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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.14 / 5 (14 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jan 18 - 06:53

Don't blame teachers

Almost all professions reward employees based on results. Public school teachers, however, can get raises based on seniority. Public school unions stridently oppose pay for performance, claiming that teacher evaluations don't work. Blaming teacher evaluations is like blaming the measuring tool. We don't criticize a thermometer for showing that a patient has a fever. That's what teachers' unions do when they object to evaluating their teachers.

Turn commercials down

I wanted to find Rants and Raves to post a comment about the supposed new law concerning television commercials and their volume.

For years the commercials have come on at a much higher volume than the regular programs we are watching.

Supposedly a law was passed a couple weeks ago making it illegal for advertisers to increase the volume when running their commercials.

That has not happened. It continues. So much for help from big brother.

I guess the advertising industry has a strong lobby in Congress or at the FTC or whomever the governing agency is that issues the rules.

In response to rant

I was intrigued while reading the Jan. 11 issue of Rant & Raves titled "McCain's ideas." The viewpoint, of the writer, closely follows statements that "Red State" politicians have made over the past several weeks.

They call disaster aid, for victims of Hurricane Sandy, as unnecessary, as big liberal programs, etc.

If I remember correctly, when hurricanes impacted "Red States" (i.e. Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas), these same people were more than willing to accept federal dollars and even lobbied for additional funding.

More than a little confusing, if you ask me. Hmmm.

How about the one-child rule?

With the state of population, an article was in the main paper concerning China. They have a one-child policy there. Boy that would be real nice here.

Instead of people popping out kids and running off to the government saying, "Hey, my family numbers have changed," don't increase your numbers if you can't afford them. No one else is responsible for these kids but you. And, since some of these young girls have enough time to sit at home, sign these kids up where you can sit at the library for reading time. It might be Dr. Seuss, heck maybe you can even learn something.

These young people can memorize a rap song, try to educate yourself out of poverty and not be a burden to the common taxpayer. Also. whoever reads this if you don't sponge off the government for your own welfare, you shouldn't be offended by this.

I'm writing this to those who have no conscience about thinking the world owes them. And, yes I'm well aware of there are nice people in Fort Pierce, but unfortunately we are a divided city, but so is the country. The wealthy invested in themselves and not into just recreational activities. Enough said. Got the message?

Questioning flood insurance

Taxpayers have been dumping our dollars into federal flood insurance since 1968. Finally fed up by constant losses, some are saying it is time to get the government out of the money losing insurance business altogether.

The program is a classic example of feel-good politicians encouraging people to build too close to the ocean and them relieving them of the costs of bearing those risks.

You and I, as a result, are the ones who are paying, and paying and paying. Enough is enough.

Clean up your act, Hollywood

In a relatively short period of years, culture in the United States has taken a dramatic tumble. Mass killings are the result of numerous causes, but a somewhat overlooked subject is Hollywood's sick culture of violence.

While movie moguls deny responsibility, it just makes sense that a mentally disturbed person, who witnesses multiple shootings, knifings, decapitations and the like, can be tragically affected. Hollywood should be urged to clean up its act.

My fork made me fat

This is in response to "Sickened by the slayings," where the reader provided input about Sandy Hook and the slayings of the children and teachers.

We are all devastated by that but that gun, or those guns, no sooner killed those people than my fork made me fat.

Think about it. It's the person, not the gun.

It wasn't the fork that made me fat, it was me, the person.

Domestic violence is still problem

This is a happy New Year to all the people who helped domestic violence victims.

I hope the public this year becomes more aware about the domestic violence rate we have in this county.

I hope the new sheriff will attack the problem that we have in our county.

And I hope and pray that people will stop judging domestic violence victims.

It is not as easy as everybody thinks. It is very terrifying, very unnerving, traumatic, frightening, crazy and scary.

Please, don't judge. Please help instead.

Regarding gun control

I understand that we have to do more stuff to protect our children in the schools.

I don't understand why they didn't have a policeman in that Sandy Hook school to begin with. They should have had a policeman.

Here, in Florida, they are real good about having policemen in the schools.

I thought they had them all over like that. So I thought it was pretty bad they didn't have a policeman there to deter it a little more.

And also, the kid, even if he couldn't get a gun from his mom, he probably would have made a bomb.

Renewing driver licenses

I noticed all of a sudden that you cannot renew your driver license in the mail anymore.

And of course, in 2010 they changed it; which I am not surprised, since the next few years are going to be filled with regulations.

You can't even do anything. I think they are trying to prevent you from driving. That's the problem. They are making it so difficult.

So now you have to go in person and wait in line, which I think is very inconvenient.

If they are doing that, then I am going to hang onto my birth certificate because if I want to get a passport, I have to mail that.

You should be able to go in person and get your passport.

And what if you lose your birth certificate? You have to go through all this stuff to get another one.

They should change their rules on that too, with a passport.

I am very disappointed, and it is going to make it very inconvenient for a lot of older people and they should do something about that.

Government managing our lives

Anyone who believes very strict gun control will keep firearms out of the hands of those intent on harm is naive. It is no different than drug control and we all see how well that works.

Anyone who believes our government should be trusted to manage every aspect of our lives is delusional.

The misguided idea that "we register and regulate cars more than guns" is ridiculous. A car sitting in the garage is generally a harmless object. A car with an idiot behind the wheel is a lethal weapon.

So it is with guns and ammo. In the hands of someone intent to do harm, ANY object can become a weapon.

I don't understand how anyone can be surprised by the total lack of empathy and compassion we have for one another.

The violence we encounter on TV, the local news, in movies, video games and in our reading material results in depravity, especially in young, impressionable minds. We are now reaping the results of the garbage we are filling our minds with.

Whatever your belief of abortion, the truth is that we are allowing the destruction of a potential human being.

If a gunman kills a pregnant woman at 20 weeks gestation, he is charged with two counts of murder, yet we allow the destruction of that same baby with an abortion? Get real people, you cannot have it both ways.

I fear greatly for our society. We have a majority of folks out there who have no respect for the lives of others. The "hit and run" accidents, especially of pedestrians is alarming, not to mention disgusting.

Please do not depend on your government to protect you from the evil, insane and depraved people, who walk among us.

A large majority of our "leaders" can be described as "evil, insane and depraved."

Guns will always be in the hands of those who desire to kill for "fun." I reserve my right to protect myself and my loved ones with the same firepower.

Learn what solicit means

Again, today I had people come to my front door to sell something. I have a no soliciting sign right by the door. When I asked them if they saw the sign, they said, "We're not soliciting, we just want to tell you about our deal on carpet cleaning."

Do people not understand what no soliciting means? I have had people try to convert me, ask for donations, try to sell me fish and meat from the back of a pick up truck, and other things I am not interested in. How can I make these people stop?

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