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Now browsing: Hometown News > Rants & Raves > Volusia County

Rants & raves
Rating: 2.06 / 5 (18 votes)  
Posted: 2012 Dec 21 - 06:17

Too much parade rudeness

I am dismayed at the rudeness of more and more people. We attended the Veteran's Day parade in DeLand, and were sitting (properly) in our lawn chairs with our feet on the curb, with several other people arranged properly. An older couple came and stood directly in front of us in the street just as the parade started. I asked the woman to please move and she gave me a dirty look, moved about 10 feet to the north, and stood in front of some other people.

The same thing occurred in Orange City at the Christmas Parade. We were sitting properly in our chairs, and about 20 other people were positioned as such to the south along the curb. A family set up their chairs to the north of us, but proceeded to stand in front of us and allow their little children to run all over collecting the candy thrown from the floats. That family also threw their lemonade lemon halves out into the street, and left behind their cotton candy paper handles, candy wrappings, and pop cans, in sight of the trash cans that were about 20 feet away. Shame on them.

What bothers me are screaming children

I am a resident here in DeLand. We own two dogs. I have been reading articles by people who object and people who agree dogs should be allowed in outdoor cafes and restaurants. What bothers me are not the dogs. What bothers me are children. I get very upset when I go out and sit down for a meal and an unthinking parent has a screaming, loud, spoiled child. It is terrible. You can't enjoy your dinner. Many times I said to my wife, they won't allow us to bring our dogs in here, which lay by our side and don't ever bark, but these children scream. I don't understand the thinking. We go to a mall, children are screaming. The parents are too spoiled or ignorant to take care of them. Children shouldn't be allowed in restaurants until they are 7 years old and have been brought up correctly. Dogs are much better behaved than children.

Don't knock people with pets

I don't understand all the hype over dogs being on a restaurant patio. It's outside and if the dogs are well trained I see no problem.

Anyone who doesn't like dogs can eat inside the restaurant or go elsewhere.

The person who wrote that "pet friendly hotels are another ridiculous idea" doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. We travel north for two months during the summer and of course take our pets with us. The pet-friendly hotels are where we stop and are welcome with our pets. If he/she doesn't like animals, that's fine -- go to a motel that is "people friendly," but stop knocking places that welcome people with pets.

Park needs to be cleaned up

I would like to see smoking at Manatee Park stopped. I would like for New Smyrna Beach to put up a sign that says no smoking, pets and littering in the play area. We need someone to clean the park up.

Not enough Pearl Harbor

I am very dissatisfied with the Dec. 7 issue. I remember Dec. 7, 1941, there were many heroes and your paper did not recognize them. Discouraging.

Granada looks beautiful

Have all of you noticed the beautification effort on Granada Boulevard? We've seen extensive weeding, dead plant removal, new plant installation, mulch and irrigation repairs. It looks so much better. Many thanks to our city commissioners, our Landscape Architect and our city manager for recognizing a problem and doing something about it.

Travel insurance is a good thing

My husband and I recently took a cruise to the Bahamas. Someone tried to rob my purse and I fell and fractured my hip. Fortunately, I was given great care because I had travel insurance. My own insurance was not accepted out of the country. The travel insurance was the only thing that covered me. Because of the travel insurance I was able to be flown back to Halifax Hospital to take care of my fracture.

Worried about the fiscal cliff

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting annoyed with the bickering of our politicians over this fiscal cliff business.

If they can't come to an agreement by the end of the year, why not penalize them by withholding their pay until they finally settle with an agreement, and not give it back to them after they settle. Better yet, let us also go a step further and let the taxpayers have something to say about how we're getting the shaft from our elected representatives. After all, they do work for us.

It also bothers me to see the GOP wants to cut the cost of living for Social Security, especially with the current spin that is used to calculate the yearly increases. Do any of them go shopping for food or other essentials?

You don't see them cutting back on their lucrative perks do you?

In response to 'In response to: 'Leave Women Alone' responses' in the Nov. 30 issue

The writer of this letter said "The Christian reply was laughable in two respects: the Bible wasn't begun to be written until hundreds of years A.D. By then it was all hearsay and many of the prophecies came from Greek mythology." This writer obviously hasn't done any research as to when the Bible was written. To begin with, the Old Testament was first written more than 4,000 years before Christ's birth. The New Testament was all written during the first century after Christ's birth. None of these books were written hundreds of years later as the writer alleged. A very concise study of the Bible is "The Case For Christ" researched extensively and written by an atheist, Lee Strobel, a graduate of Yale Law School and legal journalist for the Chicago Tribune. He set out to prove Christ was not the Son of God and was not resurrected after dying on the cross. When he examined all of the evidence he'd gathered to prove his theory, he became a believer in Jesus as his Lord and Savior and God our Father. The vast majority of Old Testament prophesies concerning Jesus' first coming came true. All the prophecies concerning his second coming are happening before our very eyes. Please ask the writer to research his statements and convictions before making them without any proof or substance. I, too, used to be an atheist, but am now a humble believer in Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

Dan, don't go to 'Wally World'

I always like Dan Smith's column, but I do have a nit to pick with the Nov. 30 column.

I agree with his assessment on the overall degradation of quality in our modern life. But when he mentioned that he went to "Wally World" (i.e., Walmart) to buy a TV, all I could think of was that it is his own fault. I respect Walmart's business model but Walmart prides themselves on low prices, which they can offer because their huge clout allows them to beat vendors down on price to the point where they have to sacrifice quality. You can't expect anything else. It might be true that you often pay for something you don't get, but you rarely get something you don't pay for. If he wants better quality and service, he should shop at a local store that carries quality merchandise and stands behind their products.

In response to: 'Land of the rednecks'

Let me begin by saying you have my sympathy on the loss of your cat. As an animal lover, it's disturbing when such an attack takes place that could have been prevented. On the same note, as an animal lover and citizen, we need to have some self-responsibility when it comes to such matters. I quote you, "We have a leash law in Volusia County ... enforce it." The Edgewater Code of Ordinances Part II Chapter 5 Section 5-15 states "While on or off the property of the owner, it shall be the duty of every owner to keep the animal under restraint and control as defined in Section 5-2." I'm assuming, therefore, you were outside with your cat, which again I'm assuming was under restraint when the attack happened. No? Hypocrite? When in glass houses ... Just because your pet was a cat does not make your immune to the municipal code. While I'm sure the attack was devastating for your family, it was avoidable. Unless you have all your ducks in a row, do not condemn someone who doesn't. Protect your "defenseless pets" or don't complain when the unthinkable happens. Also please, in short, don't condemn all pit bulls. They can be a very loving and loyal breed. My five-year-old son and five-year-old niece are around them constantly and I know they are well protected at any given time. All animals bite when provoked, it's nature. Self-responsibility people ... self-responsibility.

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