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Rants & raves
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Posted: 2013 Jan 04 - 06:29

You want action on gun control

Prayer vigils have been held for the 20 children massacred in Connecticut.

Many of us attended one. Tributes have been given. Funerals have taken place. Will it be back to 'business as usual' now?

Or, will you pick up the phone and call your Congressman? Will you write your Senators? Will you make it abundantly clear that you want action on gun control, that you want it now and that you want it to be tough? I have, and you need to. Otherwise, it won't happen.

Congress couldn't find the courage to tackle gun control even when one of its own was gunned down in Arizona. Thus, you can be sure that these 20 tots will soon be forgotten by Congress, unless you insist they remember and finally act.

Congress conveniently allowed the Brady Bill to "expire." Let them know you want Brady reinstated, this time with no "expiry" date.

Guns are not corn flakes. Brady is a law to save lives. Does Congress attach "expiry" dates to bank robbery laws? You bet not. Money matters. Lives obviously don't.

Please make sure these 20 youngsters' lives count for something. Think of your own children or grandchildren. Think of the parents and grandparents in Connecticut, whose lives have been drastically altered forever. Imagine their loss.

Support them by writing the people you elected. Demand that they find the courage to take decisive action. The time for delay and navel gazing by Congress is long past.

Merry Christmas, Social Security Administration

One and 7/10 percent goes a long way: $8.50. It increases net gain for me $15 per month.

My city utilities increases are as follows:

Reuse water: $6.33

Fire hydrant: $1.75

Customer service charge: + $.90

Stormwater: + $2

The total increase is $10.98. The total bill is $78.97.

With the $15 extra SS - $10.98 = net of $4.02 per month. That won't buy a gallon of milk.

Guns do not act alone

The Sandy Hook shootings are indeed a sad tragedy, a commentary of our times. It was the action of a single person, who had a definite agenda that no amount of legislation, laws, etc., could have prevented.

This person was raised in a society where the government has taken most of the parental control away from the parent, making it difficult for a parent to rear a child who accepts responsibility, cares about others more than self and loves life.

We must accept the fact we all live in a "handout society," where most expect their outstretched hand to be filled by some government entity.

This is not the basis for building solid, law abiding citizens, rather it creates dissatisfaction and greediness.

To sign petitions to add more control of guns in the current emotional crisis is not using clear thinking. Be careful that you don't get manipulated by gun-hating, power-hungry politicians.

We need clearer thinking before taking actions that could take away more of the freedoms of innocent Americans.

Remember: people kill people. Guns do not act alone.

The real Christmas message

It's almost that time when the awe of what God did in sending Jesus to us will suddenly get past the business of the times and, in a moment, fill our hearts and affect us deeply, once again.

Some look for Santa's sleigh, and others elsewhere hope for a white Christmas; and as wonderful as that may be, there are those who look back to the birth of god's promise, spoken of by the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 9:6.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

How needful it is to be drawn back to square one, to home base, to what and in whom we believe, that we might be refreshed in the truth, that prepares and positions us to cross over the threshold from a year past, to what lies ahead, calibrated, by what is of the greatest value to man, to come to know and love the Lord God our Maker, and to follow His Son, sent to lead us in His Way.

May remembering the gift of Christ born to us bring peace to our hearts and set us steady toward a new beginning in the year of our Lord's favor 2013.

A nice place for a walk, except...

The Max Baer Bridge in Titusville is a beautiful place to take a stroll or view the river and nearby sites.

At the start of each end of the bridge are waste disposal bags and baskets for your pets. Why is it dog owners cannot pick up after themselves?

Every day, we go out for a walk, we have to dodge these piles of dog pooh. It is unsanitary and unsightly to see as you are walking.

I wonder if these people let their dogs drop pooh all over their homes.

Better yet, leave your name behind so that we may return the favor and dump dog pooh on your lawn or property.

Be responsible, and pick up after your dog and don't give dog owners a bad rap.

We could be underwater

The people of Brevard and all over the United States realize that we have a population explosion, and that there are just too many people to employ all of them, or even maintain a 10 percent unemployment rate.

The most dangerous thing that is happening to the planet Earth is climate control.

All you have to do is think about what would have happened to Brevard, the barrier island and the whole state of Florida if that hurricane had come ashore.

There was a map that showed all of Miami and the barrier islands underwater, with the new shoreline being the west side of the Indian River.

You are not going to expect the Democrats and the Republicans to address this problem, since they already know we are past the tipping point, and they probably have already decided which people are going to move up north.

And the new U.S.A. will be Alaska.

Response to 'Neighbors helping neighbors

I was raised, and my sister and brothers were raised, correctly; and that was to help others, whether it was anyone younger or older, especially the elderly - meaning neighbors, as well.

I would be more than happy to help this person who wrote this letter, no matter where they are located.

Kids on the Internet

I strongly advise parents to check on their children.

I walked into the room and saw my 8-year-old son on the computer. He was watching Super Mario Sunshine Verses, Episode 2.

You can Google it. It is disgusting. You have to listen to it.

I strongly advise you to listen to it. This should be taken off or it should be blocked. It is disgusting language. It's degrading to women.

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