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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 4 / 5 (8 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jan 18 - 06:13

Road needs a sidewalk

I live on New York Avenue in Orange City and have been there almost 20 years. I would like to know how you slow down traffic on that road. There are no sidewalks. I am afraid someone is going to get killed walking down the road. The street needs a good sidewalk. It's dangerous. There are only two entrances to the subdivision there, French Avenue and New York Avenue. Something needs to be done before someone loses his life.

In response to: The Land of the Rednecks'

To the "so-called animal lover" who hates feral cats you obviously only "love" animals who suit your purpose. Just because a feral cat cannot be held or petted does not mean they do not deserve to live. I recently relocated here from Los Angeles. I can assure you that I am no redneck and I also feed some feral cats. I feed them, trap them and have them neutered or spayed and vaccinated. This is called TNR, or trapped, neutered and returned. This is a proven method of reducing and eliminating feral cat populations. If they cannot breed, the population is greatly reduced. We also find young kittens and socialize and find homes for them. This is what an animal lover does -- has compassion for all animals. I have rarely heard of a feral cat coming close enough to a house to damage a screen. These may be strays someone left behind trying to come in to look for food. Of all the domestic animals, cats have it the worst. They need our help. If you really want to help reduce the population, offer to help the people you see feeding the cats by contributing to the spay and neutering. Many of the people feeding the cats do this. This would be much more effective then berating, insulting or hindering them in their effort.

Learn what solicit means

Again, today I had people come to my front door to sell something. I have a no soliciting sign right by the door. When I asked them if they saw the sign, they said, "We're not soliciting, we just want to tell you about our deal on carpet cleaning." Do people not understand what no soliciting means? I have had people try to convert me, ask for donations, try to sell me fish and meat from the back of a pick up truck, and other things I am not interested in. How can I make these people stop?

In response to: The Land of the Rednecks'

The writer must be from up North and a rich snob because we have feral cats that sit on our lap and let us comb them. There is no humane way to euthanize an animal.

Include the Sports Car Challenge

I was excited to see the Speedweeks race schedule of events and start times posted in your recent publication. However, with all this racing going on, the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series was not listed. One of the most competitive series in racing, the prelude to the Rolex 24 at Daytona (Friday Jan. 25 this year) is a two and a half hour race featuring, in the Grand Sport and in Street Tuner, all of the top auto manufacturers. With a dedicated fan base and some awesome drivers, this series is worthy of mention as we head into the 2013 Speedweeks & racing season.

In response to: The Land of the Rednecks'

Feral cats cannot read that they are not supposed to be in Edgewater. It is also a person's prerogative to feed a cat, regardless if it's feral or not. This person who said they should be humanely trapped and euthanized. They should be trapped and euthanized. That's horrible.

Ormond Beach commissioners vote to increase traffic congestion and density

In a 4 to 1 vote (Troy Kent voted no) Ormond Beach commissioners voted Jan 8 to increase traffic congestion along Airport Road. Sounds odd, but the commissioners voted to favor the developer White Falcon Land Development from Orlando to increase the number of home lots originally approved from 68 to 162 for a yet to be developed subdivision called Marshside Village. Also, the commissioners voted to allow the lot widths to be decreased from 80 feet wide to 60 feet wide. This is not in the best interest of those who travel Tymber Creek and Airport Road where Pathway Elementary School is located across the street.

The next and final vote will be at Ormond Beach City Hall Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. All concerned citizens are encouraged to attend and/or speak against this ridiculous development that does nothing to enhance Ormond Beach except adding density.

We ask the commissioners return to the 80 feet wide home lots and reduce the number of lots from 162.

In response to: The Land of the Rednecks'

They are like homeless people. They are hungry and scared. They need food and water and someone to care. They did not ask for this. It is how life works out. God will require of us how we take care of our dominion on earth. God bless you. Don't hate, love, love, love.

Turn lanes needed

Why are there no right turn only lanes on Nova Road heading north? Three of the busiest roads are Reed Canal, Big Tree and Beville. There are left turns only and three unmarked lanes. It would be convenient if one of these were a right turn only. One or two cars always hold up a line of traffic wanting to turn right. What's up with that?

In response to: The Land of the Rednecks'

These homeless cats are feral because of irresponsible and thoughtless owners. The writer used a classic oxymoron by saying they should be "humanely euthanized." How brutal. The writer also says she "hates rednecks" along with the defenseless feral cats, but states she is a "very big animal lover." Rubbish. She just loves herself and needs to get help, and make a New Year's resolution to be kind and loving to all. Good luck to the person feeding them.

Firearms shouldn't be part of celebration

On New Year's Eve, my wife and I were close to being victims of inconsiderate and careless use of a firearm with live ammunition.

We live in Pelican Cove West in Edgewater. On New Year's Eve around 11 p.m., there were numerous individuals setting off fireworks that from their noise were probably illegal. In the mix of this, we heard a very loud bang like something had struck our porch.

On New Year's Day, I went out onto the porch and saw daylight coming through the roof; upon investigation we spotted a bullet embedded in our cement floor. My estimate it was the size of a .45 caliber bullet, should we have been struck in a vital area it would have killed or severely injured us. It is a shame that we cannot live in peace and quiet without fear of being shot by some ignorant individual who doesn't care or know how to handle a dangerous weapon and has no regard for the safety of others. I hope from this rant it may wake up someone to the dangers that a gun poses in the wrong hands and to think before discharging it.

Signs are needed

I wanted to address the person who wrote about too many signs. Hey, I finally know where I am going. I come from a small Upper Michigan town, where we have one stoplight and many stop signs. When I first divorced my husband, I had to learn to go places on my own and if it were not for the signs, I would have been lost forever. Don't knock it. These new signs are wonderful in New Smyrna Beach. I finally know where I am going and feel comfortable driving anywhere by myself. Budgets, budgets, budgets, that's all we ever hear about. This is one great thing in the budget that I appreciate. Aren't you glad us older people can depend on ourselves for a change instead of always having to call our kids for something. Wake up people and give us older folks independence and if signs do it, well, I'm all for it. Isn't it better to have these new, beautiful signs around instead of the political or rummage sale ones that no one ever picks up after their activity?

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