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Rants & Raves
Rating: 3.57 / 5 (14 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jan 18 - 06:30

Another $25 million for beach sand?

Thank heavens FEMA had the good sense to deny Brevard's latest request for still more beach sand.

Hopefully, it will turn the appeal down flat, too. Hopefully, the governor will do likewise.

Has Brevard Natural Resources not heard about the dismal economy impacting this area? Have Brevard commissioners not noticed the foreclosed homes and shuttered businesses everywhere?

How has anyone the nerve to even think of such an expenditure on beach sand?

Meanwhile, the Brevard school board is deciding which schools to close and how many staff to lay off.

The nation is facing several "fiscal cliffs" related to its $15 trillion debt, and Brevard officials dare request another $25 million for ... beach sand?

Surely Brevard Natural Resources is aware of NOAA maps showing that the ocean is rising slowly, but steadily. Each major storm or hurricane is simply going to wash away our $25 million, along with all the earlier wasted millions. All that money squandered by Brevard County commissioners on beach sand will soon lie on the ocean floor.

Such irresponsibility.

Cats everywhere: They have to go

There's so many cats roaming around my house, I am going to get traps from the city.

So if you are missing a cat, I suggest that you call the Humane Society. I have counted at least 10 cats in my garage and around my house doing their business, as well as fighting with each other during the night.

It may be news to you cat owners, but owning a cat comes under the same rules as owning a dog. They have to have their shots and have alicense, and are not supposed to roam freely.

I really do not know why some of you people own a cat and let it run freely, to pick up diseases and get hurt from fighting.

Some of you have had your cat de-clawed so it has no defense.

I really don't know why you would think that I would like your cat or cats around my house.

Maybe if I trap a few of them, you will keep them inside your house.

This is for you yard people

When you are cutting my neighbor's yard, how about blowing all the debris back instead of blowing it in mine?

We do our yard work, and we make sure we clean up our mess.

You know you are doing it because, if I am outside doing something, you blow it back into the yard you are cutting.

One time after working in our yard all morning, the yard people show up and guess what?, they had great fun making the yard look great by blowing tons of grass and leaves into my yard.

You will not want to see me on a bad day, so take notice and have some respect for others.

Reply to 'Sickened by the slaying'

Oh, how I wish that people would check into things before they write a letter like this.

You ask, "What will it take ... before something is done about the selling and purchasing of guns?"

What exactly do you think should be "done?" You state that you don't own a firearm, but can imagine how easy it would be for you to purchase one.

That may be true, but you should know that it wasn't easy for Adam Lanza to purchase one. In fact, he was turned down. The gun used to kill the kids and teachers at Sandy Hook was not his. The logic that says that stricter gun control laws will end such tragedies escapes me. Stricter laws would not have kept him from stealing a gun, nor would it have kept him from killing 26 people.

If you could afford to, you would homeschool your children. Admittedly, I do not know your situation, but I am so very tired of hearing people tell me this.

We aren't wealthy or anywhere close. We choose to do without many things, so that I can stay home and teach my children. Not everyone can do that, but plenty of women driving late model cars, eating out once a week and having their nails done tell me how they wish they could afford to stay home like me. Give me a break.

Not only that, where do you get the idea that homeschooled children live in a bubble or have "damaged" social lives?

Have you looked into homeschooling at all? Homeschoolers are very aware of the world around them and are able to converse and relate to people of all ages, unlike many of their public school counterparts, who hang with their peers all day every day.

By the way, I doubt that homeschooling would have saved any of those victims at the movie theater in Colorado. Of course, a patron who had a gun and could fight back might have saved a life or two.

Government managing our lives

Anyone who believes very strict gun control will keep firearms out of the hands of those intent on harm is naive.

It is no different than drug control, and we all see how well that works.

Anyone who believes our government should be trusted to manage every aspect of our lives is delusional.

The misguided idea that "we register and regulate cars more than guns" is ridiculous. A car sitting in the garage is generally a harmless object. A car with an idiot behind the wheel is a lethal weapon.

So it is with a guns and ammo. In the hands of someone intent to do harm, ANY object can become a weapon.

I don't understand how anyone can be surprised by the total lack of empathy and compassion we have for one another.

The violence we encounter on TV, the local news, in movies, video games and in our reading material results in depravity, especially in young, impressionable minds. We are now reaping the results of the garbage we are filling our minds with.

Whatever your belief of abortion, the truth is that we are allowing the destruction of a potential human being.

If a gunman kills a pregnant woman at 20 weeks gestation, he is charged with two counts of murder, yet we allow the destruction of that same baby with an abortion? Get real people, you cannot have it both ways.

I fear greatly for our society. We have a majority of folks out there who have no respect for the lives of others. The "hit and run" accidents, especially of pedestrians is alarming, not to mention disgusting.

Please do not depend on your government to protect you from the evil, insane and depraved people, who walk among us.

