has come in) feels the need to assert himself and put his stamp on the business.

Six-and-a-half sales tax:

I wonder if it would be a request or a demand if we had not gone to Chicago, but instead promoted from within.

Praying and answering

I am very upset by people, who say that God has answered their prayers because they have received whatever they have asked for.

I pray for 26 people every day, and god has always answered my prayers.

But sometimes, he says "No" or "Maybe." He doesn't always say, "Yes."

Red flags and bells and whistles

I would like to comment briefly on the person who wrote the one about "You want action on gun control."

Well, here we go, blaming the guns again. It's the people behind the gun.

And on each one of these tragedies, whoever you are, red flags were going up all over the place, but nobody seemed to catch them.

Both these people, the last two, at least, should have been in a nut house somewhere.

The mother missed the last one. She missed the red flags going up. I think she tried to get her son institutionalized, but she was unable to do that. I don't know whether they were full or it was the red tape holding her back.

Her next mistake, of course, was to teach this child, who had a mental issue, to shoot guns.

And then he was upset about something else, and went to the school and started shooting innocent children.

Then in Aurora, Colo., it was exactly the same thing. He was undergoing psychiatric care also.

Guess what? They had a book full of details about this guy, but they failed to do anything about it.

Society failed to recognize all of the red flags and all of the bells and whistles that were going off everywhere.

It's not about guns; but let me say this, because I know you are a Democrat who wrote this article.

You guys jump on the same old bandwagon all the time. It's always the gun, never the idiot behind the gun.

But the reason we have guns is because our founders and our framers of our Constitution knew 230-plus years ago that we were going to need these things.

Maybe it's not that far off for America. We just lost America at the last election.

An answer to Gov. Scott

He says, "Why isn't everyone a Republican?"

I'll tell you why.

I worked myself up from sweeping floors to a plant manager at a printing company, a $55 million a year job.

I know how big business works, and every Republican I know is greedy. All they are thinking about is the dollar.

And that is why everybody should be a Democrat, not a Republican.

I worked myself up. I had to quit school when I was 16 because my father was sick, and I wanted to make something of myself. I learned a trade, and I got better and better and better and learned all the things about printing. This is why I became a plant manager, because I knew what each job would incur.

As far as I'm concerned, they ought to do away with the Republican Party.

I am sorry, but I feel that way, and it's true.

How many jobs were sent overseas because it was done cheaper; not better, cheaper?

This is what I am talking about.

Bibles at the schools

After watching the TV programs where they are giving away Bibles free at the schools, I had some thoughts in my mind; so I thought I would ask some of the neighborhood kids.

I live in a rather rough part of town, so these kids are sort of hoodlum types, but they are OK.

Anyway, I asked them what they thought of the Bibles in school.

I thought they were going to say, "Oh, well, that is a definition of the state versus the religious people," or something to that effect.

And they said "No, no, no! We'll take the Bibles and go door-to-door with them and sell them for $5 each, and tell everybody it is a school project."

I'm thinking, "Oh my goodness. What a bunch of little con men, but not bad for entrepreneurs."

Anyway, isn't there something between the state, the schools and the religious community about not passing out religious material in the schools?

I think the kid's idea of selling them door-to-door might not be bad.

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