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Rants & raves
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (16 votes)  
Posted: 2013 Jan 11 - 06:14

Don't waste money on feral cats

I have been hearing a rumor floating around and would like to know the truth. It has come to my attention and I am praying that this is just some idiot's idea that the City of Edgewater is considering doing a trap and release program for feral cats. From what I have heard they will trap, spay or neuter, and give these cats rabies vaccines.

Just who do they think is going to want to waste their money on this? I have a better suggestion that will not cost the taxpayers as much money. Trap and humanely euthanize these feral cats. I am not one who enjoys feral cats in my yard and getting Animal Control to take care of the problem is like pulling teeth. I don't enjoy my screens being torn, I don't enjoy them using my flower beds for their bathrooms and I really don't enjoy the noise from them and my dogs when they want to do what Animal Control does not.

If the city is actually going to do this, I am hoping that they are not going to raise my taxes because there will be a war. Maybe the city should be giving the people feeding these feral unwanted cats fines. Enforce the laws you have. When did it become right to avoid doing your job and changing the laws so you don't have to? Edgewater, you have done some very dumb things in the past, this one has moved up to the top. If this is true I hope someone wakes ups and says, "No. Don't raise my taxes because you can't control the feral cats."

Response from Tracey T. Barlow, city manager, city of Edgewater: Presently, the city of Edgewater does not have any such completed draft plans to present a Spay, Neuter and Release program. We continue to evaluate the most efficient and humane means to address all short-term and long-term animal concerns within the city in order to provide a safe and healthy community.

Edgewater Animal Control Officers do investigate and make every reasonable effort to appropriately mitigate any situation whereas an animal may be creating property damage and/or safety concerns within the community. They also appropriately address any known violations that may facilitate or promote the existence of stray animals, which is in violation of the code of ordinances.

$24 billion for education

This was on my lottery ticket when I purchased it recently. When the lottery was started it was to enhance education. They say every $1 of every $2 spent of PowerBall goes to education.

Why is it then, they keep cutting teachers, cutting programs and closing schools. Tuition for colleges keeps on increasing. Are our schools not part of education? Without a solid 12- year school education, there is no need for colleges. No one will have enough education to qualify for college. Let's find the billions and use it for schools and stop crying and wanting more taxes for real estate.

In response to: 'Where did I get the flu'

Regarding the response to the original rant "Where did I get the Flu," it is impossible to get the flu from a flu shot. I Googled this and read up on the subject at five websites. They all stated basically the same thing.

Kids need healthy food

I do all the food shopping in our household. From time to time, I get behind a mother with two or three kids. I can't believe the junk food piled on the conveyor. There is nothing of any health value. When it is time to pay most of it is covered by some type of assistance program. Come on ladies. These are your kids, they deserve better. As a matter of fact, do it for the taxpayers.

Whose god?

Some want God to be included in our public schools, and there again, for a free nation, whose god? Some worship Satan; will they get to preach to your child or mine? Will the day come, God forbid, that little Jonny comes home from public school to say he has used his free will to join another religion that his parents are opposed to?

I am a Christian.

In response to: 'Amendment 8 should have passed'

Because America is awake, Amendment 8 did not pass. Those same well informed Americans that did not vote for it to pass, whom I bet went to public schools and had the clear mindedness to see the undertow of Amendment 8, knew that public schools need every single penny they can get to really educate their students.

Our public schools are doing a wonderful job with the minimum amount of funding they are able to scratch from our government. It could not afford any more "funneling" of any kind.

We live in a nation, which, from the beginning, fought against tyranny of any kind, including the religious nuts that wanted to impose their fears and myths onto others. Our country was not founded as a Christian country. Only those who know nothing of America's history make such an untruthful statement. President John Adams, among several others, was one of those to disagree with that opinion, which he clearly stated in the Treaty of Tripoli.

The beauty of our nation is the plurality of races, ideals and beliefs. We are obligated, as the civilized nation that we are, to respect them all. Yes, I am grateful America is clearly awakened.

Public schools should get all the funding

In response to the question, "Why should public schools get all the funding?" Because they are ruled, regulated, overseen by and accountable to the federal and state Departments of Education and the taxpayers. It is their mission to provide a free and appropriate education for all students. They do not have the option of picking and choosing which students they will accept, retain or remove. Children entering the public school system do not need to pass an entrance test to be accepted and they cannot be denied admission because the quota is full.

Public schools are challenged to educate gifted, average and slower-learning children as well as children who have all types of mental, emotional, educational and physical handicaps. They deal with children of migrant workers, delinquents, homeless, neglected and abused children and their families. They are required to educate children whose first language is not English and communicate with their parents in their home language. Schools must also accept children of non-citizens.

Many children in public schools benefit from free or reduced breakfasts and lunches. Our taxes provide transportation for students. School nurses help to keep the school community healthy and safe. The state Department of Education offers vocational and rehabilitation services, services for the blind and deaf and adult schools. Schools provide countless services to their students to ensure children earn an education to prepare them for living in the real community. Public schools oversee a multitude of federal programs designed to ensure the health, education and welfare of students. These services are afforded to all children by taxpayers as required by law.

Opting to send one's child to a non-public school is a choice. Private schools do not have the burden of the above-mentioned challenges and programs nor following laws about teacher requirements, state syllabus and accountability. Are private schools willing to be answerable to the Department of Education or do they just want to take taxpayer money to further their own agenda without any accountable? Can (or will) they provide all of the services offered by public schools?

Watch for motorcycles

To the woman who was walking her bicycle across the road on U.S. 1 against the red light in New Smyrna Beach on Friday night causing me to lay my motorcycle down to avoid hitting and killing you. I am OK, but my motorcycle has suffered significant damage because of your stupidity of going against the red light. Then you kept going, saying sorry, but not even stopping to see if I was alright. Please watch out for motorcycles and obey the law.