A large majority of our "leaders" can be described as "evil, insane and depraved."

Guns will always be in the hands of those who desire to kill for "fun." I reserve my right to protect myself and my loved ones with the same firepower.

Where are they from?

Happy New Year to all you folks at Hometown News.

I would just like to say that since you have started printing the obituaries, it would be kind of interesting to find out where all these people were from originally.

I don't know why, but in my mind I always ask people "where are you from originally?'

So, it would be nice to know where all these folks come from in the states.

Thank you, and have a great day and a great year.

My fork made me fat

This is in response to "Sickened by the slayings," where the reader provided their input about Sandy Hook and the slayings of the children and teachers.

We are all devastated by that, but that gun, or those guns, no sooner killed those people than my fork made me fat.

Think about it. It's the person, not the gun.

It wasn't the fork that made me fat, it was me, the person.

Domestic violence still a problem

This is a "Happy New Year" to all the people who helped domestic violence victims.

I hope the public this year becomes more aware about the domestic violence rate we have in this county.

I hope the new sheriff will attack the problem that we have in our county.

And I hope and pray that people will stop judging domestic violence victims.

It is not as easy as everybody thinks. It is very terrifying, very unnerving, traumatic, frightening, crazy and scary.

Please, don't judge. Please help, instead.

Regarding gun control

I understand that we have to do more stuff to protect our children in the schools.

I don't understand why they didn't have a policeman in that Sandy Hook school to begin with. They should have had a policeman.

Here, in Florida, they are real good about having policemen in the schools.

I thought they had them all over, like that. So, I thought it was pretty bad that they didn't have a policeman there to deter it a little more.

And also, the kid, even if he couldn't get a gun from his mom, he probably would have made a bomb.

Renewing driver's licenses

I noticed all of a sudden that you cannot renew your driver's license in the mail anymore.

And, of course, in 2010, they changed it; which I am not surprised, since the next few years are going to be filled with regulations.

You can't even do anything. I think they are trying to prevent you from driving. That's the problem. They are making it so difficult.

So, now you have to go in person and wait in line, which I think is very inconvenient.

If they are doing that, then I am going to hang on to my birth certificate; because, if I want to get a passport, I have to mail that.

You should be able to go in person and get your passport.

And what if you lose your birth certificate? You have to go through all this stuff to get another one.

They should change their rules on that, too, with a passport.

I am very disappointed, and it is going to make it very inconvenient for a lot of older people; and they should do something about that.

Honking, yelling at bicyclists

I would just like to rant about people honking their horns and telling people to use the sidewalk.

I drive a bicycle to work and to do all my errands and everywhere. I ride for transportation and recreation.

There are always people honking at you, throwing things at you and yelling at you, "Use the sidewalk."

The drivers of those automobiles do not know the law. Actually, the Florida state law says that bicycles are not allowed on the sidewalks.

They are allowed on sidewalks, but they have to obey the law for pedestrians, who are using the sidewalks.

If a pedestrian is walking a dog or if a couple is walking on the sidewalk, the bicycle person has to stop and walk the bicycle around the people.

They are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk passing people, because it is the law.

I wish the people driving automobiles would know this law. Many of the drivers don't know the laws in the Florida driver's handbook.

People don't look which way they are turning. They don't use the turn signals. They speed.

Just let the people know. Quit yelling at the people on bicycles. It's against the law for us to ride on the sidewalks. It's not against the law, but we just have to be cautious of pedestrians, etc.

Editor's note: The Florida Bicycle Enforcement Guide, produced by the Florida Bicycle Association, states the following, in part:

"A cyclist riding on a sidewalk or crosswalk has the rights and duties of a pedestrian [316.2065] and therefore may ride in either direction. However, equipment and passenger regulations still apply, since the cyclist is still a 'bicycle rider.'

Sidewalks are not designed for bicycle speeds, but bicycles are permitted, where not prohibited by local ordinance (use is prohibited downtown in many cities).

The local governments of counties, cities, towns and other municipalities can adopt ordinances regulating bicycle riding.

Some towns may also have registration and licensing ordinances.

Sidewalk riding may be prohibited entirely or only in certain areas, such as business districts.

Local law enforcement agencies can provide copies of local ordinances.

A bicyclist riding on sidewalks or in crosswalks must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and must give an audible signal before passing [316.2065(11)].

At a signalized intersection, a cyclist approaching on a sidewalk must obey the instructions of any applicable pedestrian control signal. That is, he may start to cross a roadway in a crosswalk only during a steady walk phase, if one is displayed.

If no pedestrian signal is provided, the cyclist may proceed in accordance with the signal indications for the parallel roadway traffic flow [316.084].

Vehicles may not be propelled by other than human power on sidewalks or bicycle paths."

For more information, visit www.floridabicycle.org/rules/bikelaw.html.

The [SS316.] references refer to Florida State Statutes.

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