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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 3.65 / 5 (20 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 28 - 06:18

What a shame

Walking down Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna recently, it was heartbreaking to see the 100 year-old live oak tree in the 300 block of Flagler Avenue in butchered pieces dumped in a massive front loader. The sign says "Bed & Breakfast Coming Soon" and a picture of a cute yellow cottage, but shame on the owners, developers and planners that cut down this stately live oak. Just think, this tree survived a century of various property owners who all chose to keep it, survived hurricanes, lightening storms, droughts and the like. This tree was a monument of gnarled nature right there by the sidewalk for all to enjoy its shade and beauty. The live oak was not in the middle of the lot; it was not in the way, it was at the edge next to the sidewalk. The tree even survived the demolition of the house on the property, but some short sighted person made a last decision that was thoughtless and wasteful. Hampton Inn spent years planning their hotel and working around the beautiful live oak trees on their property, and we see the resulting success. How is it that city planners and the developers let this smaller parcel down the street just glide through along with destruction of the avenue's natural heritage? These priceless trees are a key element of what makes our town unique. They are becoming fewer each year. What a shame.

In response to: "Once a Marine, always a Marine

I would like to commend Hometown News for printing the comment about the Marines in the Rants & Raves section.

It is about time that someone is giving the Marines the credit they deserve. My husband was a Marine. My two sons are Marines, and my brother a Marine. I am proud of all of them. Thank you so much.

Signs are a little too much

The new signs in New Smyrna Beach are really nice, but I feel there are too many of them and some are quite large. In this time of tight city budgets I don't think it was wise to have so many signs.

Who took the desk?

Every time I go to a new doctor they hand out two or three pages of paperwork that need to be filled out, which is understandable. The last doctor I went to had seven pages. Why is it the doctors' offices don't have a desk. The staff hands you a little clipboard. I think they could afford a desk. I don't get it.

In response to: 'Where did I get the flu'

You may have gotten it from your flu shot or from someone who has gotten a flu shot because it is well known that people do get the flu from a flu shot or from people who got one.

Amendment 8 should have passed

First and foremost, amendment eight does not funnel tax money to church groups. It is simply an amendment to prevent discrimination from individuals or governing bodies. This amendment is not by any means a way to "funnel monies to religious groups." It is simply and rightly an amendment to provide everyone an equal opportunity within our State. This amendment gives equal opportunity to religious schools as it should. Why should public schools get all the funding? Why should over spending public schools get all the funds, religious organizations are far more likely to spend the tax dollars equitably and without distortion. Maybe you should step back and look at the results that public schools have verses religious schools. You would probably recognize they are more successful than the public schools. Also there are those who obviously disagree with you based on the voting. Just because you have differences of opinions, "does not make you right." It is about time our country and state get back to our roots, which is founded in Christian Ideals and Beliefs. This country was founded on Christian Beliefs, education and principals. The problem with our country is that we have lost these values, faith and ideals. It is time we all wake up. Our country is turning into unrighteous and complaining people with no purpose other than to destroy our history, values, faith and purpose. When others, as the government is not there, you can always count on a local church, religious organization or faith based people to help. Wake up America.

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