Rear better children

Spare the rod and spoil the child. Many years ago when this phrase was first used the rhyme was thought cute, but nowadays the phrase takes on a different meaning. Parents neglect their responsibilities of reprimanding their children, so they know what they can get away with. Unfortunately, this manifests into adulthood. Whereupon the individual takes great advantage of our liber al society -- for example, a judge who imposes lenient bail bonds or who issues on the accused no bail bond at all.

Our overall attitude of he or she can still make something of themselves has been said when the accused has been convicted of murder or other forms of criminal mayhem. What kind of a life would the accused of lived under the rearing of a responsible mother or father? Instead of people who overlook their parental responsibilities and as a result in many cases turn into our society wrongfully reared children, who because of their childhood follow a path of destruction. Afterward we say, why did this happen.

Teach your children well

I have been watching the news for several days now discussing how to secure our schools.  Who is the Einstein who thinks putting armed security on a school campus?

If parents would stop allowing their children to sit in front of computers, iPads, cell phones, violent games and movies, and take an active interest in what their child is doing, then we might be able to change things. You will have a few parents who truly feel raising their children is a responsibility and they make sure their children are involved in healthy activities. They make sure that their children know how to socialize with other's without a keyboard in front of them. They are aware that their child is playing video games that are appropriate.

I am one person who is fed up with parents whose child has done something wrong and they are now blaming the television shows, movies, games or the school. If you choose to have a child, then you should choose to be a responsible parent and know what your child is doing. If you don't have time for that, then don't have children. It is a parent's responsibility to stay in tune to what your child is doing. If you notice something different or new in your child's behavior then let's try finding out what is going on before something tragic.

Regarding armed guards in schools

The radical left wants to get rid of all our guns. The ones they do not want to get rid of are the ones protecting all the big wigs in D.C. and the ones used by the military. I have an idea, let's take all the guns away from the people protecting the White House and let's see how that works for them. There is not one self-serving government official that is worth the life of an innocent child.

Where is the customer service?

What is up with the grocery stores, etc? The customer service is not very good. When I buy groceries, I expect the clerk to load the groceries into the cart. I am 66 years old and have a bad back.

I have been to two different stores where they did not want to load the groceries in the cart. The clerk bagged the groceries, left them sitting in the merry go round on her counter and then looked at me, I looked at her. I said, "What?" She said, "Your stuff." I said, "what about it?" She said, "You need to put it in your cart." I'm like, "I think that's your job." She responded, "Not my job." I said, "Not mine either." So, finally she did load them. I reported her to her supervisor; she seemed appalled that she talked to me like that. She said she would speak to her.

At another store, the guy that checked me out just let them sit on the counter. I noticed baggers at some of the other registers. He could have easily placed them in the cart. This time I did put them in. No more. My back is hurting now. I spend good money at these stores. I guess I will be shopping at the store "where shopping is a pleasure" more. I have never had to load my groceries in my cart there. They believe in good customer service.

Let's trim the trees

I moved here from out West about seven years ago and really love it; however the Live Oak trees to me are a pain in the neck. Large branches continuously grow into houses and buildings and they drip sap all over my car. Not to mention the bird droppings and black gunk they cause me to track all over the carpets in my house no matter how much I wipe my feet. I think they should be protected too but for the love of God trim them once in a while.

Not so wonderful

In response to the response to the "Once a Marine" thing! As an ex-soldier I really get sick and tired of hearing all that. If you were an enlisted man when you were discharged, you are no longer a Marine! You are an ex-Marine. Stop taking the uniform out of the closet to admire it and get used to the idea that you are no better than the soldiers, sailors and fly boys that served. You went through the same training as an Army infantry man with the exception they gave you a long-lasting, brainwashing job telling you how wonderful and tough you are. Let me tell you Mr. Wonderful, if you were not full of wonder and toughness when you went in, I doubt if you were when you came out and may never be. Just get over it.

Where's the trophy?

Thirty-six years ago, I was running in all of the local road races. I happened to be winning my age group in most of them and I was receiving a trophy for my efforts. The entry fee in those days was about $15 and the trophy cost the sponsor about $5. So they made plenty of money because there were about 1,000 runners who paid to enter the race. Twenty-eight age groups, three trophies per age group, at $5 per trophy would be $420. Income from 1,000 runners at $20 each would be $20,000. Minus the $420 for the awards, leaves $19,580 profit. There are sponsors who pay for the timers and bib numbers.

This past week, I paid $30 to enter a race in Ormond Beach. For my efforts in running more than three miles in a pouring rain after paying that $30 to enter the race, I won a seed. A seed! It was the seed of a tree that I could pick up by the hundreds in my back yard for nothing. I am serious; my reward for placing in that race was the seed of a tree. There were more than 200 entrants in that race. I wonder why so few. Well, not really. No trophies.

Thirty-six years ago, when I had just turned 40, I was winning 5K races in 16:03 to 16:30. In today's races, the overall winner is winning with times of anywhere from 17:30 to 22:30, and those winners are in the prime of their life, in the 20 year old age group. Are the runners really getting that much slower? No they aren't. The fast runners are passing up the seeds and flowers because they have no desire to pay $30 to enter a race in which the reward for winning is nothing, but a seed. He can no longer say to his friends, "Come into my den and let me show you the trophy I won last week," How can you brag to your friends that you won a race in a very fast time, and your reward was a seed?

The sponsorship of races has sadly turned to greed, the desire of making money and rewarding the winners with nothing. No wonder the times have dropped so drastically for the winners in each age group. No one that is a very good runner will enter and pay that exorbitant price to win a seed. Sad. No trophies, no good runners and few participants. Wake up people.

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